Hidden message in the new Wendy’s logo

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Men prefer their mom’s cooking over the dishes their wife makes. That’s according to a survey conducted by Food Network UK. 

Our brains learn to love what’s on the menu at home as we grew up. Most of us also associate home-cooked meals with a safe and loving environment. It gives comfort, warmth, and above all, the undefeated feeling of nostalgia. 

We have a sentimental attachment to at least a few of the dishes their Mother’s used to make. For Wendy’s 2013 logo redesign, many people couldn’t help but ponder the so-called hidden message in the symbol. 

The fast-food chain allegedly incorporated a subliminal message on the collar of the brand’s poster girl.

Can’t see it? Try focusing your eyes on the ruffle-like details on her collar. The ragged edges resemble two letter Ms being separated by a circular pendant that looks like the letter O.

Look at the clever way the word “mom” is hidden in Wendy’s collar. The trick is most apparent in the single color variation of the logo used on packaging.

Some say that this makes you associate the brand with the comfort of home cooking. Although this is something you may not notice consciously for years, it will leave an imprint on your brain. You will start unconsciously associating it with the brand. It’s a bit like the arrow in the FedEx logo or the bear in Toblerone’s emblem.

The old Wendy’s logo did not have such coded details. In fact, the previous version had finer details that do not spell out “mom.”

But you know what’s even more shocking? 

The fast-food chain didn’t intend to do this. In a statement, Denny Lynch, the brand spokesman, said, “We can assure you it was unintentional.” Wendy’s mascot does not actually have a secret coded message for you. 

We’d hate to burst your bubble. But this logo is not a Rorschach test that checks how you interpret ink blots or, in this case, striped collars. Hey, at least you have an amusing story to tell at parties. 

Wendy’s has a great mascot logo that features founder Dave Thomas’ daughter named  Melinda Lou “Wendy” Thomas-Morse or Wendy Thomas. She is the namesake and the face of this food chain brand.

Despite this, Wendy’s still has one of the most recognizable fast food logos to date. 

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