Maximizing Your Facebook Event’s Impact with the Perfect Cover Photo

Reading Time: 4 minutes

A Facebook event’s success starts with a great Facebook event cover photo. It’s the first thing people see, setting the tone for the event. 

This guide covers everything you need to know about selecting, sizing, and updating your event’s cover photo to make a strong first impression. As a bonus, you will also learn how to create your own with our simple Facebook event cover maker.

Let’s get started, but first…

What is a Facebook event?

Facebook event is one of Facebook’s tools to allow personal and business pages to create a separate page for events. 

Once the page is set up, the creators can provide more information, such as the location, the name of the organizers, the people coming, the time, the date, and more. 

The Facebook event is a lot more special because it is a separate page from the business account or profile account. Meaning you can share and link this page on other platforms. Plus, you can also showcase materials that further elaborate the event, such as videos and images

One important picture that you can publish on an event page is the cover photo. 

What is a Facebook event cover photo?

Facebook event cover photos are the main picture at the top of an event page. It is the largest photo slot and therefore has the ability to invite more attention. 

Among other images on a Facebook event page, the cover photo holds a position of prominence. It’s the first visual element that catches the eye of someone visiting the event page. Its importance can’t be overstated as it plays a critical role in setting the tone and conveying the essence of the event.

The Facebook event cover photo is situated at the top of the event page, acting as a header for all the event details below. It spans the width of the page, offering a wide canvas for creators to work with.

The event cover photo differs from personal or business page cover photos primarily in its purpose and dimensions. While all cover photos aim to attract and engage viewers, an event cover photo must encapsulate the event’s theme, details, and atmosphere in a single image. Furthermore, it differs in size to better fit the event page layout and optimize for different viewing platforms, from desktops to mobile devices.

What is the size of a Facebook event cover photo?

The recommended dimensions for a Facebook event cover photo are 1920 pixels wide by 1005 pixels tall. This specific size is carefully chosen to ensure that the image displays crisply and clearly across a variety of devices, from the largest desktop screens to the smallest mobile phones. By adhering to these dimensions, event organizers can rest assured that their cover photo will appear as intended, without any crucial elements being inadvertently trimmed or distorted.

The choice of a wider aspect ratio allows for more creative freedom, offering ample space to include event details, captivating imagery, or both. This size also takes into consideration the varying layouts of Facebook’s platform across devices, ensuring that the cover photo maintains its visual impact and effectiveness in promoting the event, regardless of how attendees are accessing the information.

Furthermore, organizers can avoid common pitfalls such as pixelation or awkward image stretching by using an image that fits these recommended dimensions. High-resolution images not only look more professional but also engage viewers more effectively, making them more likely to be interested in the event details and, ultimately, in attending.

How to add a cover photo to a Facebook event

To add or change a Facebook event cover photo, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your event page.
  2. Click on the “Edit” button located at the top right of the event page.
  3. In the “Edit Event” window, click on the “Event Photo or Video” section.
  4. Choose to upload a new photo or select one from your existing Facebook photos.
  5. Once selected, you can adjust the photo’s positioning by clicking and dragging it.
  6. Click “Save” to apply your changes.

How to Change a Cover Photo for a Facebook Event

Changing the cover photo of a Facebook event is a simple process that can significantly impact the event’s visibility and appeal. Whether you’re updating the photo to reflect a change in event details or simply refreshing the page’s look, here’s how you can easily update your event’s cover photo:

  • Navigate to your event page
  • Click on the “edit” button:
  • Access the “event photo or video” section
  • Upload a new photo or Select an Existing One
  • Adjust the Photo’s Positioning
  • Save Your Changes

Best practices for Facebook cover photos

  • Quality Over Quantity: Use high-resolution images to ensure your cover photo looks professional and engaging.
  • Brand your image: Use proper branding colors, logo designs, fonts, and writing styles to properly convey a branded image. 
  • Keep It Relevant: Your cover photo should clearly reflect the event’s theme, encouraging viewers to learn more.
  • Consider Text Placement: If adding text, make sure it’s readable and not covered by any of the event page’s interface elements.
  • Update Regularly: For recurring events, update the cover photo to reflect the most current information or theme.
  • Test Across Devices: Check how your cover photo looks on both desktop and mobile to ensure all elements are visible and appealing.


A well-chosen Facebook event cover photo can significantly impact the success of your event. It’s the first impression potential attendees will have, so it’s worth investing time to select or create an image that effectively communicates your event’s vibe and details. 

By following the guidelines and best practices mentioned, you can enhance your event’s visibility and appeal, attracting more attendees and creating a memorable first impression.

And when it comes to first impressions, there’s no other way than a properly branded image. So next time you create a large cover photo, don’t forget to place your logo design or icons on the front. Don’t worry, AI logo makers exist, and BrandCrowd is one of those tools.