40 Famous Arabic Logos

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From abstract design to calligraphy, famous Arabic logos provide fresh inspiration. This type of logo is widespread for companies in the food industry, banking, mining, and logistics, among many others.

A lot of designers and lettering artists look up to the stylish and fine handwriting of the culture. There’s a lot of design styles and tricks that you can pick just by looking at Middle Eastern insignias. You can even take inspiration from it for your business logo.  

To give you a quick overview of Arabic logo design ideas, let’s take a look at 40 of the most famous logos from the Middle East.

Popular Arabic logos


Saudi Basic Industries Corporation is one of the most popular companies today. The brand is involved in agri-nutrients, petrochemicals, metals, and specialties. To represent its range, the brand keeps a straightforward text logo in the Arabic alphabet. 


The color blue is commonly used by a lot of finance companies. It communicates professionalism and innovation. 

The Qatar National Bank is no different. Its bold blue logo stands out with the help of gradient colors. The blending colors provide visual depth and make the design more attention-grabbing. Like QNB, you can start using logo design trends like gradients to give your business a modern appearance. 

First Abu Dhabi Bank

Also known as FAB, the bank uses Arabic and English translations for its brand mark. Additionally, the lettermark includes the Awwal symbol to represent growth. 

FAB said in a statement that the branding of the company represents their desire to help customers blossom towards their goals. Overall, the design complements the company’s mission and motto to “Grow Stronger.”

National Commercial Bank

NCB is also referred to as AlAhli Bank. The Saudi Arabian Bank has a sleek wordmark designed with a light font, which gives it an elegant look. Its logo has an elegant green icon that goes with the brand’s identity. 

Saudi Electricity Company

Formed in 2000, the SEC has been recognized by publications like Forbes for its success. The energy company uses primary colors to create a vibrant design. Its logo pairs the wordmark with a circular shape. Circles represent harmony and cycles, which are two traits that fit the brand perfectly. 

Union of Arab Football Associations

Crest logos are hugely popular for football brands. This private independent organization takes this traditional design without looking outdated. The heraldic design of this Arab logo looks updated due to the line art and modern font. 

Al Rajhi Bank

The bank specializes in technical matters such as personal and banking investment solutions. It has a vibrant blue logo to represent its identity. Al Rajhi Bank combines illustrations and text to make a balanced logo design. 


Etisalat has a bold logo. The brand name is paired with a dramatic pin shape that helps draw the eyes of audiences. Interestingly, human eyes are naturally drawn to curved figures as opposed to edged shapes. This telecommunications company uses that fact to its advantage with this logo. 

Emirates NBD

The sans serif wordmark makes the brand logo easy to read. For color, the bank company incorporated the right amount of color to create an effective design. A design with too many colors may result in an oversaturated look that does not look appealing. 

Saudi Telecom

STC keeps its logo design playful and friendly. It does that by making use of a sans serif typography in lowercase letters. Today, that’s a standard design used by big companies like Amazon, Facebook, and more to avoid looking old-fashioned.

Zahr El Laymoun

Emaar Properties

Qatar Airways

Emirates Palace

DP World

Riyad Bank

Mall of the Emirates

Al Hallab


Saudi British Bank

Banque Saudi Fransi

Arab National Bank

Arab Bank


Qatar Islamic Bank

Banque Centrale Populaire

Petro Rabigh



Saudi Arabian Mining

Bank Audi

MBI International

Women for Women International

UAE Space Agency

Emirates Red Crescent Society

Burjeel Art Foundation

Olayan Financing Company

Savola Group

DAMAC Properties

Masraf Al Rayan


Arabic design is complex and capable of portraying culture. It’s a strong reason why they’re well-loved by businesses, including established brands you’ve seen above. 

If you plan on getting a logo for your business, you can use design concepts that feature Mehndi or henna logo design, Arabic calligraphy logos, fonts, and more. 

The different graphic elements allow you to broaden your reach and start connecting with Middle Eastern brands and consumers. 

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