30 Instagram Templates Designed By Professionals

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Instagram is not only a free and viable tool for personal brands, it can also be a good marketing platform for all kinds of businesses. 

The sheer size of its audience, a billion users in particular, and its highly intelligent targeted advertising technology enable any brand to attract paying customers and loyal followers. 

But that cannot only be done through Instagram’s technological prowess. Much of a brand’s success on the platform is highly dependent on the quality of content it can produce. 

This means anyone who’s on Instagram can use its algorithm and technology. It’s a fair game, in short. But in the end, the fight is between those who can make engaging and unique posts and those who cannot. 

The problem, though, for small and midsize business owners is that having a professional designer is the least of their budget priority. So they may find it difficult to create quality posts for their Instagram marketing campaigns. 

Here’s how to make the process easy. There’s so many sites that offer free and DIY designs for Instagram. No experience in using design software? No problem. Instagram Post Makers such as BrandCrowd’s can let you create posts using their beginner-friendly, drag and drop tools. 

Ready to create Instagram posts that rocks and converts? Take a look at these templates. Find one or several that can communicate your goals and brand identity. 

Instagram Templates:

Take a look at some of these designs. If you find one that resonates with your branding needs, you are free to customize the template and make it your own. 

Want to advertise a new product? Change the picture with your own photo and rewrite the words. Want to post a powerful message? Don’t bore them with big blocks of text. Instead use good colors and fonts. Try some of the templates below: 

9.9 Sale Bubbles Instagram Post by brandcrowd

Autumn Collection Instagram Post by brandcrowd

Beer Party Instagram Post by brandcrowd

Creato Social Media Templates by Mousecrafted

Double Cheese Burger Instagram Post by brandcrowd

FLOSK Instagram Templates by Pixelbuddha

Freebie: Noir Beauty Instagram Stories by Pixelbuddha

Home Furniture Instagram Post by brandcrowd

insta post by Gresa Mehmeti

InstaCool Instagram Posts & Stories by Graphic Stock

Instagram Banner Template by Mukhlasur Rahman

Instagram Post Template by Jimmy Jing Xia

It’s Halloween Instagram Post by brandcrowd

Join The Clan Instagram Post by brandcrowd

Mono Instagram Templates Kit #7 by Pixelbuddha

Mono Instagram Templates Kit by Pixelbuddha

Never Never Give Up Instagram Post by brandcrowd

Photoshop Templates for Instagram, x 2 by aberyor

Podcast Stream Instagram Post by brandcrowd

Poosh Instagram Stories Templates designed by Nice People by Amber Asay

ROGUE – Business Social Media Brand by Jimmy Jing Xia

Space Closed Instagram Post by brandcrowd

Square Graphic Design by Muhammad Saaed,

Square Graphic Design by Rickyy

Target Graphic Design by SAI DESIGNS

Temple – A Radical Instagram Templates Pack by Labib Jaffar

Things Men Covet” Instagram Ad Post Design by Drew Williams

VALTO – Instagram Branding Template by Multipurpose Templates

Waimea Social Media Kit by Pixelbuddha

Woman Style Social Media by Jimmy Jing Xia

Final Thoughts

Instagram is home to many of your future customers. Don’t miss out on its wealth of audience. Lure them in with your attractive brand identity and ingenuine posts. 

Now that we know Instagram Post Makers exist, we don’t have to go overboard with our design budget and assign it to a professional. Instead, we could design our posts ourselves. Beginner-friendly tools allow us to actualize our vision into reality. 

But here’s one good tip for Instagram posts: consistency. Once you have chosen a particular color palette, stick to it. The same goes with your chosen brand voice and font style. Stick to the fundamental blocks of your visual identity. 

Whereas, for the rest, you can switch them up. You can change your monday motivation posts and instead post customer highlights. You can change the tone if it suits the occasion. 

Don’t forget to use Instagram stories. Stories are one good way to market your product. You can use hashtags, mention location, people, and brand your content. Looking for ideas to post on stories, read this list of Story ideas. 

As they say, don’t put all eggs in one basket. That means, don’t just invest all effort on one platform, say on just your website or just Facebook. Instead, diversify your interests so your audience will grow. 

The good thing about Instagram is that there’s absolutely zero cost in setting up your profile. And with BrandCrowd, there’s even no cost in creating engaging and professionally designed posts. 

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