219 Animal Logos For A Memorable Brand

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Want to create a memorable logo that builds a solid connection to your market? Try using an animal logo.

They are great for showing your values as a business and how you want to serve your customers. Some famous brands like Puma, Twitter, RedBull, and even Lamborghini have creatures for logo design.

Check out the templates below and get inspired. You can also use our online logo maker to help you create the perfect logo.

Designing An Animal Logo

Like any other logo design out there, it takes time and guides questions to visualize the animal logo you want. You must understand that creatures as business graphics create an emotional bond between you and your market.

It’s the association you put to the animal and what values it represents in the real world. Horses represent speed and power, or how a rabbit is the poster boy of Easter and anything both innocent and not.

So, ask yourself these questions when creating your graphic under this genre to better your marketing scheme:

  • What association do you want to have with the animal?
  • Which logotype do you prioritize for your logo?
  • Which color do you want for your animal logo?

Animal Logo Designs For Building Brand Recognition

Now that you’ve answered the questions above let’s get into the designs you can use for your business. Make sure to choose your distinct typography and color scheme to get better recognized by consumers.

We divided them into ten significant categories just for you:

Famous Brands with Animal Logos

Make it big in your industry through an eye-catching logo. Who knows, you might get noticed and become a famous logo holder?

Get inspiration from the famous brands below:








Metro Goldwyn Mayer



Qantas Airline


Ralph Lauren


World Wide Fund of Nature

Abstract Logos

Show your creativity to your market. Create unique patterns with geometric elements and let your abstract logo emerge. It’s thought-provoking and retains the attention of your market.

Check out these designs below:

Animal Veterinary Clinic by town

Bold, Animal Construction Logo Design by Raoul Camion

Bold, Cute Logo Design by belovedboss

Bold, Orange Animals, Wildlife, Zoo by KreAnts

Bull Animal Farm by eyed

Camper Logo Design by Dot Design 3

Conservative, Animal Logo Design by renderman

Conservative, Dog Logo Design by sushsharma99

Cute Whale Animal by town

Dog Logo Design by Indrawasih

Fox by Petar Shalamanov

Fox Circle Animal by eyed

Geometric Elephant Logo by Lucian Radu

Geometric Owl by Lucian Radu

Geometric Puppy! by Nour Oumousse

Geometric Rabbit Animal by royallogo

Gradient Pangolin Animal by spayro

Line Art Monkey Logo by Lucian Radu

Lizard by gregorius palugongso

Orange Animal Antlers by ions

Penguin Animal Mascot by AleksandrO

Playful, Animal Business Logo Design by JACQUI

Rhino Logo Design | Animal Concept by LogoCaptain Studio

Swan + Leaf! by Nour Oumousse

Yellow Tiger Animal by Maccoy

Clothing Logos

Using creatures for your clothing logo is based on the characteristic of the animal. Take a look at Crocs. They named their brand that because their clogs look like the snot of a crocodile. Or maybe you want a moose for a logo like Abercrombie and Fitch. The creature represents grace, confidence, and strength.

You can have a physical or thoughtful meaning with your animal logo to represent your fashion line. Find your design below:

Baby Kangaroo Pocket by shen02

Bird Logo Exploration by Jahid Hasan

Bold, Long Clothing Brand Logo Design by sashka69design

Cute Baby Elephant by shen02

Elegant, Different Clothing Logo Design by rozT

Elegant, Unique Fashion Logo Design by royanmj04

Fashion Clothing Brand Logo Design by renderman

flaminggo thread by Akdesain

GOOD STORK by artism_studio

Logo concept for a clothing brand by Kanades

Logo for Korean Fashion Brand “Keonni” by Sasha

Makeup Butterfly Apparel by shen02

Mammoth Headwear by Skilline for Skilline Design Co.

Modern, Fashion Fashion Logo Design by mildtravis

Pet Shop Apparel by shen02

Professional, Animal Clothing Logo Design by mildtravis

Serious, Classic Clothing Logo Design by ArtTank

Snail | Clothing Brand | Brand Logo | logodesign by Creatheorys

Sterling Menswear by Sadawy

Sunglasses Monkey Apparel by CreativePixels

Traditional, Fashion Fashion Logo Design by D.an

Upmarket, Fish Business Logo Design by ShadowcasterStudio

women’s dress logo by George Gao

Zenfox – Apparel Brand logo by Jahid Hasan

Charity Logos

Take a look at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Their logo embodies Chi-Chi, a panda that lived in London at the time of the organization’s creation. The Panda represents their goal of preserving nature while ensuring that the visual crosses language barriers.

Pandas are endangered, which WWF wants to preserve. Show your values through your charity logo. Get inspired by the designs below:

Bear Hug Heart by neostudio

Bird Hand logo by Yoga Perdana – Logo Designer

Bird Nest Heart by SimplePixelSL

Care Charity by Irina Kolosovska

Charity Charity Logo Design by Daniel Delato

Charity Leaf Bird by marcololstudio

Charity to save endangered birds by Peter Giuffria

Colorful, Funny Charity Logo Design by Logo no 1

Cool Logo Design by Adsonix

Cute owl logo for a charity organization by Liza Geurts

Dove Bird Hand Charity by Maccoy

Feminine, Cool Logo Design by chameerakasundb

Modern, Cross Charity Logo Design by logo_s

Elegant, Charity Non Profit Logo Design by Ochieng

One of the logo options for charity app Jood. by Irina Kolosovska

Pechersk Volunteers Ogranisation logo by Anton Shmelev

Personable, Cute Charity Logo Design by Kitakami

Pet Charity Fund logo by Tanya Borodina

PRVD Logo by Jahid Hasan

Save Wildlife – Logo by MindInventory Branding for MindInventory

White Dove Freedom by town

Company Logos

Your strong company logo will show your market who’s boss in the industry. Have an animal represent your strength as a company and show how trustworthy you are as a business.

You’ll look sleek and professional since you can put them on business cards and merchandise like a t-shirt design that people would love to wear.

Find your company logo design below:

Aviation Hawk Bird by Dessy

Bear Bread Bakery by yulianrhmn

Bold, Animal Logo Design by ShadowcasterStudio

Bold, Best Real Estate Logo Design by Mosa Abo swelem

Business Swan Company by novita007

Elepaint by Burak Bal

Feminine, Animal Logo Design by Nigel B

Gold Seahorse Beauty by JimjemR

Hare by Jano Kobalia

Lammetje by Milos Djuric

Lion Face App by eyed


Modern Eagle Airline by SimplePixelSL

Owl Messaging App by novita007

Paper Parrot by Grzegorz Motławski

Playful, Funny Logo Design by Ivanbitar

Professional, Animal Electronics Logo Design by ADesign

Professional, Animal Veterinary Logo Design by trufya

Regal Lion Company by Alexxx

roobit logo by fathan

Seastag Yacht Logo by Gregory Grigoriou

Secret Garden v.2 by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Serious, Animal Clothing Logo Design by rafaeldsgn

Tona by Catur Argi

Zazou Photo Lab by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Gaming Logos

As a gamer, your logo must show who you are with just one look. You can have a mascot logo with an animal representing your type of gameplay or possibly the reviews you create on games.

Find your gaming logo here:

Alligator by Modal Tampang

Bear Pirate Gaming Mascot by novita007

Bold, Panther Logo Design by -SD Design-

Bull by Modal Tampang

CBWG media by Modal Tampang

Deer by Djordje Djordjevic

Dog Game Control by spayro

Eagle Game Streaming by Mypen

Elegant, Gaming Games Logo Design by logorice

FOX by Modal Tampang

Fox Gaming Mascot by novita007

Game Controller Horse by town

Gaming Digest by Modal Tampang

Horse Game Controller by town

horse logo design by albert kalingga

Hound Game Controller by town

Masculine, Gaming Youtube Logo Design by NenadM

Modern, Gaming Logo Design by anizonestudio

Owlty Gaming by Modal Tampang


Rhino Gaming Esport by Mypen

Serious, Difficult Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Serious, Lion Business Logo Design by NenadM

Strong’s Gaming by Modal Tampang


Upmarket, Horse Gaming/Streaming Logo Design by brand maker

Negative Space Logos

Play with the eyes of your market; use a negative space logo. It’s a great way to intrigue your customers and directs them where to look, depending on where you put your logo.

Get white-spaced logo ideas below:

Abstract Wild Animal by SimplePixelSL

Animal Logo Design by NenadM

Animal Nurse Logo Design by Sergio Coelho

Bear Mark by R A H A J O E

Big Cat by Petar Shalamanov

Black Skunk Animal by spayro

Cat & Dog by Kakha Kakhadzen

Cat Letter B Modern Logo by LOGOHOKO

Cat Pet Animal by shen02

Cat Pet Animal Heart by town

Colorful, Animal Veterinary Logo Design by jika

Deer Fox Animal by Asad khan

Eagle – Bird Logos & ideas by DAINOGO

Electric Antelope Deer Animal by SimplePixelSL

Elegant, Animal Business Logo Design by at-as

Elegant, Modern Logo Design by simple mind

Horse by Petar Shalamanov

LOGO – ROOSTER – SKETCH by matthieumartigny

Penguin & Rabbit Animals by Mypen

Penguin Travel by R A H A J O E

Rhino Animal Wildlife by korzuen

S for Shark by Second Eight

Upmarket, Dog Logo Design by GoodTimes$$$

Upmarket, Great Brewery Logo Design by Marcos!

Pictorial Logos

Use any animal you want, but build the association behind it and simplify it to tell your story as a business better. Use a pictorial logo and express who you are as a business better.

Find your pictorial mark below:

Animal Logo Design by hamkur

Bear illustrative logo by Jay Graphic Art

Bold, Cute Logo Design by DUBIOSUL

Brown Monkey Animal by ArvinP

Conservative, Cute Stump and tree removal Logo Design by brand maker

Cute cow logo by Liza Geurts

Elegant, Animal Shop Logo Design by Oct-O-Ray Design

Elegant, Dog Logo Design by StudioD™

Elegant, Dog Training Logo Design by HzK Design

Falcon Vol.2 by artism_studio

Glowing Cat Animal by bertthebuildr

King deer by LOGOHOKO

LLAMA or ALPACA? by artism_studio

Modern, Animal Delivery Service Logo Design by Lab-Artz

Night Owl Logo by logo buddy

Orange Tropical Parrot by realdreams

Playful, Animal Children’s books by GBDESIGN

Playful, Dog Logo Design by ally designs

Playful, Funny Logo Design by Hoopoe

Serious, Animal Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Squirrel logo by Mohammad Anis

Spanish Bull Animal by town

Tiger by Ogi Latoh

Tiny Black Royalty by Omega-Pixel

Toucan Books by Omega-Pixel

Umbrella Penguin Animal by town

Whale Shark Animal by AMCstudio

White Tiger Beast by Mypen

You need to show your power as a sports team. Get an animal to represent you as an individual in a group. From the courage of a lion to the sheer raw power of a bear, create a logo that your prospect fans will indeed support.

Get your unique sports logo below:

Antelope Sports Mascot by Mypen

Badgers by Matthew Doyle

Baseball Sport Shark by marcololstudio

Bear Sport Club Mascot by Mypen

Bold, Fish Sporting Good Logo Design by Logo no 1

Cobra Basketball Sports by marcololstudio

Elegant, Horse Club Logo Design by Artmin

Elegant, Martial Art Logo Design by rastf2day

Forward is the way by Elen Winata

HHDP Kodiaks by Matthew Doyle

HHDP Wolves by Matthew Doyle

Horse Sports Mascot by VanMeap


Lake Josephine Ice Owls Lockups by Torey Needham

Masculine Logo Design by Giovanni

Motorcycle Racing Logo Design by Anhlee

Playful, Business Logo Design by Buney

Playful, Graphic Design Sport Logo Design by Lhey DC

Playful, Lacrosse Sporting Good Logo Design by prodesigns99

Ram Sports Mascot by Mypen

Sports Tiger Shield by Mypen

Stallion Horse Sports by ArvinP

The Goose by Slavo Kiss

Upmarket, Horse Horseback Riding Logo Design by goranvisnjic82

urbanfox parkour fox mascot logo by HSSN DSGN

What the Putt by Omega-Pixel

Wordmark Logos

Make your business name your logo. Your chosen font makes your wordmark logo stand out from the competition. Take, for example, famous TV Shows; they’re known for their names because of their font style during the airing of their episodes.

Be like that with your Check out the designs below and find your hip logo:

Creative Panda Logo Design by Design_League

Deer Logo by Design_League

Economical, Name Food retail and hospitality Logo Design by PsyPen

Elegant, Cute Logo Design by GLDesigns

Elegant, Naughty Logo Design by Maman Mambengi Rungturu

Elephant Logo ! by Mizan

Feminine, Koala Logo Design by RAMBUTAN

K9 by Stevan Rodic

Modern, Great It Company Logo Design by goranvisnjic82

Oregon by Milos Djuric

Parrot Logotype by Yoga Perdana

Penguin ! by Mizan

Playful, Playful Logo Design by D_Mantra

Serious, Animal Logo Design by GoodTimes$$$

Serious, Animal Logo Design by WieArts

Snake Logotype by Yoga Perdana

Swan Logotype by Yoga Perdana

Upmarket, Animal Protection Logo Design by Arjuna Design

Create Your Animal Logo Today

That concludes our catalog of animal logo ideas. We hope you found the logo you want for your business.

If you need more help with your design needs, like letterheads, email signatures, and more, don’t forget to visit our website and check out what else we offer you.

Good luck designing!

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