50 Inspiring School Logos Collection

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A good school logo in education is like a visual ambassador—it speaks volumes about the institution’s character and values. Just think about the Harvard logo; it’s a classic example of how a simple design can capture the essence of academic excellence and tradition.

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Ready to give your school a visual boost? Join us as we explore our collection of school logos below!

Tips for Designing An Excellent School Logo

Designing an excellent school logo is crucial in establishing a solid and memorable brand identity for any educational institution.

A well-crafted institution logo can convey a school’s values, spirit, and uniqueness. Here are some tips to guide you in creating an outstanding logo.

1. Reflect the School’s Identity

Ensure that your logo captures the essence of your school’s identity, including its mission, values, and culture. Consider what makes your institution unique and incorporate those elements into the design.

You can use icons to make it more personalized and relevant to your brand. Check out our blog on what is iconography to learn more about how to use icons effectively.

2. Keep it simple

A simple and clean logo design is often more effective and memorable. Avoid clutter and unnecessary details, and remember that a straightforward logo is more accessible for people to recognize and recall. Especially in the world of education, your logo reflects your brand and your way of teaching. 

3. Choose Appropriate Colors

Select colors that align with the school’s brand and convey the right emotions. Consider checking out color psychology, as different colors can evoke specific feelings. 

For example, blue colors may represent trust and professionalism, while green logos can symbolize growth and harmony. 

4. Typography matters

Choose a legible font that aligns with the overall design if your logo includes text. Ensure the text is clear and easily read, even in smaller sizes. Read more on how typography impacts your brand to understand it better and learn how to pick the right font for your school.

School Logos To Help You Stand Out

Whether you’re rebranding or just getting started, our collection of school logos is here to inspire. Explore the logos below:

School Badge Logos

Elevate your school’s visual identity with our curated collection of school badge logos. These timeless designs blend tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of your institution’s heritage and academic values. 

Choose from our badge logo collection here:

Strong Schools SA Logo by Twon Pearson

School by Daniel Chavez

Brain school badge by Bujar Ljubovci

School Badge by Petar Kilibarda

School District Badge Jeroen van Eerden

Paragon Logo Brent McDowell

School Badge by Elliot Belchatovski


School Badge by David Olaniyi

Coalition by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Premium Badge Letter by El-Patron

Retro Hipster Vintage by El-Patron

Justice Scale Badge by marcololstudio

Shield Key Wreath School by SaifU

School Book Library Crest by Amin007

Graduate Award School by MDS

Bookmark Badge Flag by chole

Pencil Pillar School by novita007

Wreath Shield School Academy by MDS

School Shield Wreath by JasonND

School Graduation Cap Logos

These designs encapsulate the spirit of accomplishment and the pursuit of knowledge. Whether you’re marking a graduation ceremony or emphasizing your school’s focus on education, these logos add a touch of distinction to your brand.

Check out our graduation cap logos below:

Logo concept for new brand by Richard Wiggins

(name withheld) Educational Consulting LLC, Logo W.I.P by Raja Sandhu

Scholary Logo design Charlie Elms

Knowledge Logo reloart | Logo designer

Education stage logo by Guavanaboy Studio

School Logo with Graduate Cap | Turbologo by Turbologo

EduBiz by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Premade Graduation Cap Logo Template by Logolime

Academy Percussion by Luba Rumenova

Education Resources Logo by Stephen Dyson

Graduation Cap Beak by shen02

Natural Tree Graduation Cap by BryAd

Graduation Cap Educational Tree by BryAd

Tech Circuit Graduation Cap by marcololstudio

Graduation Cap Learning by azus

Graduation Cap Pillar by royallogo

Graduation Cap Graph by royallogo

Circuit Graduation Cap by shen02

Asian Graduation Cap by MusiqueDesign

Geometric Graduation Cap by CreativePixels

School Teacher Logos

School teacher designs pay tribute to the dedicated educators who shape young minds. From books to teaching tools, these logos visually represent the commitment to learning and the nurturing environment fostered by your school’s teaching staff. 

Browse through our customizable templates of school teacher logos below:

Cartoon Drawing Pencilby yhinna

Children Story Book by yhinna

Bear Book Library by yhinna

Girl Book Library by yhinn

Children School Pencils by Dessy

Woman Music Teacher by novita007

Lady Teacher Cartoon by AMCstudio

Swimming Teacher Woman by AMCstudio

Children Daycare School by town

Girl Learning School BY by yhinna

Design Your School Logos Below:

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