50 Plumbing Logos to Fix up Your Brand

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The plumbing industry is growing at a steady pace. It’s piping businesses and entrepreneurs with opportunities. But before you take a headfirst dive into the market, you need a compelling brand to catch your audience’s attention. The first step to this is finding a plumbing logo that will represent your brand.

Every brand needs a visual identity that will let their audience know what to expect from the business. Most importantly, it helps them learn what makes a particular brand different from the competition. 

To give you ideas, we collected an assortment of plumbing services logo that will inspire you. You will find ideas that will fit different plumbing specialties. Take a look at the design categories here: 

Shape logos

You can use shapes to create an effective logo. Even simple figures like circles or rectangles make for a memorable design. Shapes can frame your logo, add depth, and even change the way people perceive your brand. 

For example, using shapes like circles can give your brand a harmonious look. While square shapes make you appear secure and triangles can make you look edgy. You can experiment with making designs out of other shapes as well.


Advanced Plumbing Logo by Madison Kasper

Aguirre Plumbing by creativeediot

Blue Hexagonal Wrench by LogoBrainstorm

Blue Spiral by MDS

The water drop shape is used in a lot of designs for plumbing and handyman logos. It symbolizes water and water flow, which is what plumbing is all about. Plumbers handle work related to water pipes, fixtures, and other utilities.

Mr Pipes by firesorcerer

Munder by town

NEO Plumbing Logo by Gavin Thompson

Watersmart Plumbing by inayaaariz

Wrench Letter C by podvoodoo13

Plumbing logo design by Haris Sajid

Shape logos can also work hand in hand with simple illustrations. The logo designed by Haris Sajid is a two-colored design. The blue bubble gets visual depth from the dark blue figures of buildings inside it. This illustration of commercial buildings is also great for businesses that plan to work with establishments.

On Time Plumbing Services by bahar it

Plumber Company Logo by dpDesign

Plumbing Fix Cross by SimplePixelSL

Plumbing studio  Logotype by Kirill Dubik

Refresh Plumbing by Luiggy Guillén

The color blue is common in the plumbing industry. This color communicates innovation and professionalism. Its effect on consumer psychology can help you grow your brand. Audiences can start associating your brand with these traits when they see it in your brand mark. However, you can check out other colors and find out more about their meaning here

Illustration logos

Adding drawings to your logo is a quickfire way for you to make use of self-explanatory imagery. People will immediately know that you offer plumbing services if you put illustrations of plumbers or plumber work. You can use common symbols in the industry, including pipes, wrench, fittings, valves, safety hats, and more.

Illustration logos are also great if you want to be more specific with your visual communication. Since the industry is now expanding to more services like water treatment, conservation, waste management, and more, drawings can allow you to communicate that. 

However, you want to make sure that the illustrations are communicative and simple at the same time. Heavy details can make your logo hard to use on different scales. You want to make a logo that will look good even when displayed in different dimensions.

Maze expert plumbing by dalia

Aquakin by HypeUs

Aqualia Plumbing by Mstudios-Chris

Blue Tech Cables by SimplePixelSL

Artarmon Plumbing by ghonam

Blue Cap by town

Elepipes by SimplePixelSL

Fast Repair Wrench Bike by amzferoze

House Plumb by PrakashCreative

Hug A Plumber Day by Kreative Fingers

K.Frank Plumbing by richie Achie

Multi Piping by skippadouza

Pioneer Plumbing by alicia 10

Plumber Man by inosken

Repairman logo by Studio Fulan

Repair Toolbox by SimplePixelSL

Strong Man Circle by SimplePixelSL

Even though you have a drawing as your logo’s focal point, it is still essential to be mindful of your text. You don’t want your audience to have a hard time learning your name. Typography is an integral part of the design. For logos, you want to choose fonts that are easy to read, such as Norwester, Garamond, Rockwell, Brandon Grotesque, and more. 

Text logos

Typography lets you get creative with space, fonts, and colors. Text-based designs make for adaptive and versatile brand marks that are easy to apply to different marketing collaterals. You can quickly put your mark on assets like business cards, email headers, website design, and more without having to worry about visual clutter.

Text logos are functional and never dull. Contrary to popular belief, fonts can bring a lot of life to a design. For example, if you want a vintage plumbing logo, you can combine decorative fonts like Intro and Hustlers Rough to make a retro symbol.

Burke Plumbing Logo by Sazidur Rahman

Dr. Plumber by GoodGuy Design

 flowtek plumbing by brahmana12

Flux Plumbing Ltd by PenManSheep

House Faucet by waisurueranda

K Plumbing by seelview

letter m plumbing by pitbox

Logo – Adcock Plumbing by Thomas

M Cubed Plumbing Inc. by Omee63

Orange Infinity Maintenance by SimplePixelSL

Pipe Letter G by wasih

Pipeline Letter P by podvoodoo13

Plumbing Blue S Pipe by wasih

Shield Letter B by wasih

SJ Plumbing by asherR by untitled

Are you using BrandCrowd’s logo maker? Watch this tutorial on how to customize the text of your design. It’s super easy.

Pro tip: Space your design elements well

The secret recipe for an effective logo design is space. It helps bring emphasis to your logo, and it makes it easier to read, too. Often, people forget to pay attention to the spacing, but you shouldn’t make the same mistake as them.


Any company should look good in their physical and online campaigns. Sourcing a visually appealing and well-designed brand marl will help your brand rise up against the competition.

Your search for a remarkable brand mark can begin with a logo design contest. DesginCrowd has a large community of freelance graphic designers that can help you bring your concept to life.

Or, you can try your hand at making your design. BrandCrowd’s plumbing logo maker lets you finish the process in a couple of minutes. All you need to do is browse the gallery and start customizing the handyman logos.

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