108 Examples Of Blue Logos

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There are numerous colors in the spectrum. But which one to choose? Pick blue, pick a blue logo!

You might say that only services or products related to the sea or cleaning can use blue, but there is a variety of designs you can pick. Aside from that, the color itself is the representation of loyalty, security, and professionalism.

Check out the designs below and use our logo maker tool to help you in your branding endeavor.

Blue As A Color

Let’s get into the psychology of blue. Using it in your overall brand color scheme implies that you are trustworthy, professional, loyal, and powerful. Aside from that, it’s considered a non-threatening color since the majority love it.

Blue is also the color of the sea which makes it a versatile hue great for any type of business and product. Fun fact, do you notice most of the financial institutions we have? They all mostly use blue because it implies stability and incites a trustworthy transaction.

Let’s get into the templates to better your brand design.

Blue Logos to Show Loyalty

We’re getting the good part. Here are our top picks for blue logos you could use for any niche and business. We divided them into six categories just for you:

Famous Blue Logos

Learn from these famous designs to avoid having a plagiarized logo. They’re hip, blue in hue, and hard to miss.

Recognize any of them?




Estee Lauder







Using inanimate, baffling shapes to tell a story through your logo is great. But adding blue to that makes your impact better. You can easily add this to your business card or even to your office stationery design.

Check out these abstract logos below for inspiration:

Abstract Blue Basketball by MDS

Big Blue Ship by SimplePixelSL

Blue Diamond Star by MDS

Blue Letter B by realdreams

Blue Logo Design by Greedin

C + Infinity by Leo

Captureit Logo by Ellena

Elegant, Blue Education Logo Design by trufya

Elegant, Blue Logo Design by Sujit Banerjee

Elegant, Simple Business Logo Design by DLab™

Geomark by Gert van Duinen

H monogram by Vadim Carazan

Masculine, Blue Consultant Logo Design by Neil

Modern Blue Anchor by Alexxx

Modern, Blue Finance Logo Design by Marc Ray

Modern, Blue Financial Planning Logo Design by LogoToGoStudio

Modern, Blue It Service Logo Design by  Akhter Rasool

Ocean Waves by Alfrey Davilla

P by Ali Atalay Sencan

P Play Logo Design by MaDeg

Professional, Blue Logo Design by kolevvp

Softball mark byBaruch Nave

Wave Logo by Yoga Perdana – Logo Designer

X Monogram by Victor Murea

Animal Logos

Sometimes, the characteristics of an animal are the best way to represent who you are as a business. Take a cheetah, for example, car and sports companies use it in their logos because they’re telling people that what they sell offers speed.

Or maybe tutorial centers with owls as their logo to represent the knowledge and wisdom they impart. Either way, animal logos are a great way to represent the values of your brand.

Get ideas from the designs below:

Awesome Logo Design by logoQ

Blue Abstract Deer by SimplePixelSL

Blue Bear by Khisnen Pauvaday

Blue Bird by Saad

Blue Bird Circle by town

Blue Bird House by spayro

Blue Eagle Esports Logo by Derrick Stratton

Blue Fish by SimplePixelSL

Bird Golf by Omega-Pixel

Blue Llama Concepts by Defaced

Blue Logo Design by Origami visual

Blue Parrot by Aleksandar Savic

Bold, Animal It Company Logo Design by jtcreativity2213

Bold, Simple Logo Design by Neil

Clouduck – Logo Design by Erşad Başbağ

Conservative, Wolf Health And Wellness Logo Design by Yassine Voinchet

Elegant, Blue Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Geometric Elephant Logo by Lucian Radu

Hachi logo concept (updated) by Vadim Carazan

Logo for IT company by Alex Zhevanov

Ninja Blue Cat by radkedesign

Otter by Maria Grønlund

Playful, Tiger School Logo Design by blinc

Squirrel Abstract Logo | Modern Logo Design by Reza Un Nobi

Whale mark by Vadim Korotkov

Gaming Logos

As a gamer who streams, you need a visual identity to pair with your awesome page. Why not get a blue logo? Check out the gaming logos below for inspiration:

Blue Baseball Batter by town

Blue Cat Gaming by eightyLOGOS


Blue Hexagon Gaming by wasih

Blue Octopus Startup Business by SimplePixelSL

Bold, Blue Gaming Logo Design by -SD Design-

Bold, Creative Photographer Logo Design by D_Mantra

Crazy Minds by Dlanid

Elegant, Black Logo Design by Grapi

Gaming Ape: monkey + gaming pad by Alex Tass, logo designer



Masculine, Blue Logo Design by r-toha

Modern Blue Controller by podvoodoo13

Playmaker by Logomachine branding agency

South Coast Box Lacrosse League Tournament Logo by Rene Sanchez

SPOOK – Blue Flame Mascot Logo by Marvin Baldemor

Waves by Khisnen Pauvaday

Negative Space

Put a twist to your logo with negative space. It’s an optical illusion that will surely catch the eyes of your market and it’s a great way to emphasize certain parts of your overall brand design.

Find your white-spaced logo below:

. by Gert van Duinen

Big Blue House by town

Blue Chrysler Building by town

Blue Headphones by Bayu31

Blue Pirate Ship by markrtid

Blue Tower Company by LogoBrainstorm

Bold, Animal Pet Shop Logo Design by mrs creative

Bold, Blue Life Insurance Logo Design by Sergio Medina

Conservative, Simple Real Estate Logo Design by Studesign

Elegant, Creative Construction Logo Design by Omee

Logo Design For Marketing Agency  by Ashfuq Hridoy | Logo Designer

MapOne Logo Project by Leo

Masculine, Black Logo Design by Vetroff

Masculine, Blue Residential Logo Design by rozT

Modern, Blue Logo Design by metropolutan.rimba

Modern, Creative Real Estate Logo Design by Djuksi Design

Modern, Blue Travel Agent Logo Design by shakuna

P Wallet Negative-Space Logo 💰💰 by Ashfuq Hridoy | Logo Designer

PaperDoc by Leo

Personable, Blue Art Gallery Logo Design by rls

RecoreUp Logo Design by Ashfuq Hridoy | Logo Designer

Shield & Pillar Logo  by Ilarion Ananiev Graphic Design & Illustration

Tropical New swimming pool construction Logo Design by nyoovernyo

Wordmark Logos

If you just want your business name as your logo, we can have that arranged through these wordmark logo templates. You can play with whichever typography you want, just make sure it’s readable.

Check out these designs below:

Blue Logo Design by G Visions

Bold, Different Manufacturing Logo Design by studio4design

Chat by Linus Kindstrand

Congress Plus by Logomachine branding agency

Elegant, Blue Business Management Logo Design by Jose_luiz1978

Elegant, Blue Logo Design by ds | designstructure

Modern, Blue It Service Logo Design by Felipe Moura

Modern, Blue Travel Agent Logo Design by ecorokerz

OASIS by Shihab | Logo designer

Playful, Great Hospitality Logo Design by mngkw

profen-p letter logo mark by Amir Sayem

Questlin Logo Design by Hristijan Eftimov

Rondel by Logomachine branding agency

Sitejet Logo Design by Aditya | Logo Designer

Upmarket, Blue Logo Design by Kzodiackgraphs

W Media Logo – Alphabet Logos 4/26 by Jacob Cass

What’s my name? by Daniela Mihaylova

Make Your Blue Logo Today

And there you have it; our top picks for blue logos. We hope this blog gave you ideas and inspiration for your own brand logos.

But if you need any more help with other designs like letterheads or email signatures, etc., we’ve got it right here as well.

Good luck designing your blue logo!

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