30 Chocolate Logos to Excite Any Chocoholic

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Unravel some of the most delicious chocolate logos. 

There is a growing need for chocolate companies to have a memorable identity that captures their audience’s eyes. You can begin doing this with a stunning logo. A compelling brand identity allows you to inform your target audience and generate more attention to your brand. In an industry that is valued at $98.2 billion, you want to make sure that you have an excellent face for your brand. 

We gathered up a list of designs that are perfect for brands offering various interpretations of this treat. Find some of the best sweet logos in this overview.

Take a look at this stunning case of confectionery logos. 

Chocolatier logos

Top chocolatiers like Puccini Bomboni from the Netherlands have chocolate logos and names portrayed in elegant typography and metallic colors such as gold. You want to show the careful and artisanal side of chocolate making as a respected chocolate crafter. 

For this, you can follow the lead of luxury logos and keep it simple. It is best to avoid designs with too many details as this may make your design tacky and hard to understand.

Knowing the meaning behind fonts can also help you flesh out your brand for the better. Serif fonts have tailed details at the end of each stroke. Some examples of this font include Cinzel and Amagro. They’re known to be more classy and elegant. Additionally, these fonts are also easy to read on printed materials. 

On the other hand, you have sans serif fonts which are perceived as modern. This font doesn’t have the tailed detail, which makes it easier to read on digital devices. Examples of this font include Futura and Century Gothic.

3D Chocolate Cube by brandcrowd

Artisanale Chocolate by Chocolate Company Logo Design

Cacao Review Brand and Elements by Nicholas D’Amico

Chocolate and Crumbs by Gigih Rudya

Dipit by Black Stallions Impressive Solutions

Eldora Chocolate by Ceren Burcu Turkan

Grünenfelder Chocolate by Peter Voth

Logo for Caribbean Chocolate Company by Mila Katagarova

Valentine Chocolate Flower Bouquet by town

Pro tip: Start your design with black and white 

Doing this allows you to achieve two things. First, it makes sure that you have a solid foundation of your design that looks good even without color. This helps you pay more attention to the composition, lines, and silhouettes of the brand mark. Lastly, it gives you a monochrome version of your logo to use on printed assets like your shop sign and business card.

Candy bar logos

These convenience store staples are different from artisanal truffles. They’re often packaged in vivid colors and energizing designs. Think KitKat, Reese’s, and other popular candy bar brands.

Generally, you want a candy logo that is stimulating. You can use illustrations paired with eye-catching ornaments to create a playful design. However, you want to make sure that your logo is free of intricate details, as this may take away its adaptability.

Find out how you can do that below. 

Bespoke Chocolates . com . au by GLDesigns

Choco Express | Logo Designs for chocolate subscription brand by Fresti Studio

Bliss chocolates by eugenv

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bite by J-lao

choconoble’. by DesignMX (Renan Mejia)

Chongo by Zvucifantasticno

Logo for Caribbean Chocolate Company by Mila Katagarova

Machocco by Birdcage

Milk Chocolate by Ilya Octyabr

OM craft chocolate by Roman / logo & branding

Upmarket, It Company Logo Design by ESolz Technologies

Pro tip: Use color psychology

The meaning behind colors is a helpful guide when deciding which ones to choose for your logo. You can strategize and incorporate colors with attributes you like. For example, putting red in your logo makes you appear more passionate, yellow allows you to look joyful, and so on. This is a helpful trick for people who struggle with picking their brand colors.

Chocolate drink logos

As a cafe, you want to instantly signal your audience that you offer delectable snacks and drinks made with cocoa. The design you will use as your logo must be communicative as it takes people less than 10 seconds to form a judgment about your cafe brand logo

Whether you are offering chocolate frappuccinos or handmade chocolate milk, your beverage logo must embody this. You may depict objects like cups, beverages being poured, Indian chocolate, and relevant objects to your specialty. But you can be creative and add images of chocolate bars and hearts to the design. 

Campesinoooooooo by Joey Bareither

Chocolate Branding by Afterglow

Cocoa de Cocoa by yuangga14

Dr.Beans by MissMarpl

Hot Chocolate Drink by Anowar

Lindley’s cocoa by madeli

Mutari by madeli

Stormtown by Jordan Wilson

TCP Milk Chocolate label by Tyler Pate

Totem Chocolate Logo by Stefan Kitanović

Pro tip: Ask for feedback

Before you decide on one design, it is best to ask people what they think about your design. You can ask questions regarding their first impression, point for improvement, and other related queries to help you identify your logo’s strengths and weaknesses. This presents an opportunity for you to revise your logo before the launch.


The logos above all work well to deliver a message to the audience and make a distinct identity. Plus, they are effective enough to use on different marketing collaterals like chocolate packaging and invoice design.

You can find a suitable logo for your business with the help of DesignCrowd. It is a crowdsourcing platform that lets you run logo design contests, allowing you to work with freelance graphic designers who will submit design bids for you to choose from. You can get up to 50 original submissions today. Find out more about it here. 

The BrandCrowd chocolate logo maker is great for brands that are looking to DIY a design. It has a robust library of customizable brand marks with different art styles and concepts to let you stand out among your competitors. You will also find candy logos and dessert logos to broaden your design options. Try it right here.

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