33 Puma Logos to Prowl

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If you are still looking for the perfect logo to represent your brand, ever considered a puma logo?

Mountain lion, panther and cougar.. these are the names that the Puma is also known for. With the recent sighting of the ‘black panther’, it is but appropriate to review how a panther or a puma (in this case) can be used for brands who are still looking for the perfect business logo.

The Puma is commonly associated as being a guardian, thus making them a great brand representation for startups, small business and communities. They are also great sports and eSports logos for gaming teams and clans as Pumas are known as being ‘ambush predators’ among its other fierce characteristics.

Among the most popular brand to have use the puma logo is the German multinational company also named as Puma. Theirs is the black silhouette of a puma in action. In sports, the NHL team Florida Panthers and NFL team Carolina Panthers boast of their panther logo too.

To give you more visual samples on how and where to use the puma logo, we have this amazing and cool collection of puma logos for you! Check them out!

Logo Designs for Institutions and Communities

Logo designs for institutions or communities reflect the objective of the institution. For example, the puma logo for an engineering school, recreates the animal as some sort of machine. The colours in these designs are rich and bold.

Polygon Logo Design by Digital Waltz

Red Logo Design by Andylicious

Logo Ideas for Sports Apparel and Athletes

Following the common theme in sports logos, puma designs are menacing in appearance. Most puma images are fierce and showing the mammal in various agressive poses. The colours used are also intense and dark.

Blue Logo Design by Jpnunez

Horn Logo Design by Lunatic Agency

Logo Design Ideas for Corporate

Corporate puma logos are quite minimalistic. Most logos you’ll see would be of puma crests. Some make creative use of negative space. The colours are light and not too vibrant.

Logo Ideas for Fashion Brands

Puma logo designs in fashion are rather complex, often making use of negative space. There are other designs that are minimalistic yet classy. These designs use light colours.

Misty Logo Design by Eclipse42

Black Logo Design by Robert Edvin Musca

Logo Designs for Gaming and Sports

Similar to the sports logo, gaming logo designs with puma are fierce and intimidating. They also make use of intense and dark colours, and are accompanied with bold texts emblazoned in rich colours.

Hope we have given you enough design inspiration to incorporate the puma logo to your designs!

Do You Need a Puma Logo for your Business?

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