103 Lettermark Logos for Unique Initials

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Contemplating using your business name as your logo, but it’s too long? No worries, we’ve got the perfect listicle for you. Why not try using a lettermark logo?

It’s an alternative to the wordmark and uses your initials or abbreviations. Around 72% of the best brands worldwide have made-up names or acronyms. Be part of that 72% with your unique lettermark logo.

Check out our cool designs below and use our logo maker to aid your design endeavor.

Wordmark vs Lettermark

Alright, let’s discuss our two typography-based designs for logos. Their main difference comes in the form of character count and usage.

For wordmark logos, as long as it’s five or more and is the actual name of your business. While better marks only have two to four characters representing your business name. Do you follow?

A wordmark is a name, while a lettermark only represents your business name. Your actual business name may be too long but vital, so you instead use initials. Look at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) or EA (Electronic Arts); they have long terms, so they use the first letters of the individual words to make their logo.

Now that we’ve differentiated them let’s look at the templates you can use for your business.

Lettermark Logos for Better Streamlining

There are numerous types under this specific logo design, but we’re here to narrow it down for you. We divided the templates into five designs to help you find what suits you.

Famous Lettermark Logos

How better else to learn how to effectively use this style than to look at big brand names. Check out the famous logos below to get inspiration:








Louis Vitton


Warner Bros.

Handwritten Logos

Handwritten logos are one of the typography trends of this year. It makes your brand look more personal, friendly, and approachable.

Find your handwritten design below:

A by Kakha Kakhadzen

A Calligraphy Monogram by Dizzyline

Allusion Design monogram by Sergey Shapiro

Blackletter K by Katie Johnson

Blue Elegant Text by brandcrowd

Business Logo Design by G Visions

CB Monogram Letter Logo Mark Design by Murat Boğazkesenli

Conservative, Letter Logo Design by graphicevolution

Conservative Logo Design by WieArts

ER Monogram Logomark by Sara Baudelle

Handwritten Cursive Wordmark by Dessy

LA by ForSureLetters

Letter “A” by Evgeny Loy

Letter E by Anano Martsvaladze

Letter X by Noah Kinard

Luxury Fashion Letter A by JimjemR

M by Melodie Eve Pisciotti

OK by ForSureLetters

Q Letter Mark – Q Mark – Letter Logo by Israfil Molla

Upmarket, Firm Marketing Logo Design by AntonAtanasov

Upmarket, Marketing Marketing Logo Design by mildtravis

ŽS by ForSureLetters

Emblem Logos

An emblem logo gives your brand a nostalgic yet trustworthy feel. It’s usually in the form of a badge or a shield. And is often used by institutions of higher education that pay homage to their historical and geographical roots.

Find your nostalgic, yet professional emblem logo designs below:

AF Apparel by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Black Letter P by Alexxx

Bold, Personal Logo Design by VT Graphics

Boutique Letter R by FishDesigns61025

C + H + I + D creative monogram logo design by Saurav Karmoker

E + Crown Logo Concept by Lucas Fields

E Lettermark Concept by Dylan Winters

Elegant, Letter Western fashion Logo Design by daniel462medina

Elegant, Round Artists Logo Design by ABG

ES Monogram by Anano Martsvaladze

F letter mark / logo design by Dalius Stuoka

HQ Monogram Logo Mark Design by Murat Boğazkesenli

Insurance Logo Design by Gerald Design 3

JTB – Letter-mark for Barbershop by AT Logography

Letter F by merci

Letter K by Ksenia Belobrova

Letter S Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

Lettermark by Salome Gagnidze

MM or TM logo design by alesha

Oxford Print Fair Monogram by Dan Forster

P + Box Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

Professional, Shop Logo Design by Ronelogo

S Letter mark Explorations by Ana Abashidze

Shield Letter S by azus

Technology Software Letter X by AMCstudio

USA Monogram by Mike Jones

White Round Letter A by MusiqueDesign

Pictorial Logos

If you want to add an image beside your lettermark, you can. Take a look at some of the pictorial logos that have a lettermark on them. It’s a great way to communicate what you want with your market without much explanation.

But beware of misinterpretation cause there’s that too. Get ideas from the designs below:

A by muhammed sajid

a by Yoga Perdana

A,Hand And Lightning by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Bird Letter B by novita007

Boomerang Letter R by SimplePixelSL

C for cat by Kakha Kakhadzen

D + Deer Logo | Modern Logo by Md Arif Hossain

Dragon Letter D by MDS

Elegant, Company Logo Design by M.CreativeDesigns

Green Leaves Letter P by gusta08

L A Luxury Listings Lettermark by Aditya

Modern, Minimalist Mix martial arts MMA Logo Design by ally designs

Museum of Rock and Roll by Igor Szwach

Orange Fox Letter R by Mypen

P – star by Ilya Gorchanyuk

P is for Parrot by Telita Esterhuizen

Partisan – Lettermark Design by Wisecraft

Planet + Letter H by Anano Martsvaladze

Playful, Clear Logo Design by Logo no 1

Procreate Icon — Alternate Option by Alexey Kuvaldin

Running Logo Design by Ashani Bhattacharya

S – Sword by Ilya Gorchanyuk

Serious, Letter Ecommerce Logo Design by Logo Advocate

Time Theme on Letter Z by Furkan Söyler

W Eagle by Sava Stoic

Abstract Logos

Like pictorial marks, abstract logos also tell a story for your market. Their main difference is the image itself. Pictorials have real-life images while abstract, as the name suggests, are inanimate.

Find your abstract design below:

36 Days III by Kristen Harlin Tolentino

A by Kakha Kakhadzen

Abstract Letter B by town

Fitness Logo Design by GLDesigns

Hyper Network crypto logo design: H letter mark by Alex Tass, logo designer

Isometric Letter X by Usman Qureshi

Letter B logo concept by Milos Bojkovic

Letter H by Anano Martsvaladze

Letter M Company by Alexxx

Letter P + Play by Anano Martsvaladze

Letter W + Wave by Anano Martsvaladze


Mmmmm lovely, M + heart, letter mark by Alex Tass

Modern, Different Real Estate Agent Logo Design by Suharyadi

Modern, Marketing Marketing Logo Design by ayubzafar

Modern, Sporting Good Logo Design by mmcreatives.in

N — (14/36) by Don Carrrlos

NCT by Roxana Niculescu

NM / NW negative space logo design monogram by Alex Tass

Orange Company Letter K by CreativePixels

Origami Letter S by RistaDesign

Professional, Letter Logo Design by christianpoetoe

R Lettermark / Reno Logo by Aditya | Logo Designer

Red Plexus Letter C by lazeefish

Running Logo Design by RenCan

S by Yoga Perdana

Serious, Hospital Health Service Logo Design by Mono.co

Serious, Letter Logistics Logo Design by H-H Arts

V by Nick Zotov

Create Your Lettermark Today

There you have it; our complete list of lettermark logos. We hope you found what you were looking for and be able to create your own visuals as a business.

But no worries, we’ll be here all the way for your design needs whether for logos, email signatures, letterheads, and more.

Have fun designing your professional lettermark!

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