50 Wolf Logos to Bark About

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Wolves are fierce and majestic animals and often represent guardianships, loyalty, high intelligence and intuition. They could fit in as subjects of just about any brand or businesses. Whether its a eSports teams, nature-related organisations, applications, fitness businesses, or a child-oriented organisation, wolf logos can be used in these logo designs.

To date, there are various businesses and brands in different fields with wolf logos. For instance, the Wolf Montage Kft. is an engineering consulting company based in Hungary whose logo is a blue silhouette of a wolf image. Another is the Crystal Wolf which is a jewelry and product line and their logo is a diamond/ crystal-shaped wolf image. Wolf Brand Scooters, sell, well, scooters and their brand logo is that of a fierce looking black wolf. For English football fans, they might be familiar with the Wolverhampton Wanderers and their black and yellow wolf logo.

In most logo, the wolf subject is looking fierce and feisty with complementary dark, bold, and vivid colours. Others, especially those catered for kids, have the designs looking all friendly with smiles and cartoonish image. That is in addition to the vibrant and lively colours.

If you happen to like having a wolf represent your business, here are some examples of cool wolf logos to give you inspiration. Take a look!

Wolf Logo for Sports/ E-Sports Team

Many sports club or teams subscribe to animals as their logo, and the wolf is certainly one of those animals. Like many other sports and esports logo designs, there is an important emphasis on the ferocity of the subject with the use of dark and bold colours. The accompanying bold texts are also complementary.

Orange Logo Design by Tima Vaade

Golf Logo Design by Simplepixelsl

Grey Logo Design by Yury Orlov

Blue Eyes Logo Design by Stanislav

Wolf Logo Design Ideas for Applications

Some software developers have turned to Wolf Logos to represent their business as wolves are often described as guardians and are fast – which apps should be.

Logo designs for applications are quite minimalistic. Often the animal head of the wolf is the main focus of the logo. There are logos that use one or two bright and bold colours. While there are some with cool, gradient colours. Some designs take inspiration from yin-yangs and popular online applications.

Hexagon Logo Design by Graphinel

Silver Logo Design by Yogaperdana

Round Logo Design by Milash

Yinyang Logo Design by Slavo Glinsky

Wolf Logo Designs for Business with Mascots

Mascots are primarily used to strengthen brand personality and identity. If you are into this kind of of branding direction, here’s a few tips to integrate the wolf logo to your brand.

Mascot designs range from friendly to fierce ones. Wolf mascots can go from giving you a thumbs up to one that’s baring its canines. The friendly ones use warm and bright colours, in contrast to the dark and bold colours of the aggressive wolves.

Dark Logo Design by Valoriasofficial

Circle Logo Design by Koen

Uniform Logo Design by Will I Am

Paintbrush Logo Design by Fabio Lobo

Wolf Logo Ideas for the Health/ Fitness Business

Wolves are also used as symbols for strength, hence why it’s a favourite for health and fitness entrepreneurs. Some wolf designs even show a silhouette of a flexing man. The wolf subject is usually pictured a feisty figure. The colours are usually dark but intense.

Wolf Logo Ideas for the Startup Business and Any Type of Company

There are no restrictions to the types of businesses that could use a wolf logo design. Creative studios and consulting companies are just among those businesses that make use of wolf branding.

Often these designs are quite minimalistic. The colours can be gradients of light and bright colours as seen in logo designs for creative studios. Others can be plain but lively colours.

Pixel Logo Design by Yuro

Cry Logo Design by Banger

Angry Logo Design by Beldinki

Shield Logo Design by Daniel Bodea

Full Moon Logo Design by Artisparkdesign

Tech Logo Design by Kreatank

Wolf Logo Ideas for Organization

Animal or nature-related organisations are no strangers to logo designs with an animal subject. Some designs incorporate mountains or trees into the image of a wolf. A lot of these logos use earthy colours while there are those that use bright colours.

Adventure Logo Design by Yuro

Trees Logo Design by Marka

Negative Logo Design by Stevan

Mountain Logo Design by Nenad Maksimovic


Do you prefer a wolf in your personal brand logo design? Your design could be minimalistic with an outline of a wolf and accompanying text. It could also be a friendly one with vibrant colours.

Girl Logo Design by Tosik

Outline Logo Design by Genesis Silva

Wolf Logo Designs for Kids Company

Unlike the feisty-looking wolves in logo design ideas for sports and fitness brands, wolf design ideas for kids are expectedly friendly. A wolf could turn into a seemingly harmless pup or one that is giving a child two thumbs up. Such designs use vibrant and lively colors.

Sports Logo Design by Gillian Levine

Playful Logo Design by Kreatank

We hope the above samples of businesses using the Wolf Logo have given you ideas if this kind of logo is the one for your brand!

Need Help Starting Your Wolf Logo?

If doing it yourself is what you want, we have BrandCrowd’s wolf logo maker that can help you with that. The tool is easy to use and will give you plenty of options to customise the logo just the way you want it. Mix and match the colours, fonts and shapes to our pre-made wolf logo and you’ll have the perfect business logo in no time at all!

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