Top 50 Eye Logos To Focus Your Brand’s Unique Insight

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In business, where branding is everything and then some, finding something special to make your logo pop is like hitting the jackpot. An eye logo might seem unsuspecting at first. They’re common, everyday things that are not unique. But with a certain flair of creative, unique storytelling and color combinations, they can be the goldmine of a business. 

The eye isn’t just any old symbol. It’s loaded with meanings – vision, insight, you name it. Across cultures and history, it’s been a big deal, representing knowledge, enlightenment, and much more. So, tossing an eye into your logo design is more than just the kicks when it comes to branding. It’s also education, alluring, focusing, and mysterious. 

We’ve rounded up the top-eye logos from BrandCrowd, DesignCrowd, and other platforms. All you need to do is find the ones that you like. Get inspired or design your own — you choose. What matters is we’re giving you a landscape of inspiration so that your branding is not dragging. 

So, buckle up, and let’s dive into these eye-catching masterpieces. From sleek and subtle to bold and daring, each logo is unique and a masterclass in branding, design, and how to tell your story without saying a word.

How to Design an Eye Logo

Designing an eye logo requires more than just a good aesthetic sense; it demands a deep understanding of what your brand stands for and how it wants to be perceived. Here’s how you can customize an eye logo that’s not just visually appealing but also encapsulates your brand’s essence:

Understand Your Brand Identity: Before you start sketching designs, have a clear understanding of your brand’s values, target audience, and the message you want to convey. An eye logo for a tech company might look starkly different from one for a wellness brand.

Choose the Right Type of Eye: The type of eye in your logo can convey different messages. A sharp, focused eye could represent precision and insight, while a softer, rounder eye might convey openness and inclusivity. Consider what suits your brand best.

Consider Symbolism and Color: The eye is rich in symbolism, and different cultures attach different meanings to it. Similarly, color plays a crucial role in perception. Blue might convey trust and dependability, while green could represent growth and vitality. Choose wisely to align with your brand’s message.

Simplicity is Key: A simple design ensures your logo is versatile and memorable. It should look good on different mediums, from a website favicon to a billboard.

Get Creative with Typography: If your logo includes text, the font should complement the eye design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with typography to find the perfect match.

Feedback Loop: Once you have a design in mind, get feedback from peers, potential customers, and stakeholders. This can provide valuable insights and help refine the logo further.

Eye Logo Examples to Consider

Check out our eye logo collection below:

Glasses Logos

Glasses are more than a tool for improved vision; they are a fashion statement, a symbol of intellect, and a personality marker. 

As for logos, glasses offer a unique blend of style and symbolism, making them perfect for brands beyond the eyewear industry. Glasses logos evoke clarity of vision and innovative thinking, ideal for consulting firms or tech startups looking to stand out. 

The design’s magic lies in the details. Whether it’s the retro charm of round frames or the sleekness of modern designs, the color palette, or the texture, each element tells a part of the brand’s story, inviting the audience to see the world through their unique perspective.

C – Eye Logo by Jelle Inghels

Letter D, Media, Eye, Eye Solutions, Camera Lens, Logo Design by Bipol Hossan

Glasses Logo Design by Edouard de Montecler

White glasses logo by Mohammad

Optic Glass logo by Hasibul Hossain

Artocad logo design (glasses +A) by Amir Hasani

Minimalist Spectacles Logo by DIWAN WR

EyeLook Optics Logo by Mohamed

Glasses Logo Design by Paulius Kairevicius

bd Glasses 2 by Michael Spitz

Stained Glass Eyelashes by brandcrowd

Blue Eye Star by brandcrowd

Eye Letter S by brandcrowd

Cute Gaming Glasses by brandcrowd

Bandit Mask Eye by brandcrowd

Nerd Glasses Letter G by brandcrowd

Cycling Geek Glasses by brandcrowd

Magnifying Glass Eyeglasses by brandcrowd

Glasses Magnifying Glass by brandcrowd

Eye Mask Goggles by brandcrowd

Lens Logos

A lens captures the essence of focus, perspective, and vision, making it a powerful symbol for photography businesses, film companies, and technology firms. 

The versatility of a lens logo allows for a range of interpretations, from the hyper-realistic depiction of a camera lens to abstract designs that symbolize vision and insight. This adaptability enables brands to convey their message of clarity, focus, and innovation in a way that resonates with their audience. 

Using creative design elements, a lens logo can articulate a brand’s commitment to bringing unseen aspects into view, showcasing their unique take on the world.

Blue Eye Shield by brandcrowd

Star Eye Astronomy by brandcrowd

Blue Optic Eye by brandcrowd

Eyeball Eye Clinic by brandcrowd

Blue Eye Ophthalmologist by brandcrowd

Modern Tech Eye by brandcrowd

Hypnotic Eye Box by brandcrowd

Blue Eye Clinic by brandcrowd

Hexagon Optical Eye by brandcrowd

Visual Eye Optometry by brandcrowd

Ophthalmologist Logos

Logos in the field of ophthalmology and eye care are not just about medical precision; they are symbols of trust, care, and the profound mission of preserving and enhancing vision

Incorporating elements like the human eye, optometric instruments, or even an eye chart, these logos convey a message of expertise and reliability. However, it’s the integration of comforting colors and inviting shapes that elevates them, transforming a clinical symbol into something that says care and safety. 

An ophthalmologist logo can thus transcend its medical roots, visualizing the brand’s dedication to vision health and the well-being of its patients.

Logo for an Ophthalmology Clinic and eye laser surgery by Aleksandar Coric

Oculheal Logo by Gennady Savinov

Logo Collection // Resolve by Sean Ford

TrueSight by Sumer Mavi

Ocusim logo by Olivia Taylor

Eye Logo by Aleksandar Coric


Observe Optometrists Logo by Rolina Vorster

Ophthalmology Logo Design by Inkbot Design

Kaunas Ophthalmology Club by Julius Seniūnas

Eye Optical Location by brandcrowd

Ophthalmology Eye Lens by brandcrowd

Eye Shutter Photography by brandcrowd

Diamond Eye Pixel by brandcrowd

Vision Eye Lens by brandcrowd

Spy Eye Vision by brandcrowd

Eye Shutter Lens by brandcrowd

Sight Eye Lens by brandcrowd

Ophthalmologist Eye Equipment by brandcrowd

Eye Visual Clinic by brandcrowd

Design your eye logo today!

Creating an eye logo design that captures the essence of your brand has always been challenging, thanks to AI logo maker platforms like and BrandCrowd. These tools offer a streamlined, user-friendly experience that demystifies the design process, allowing you to experiment with various elements to craft a logo that’s both memorable and meaningful. 

If you want to design your eye logos but don’t know where to start, these logo design tools are perfect for beginners. They have the tools to make it happen, and the blogs and logo collections are excellent resources for creative inspiration. 

Remember, a well-designed eye logo is your brand’s first impression. Make it count by ensuring it truly reflects your business’s unique insight and vision.