51 Fresh Grocery Logo Ideas To Add To Your Design Cart

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Are you planning to open a grocery store? Or maybe you are thinking of rebranding? Whatever it is, our article today is made for you! We have scoured the web and compiled a huge list of fresh and creative grocery logo ideas that you can use. 

These logos come in different styles – whether you’re selling fruits, vegetables, meat, pantry staples, or specialty cuisine items, you’ll surely find a design that will suit your business. So scroll down, browse our samples, and then head on to our beginner-friendly logo maker tool to create your logo. 

Let’s get started! 

Tips For Creating Grocery Logos

Knowing the elements that make a well-designed logo is key to designing an effective one. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind: 

Identify your grocery’s niche

Having a unique “identity” or specialty for your grocery store will make it easier for your target customers to remember you. It will also give you an edge over your competitors.

Let’s take a look at popular stores in the United States. Whole Foods focuses on selling natural and organic produce. Trader Joe’s is known for selling unique and specialty items that you won’t see in other stores. While Costco is popular for its bulk items and extremely low prices. 

Even small or local stores have a specialty. Some may cater to Asian grocery items, wheat and grain products, or farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Once you pin down your store’s niche, you can use that as a guide for the style and art direction of your logo design. 

Use suitable colors and typography

Following the point above, you can use colors and typography to further express your grocery’s identity. 

For example, if your store focuses on selling organic produce, try using the color green and add leaves as a main design element. 

Are you a warehouse-style store that sells bulk items? A clean logo with minimal elements can relay that sense of efficiency and simplicity. 

Do you sell specialty items and luxury goods? A calligraphy logo in black and white is the best option to give off that chic and exclusive feel. 

What if your grocery store doesn’t have any specific niche? Maybe you just sell common items. You can still harness the power of color psychology. Red logos are attention-grabbing, blue logos are seen as trustworthy and secure, while orange logos are seen as cheerful and vibrant. 

Use relevant icons or symbols

Using icons that are commonly associated with a grocery store is another great option for your logo. These can be a shopping cart, cash register, fruits, and so on. If you offer delivery for your customers, you can also use a motorcycle or a truck in your logo. 

Grocery Logo Design Examples

Let’s now take a look at our roundup of logo ideas. We categorized them into three groups below:

Shopping Cart Logos

When you think of groceries, you probably think of a huge shopping cart. Or perhaps a shopping basket. 

Utilize this popular association and use icons of a shopping cart or basket for your grocery logo design. Then add some details to make it pop even more. Adding dash lines to the cart can symbolize speed and efficiency, while a full cart can signal that you have a huge variety of food in your store. 

See our examples here:

Home Grocery Logo by md azad

g + grocery cart by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Logo for grocery delivery by Andrei Yurchyk

Ezeelo Logo Design by Arpit Dawar ⚡️

Shopping Cart logo – U+D letter logo by Sunny Ahmed

Colorful, Green Grocery Store Logo Design by JL 2

Upmarket, Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Design by Alexandra

Grocery Store Logo Design by ~idiaz~

Playful, Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Design by graphicssquare

Modern, Dairy Logo Design by Gigih Rudya

Modern, Simple Supermarket Logo Design by step forward 2

Grocery Mall Cart by brandcrowd

Food Grocery Cart by brandcrowd

Fast Grocery Cart by  brandcrowd

Juice Grocery Cart by brandcrowd

Shopping Cart Grocery by brandcrowd

Grocery Bag Logos

Alternatively, you can use a brown bag, plastic bag, or shopping bag in your logo design. A brown bag in particular is great if you are an eco-friendly store or if you sell organic food.  

View our collection here: 

Ecommerce logo with cart 4 by Rahul Varma

Grocery Bag by Darius Dan

Make Heaven Crowded Graphic by Alex Pesak

Bunny In Grocery Bag by Javon Greaves for CLARUS

Grocery bag by Sunayana Dash

Retailers Icon by Javon Greaves for CLARUS

Serious, Small Grocery Logo Design by Bee Bee

Serious, Small Grocery Logo Design by rls

Serious, Small Grocery Logo Design by D_Mantra

Modern, Company Logo Design by soulpro03

Bold, Industry Industry Logo Design by nandkumar

Grocery Apple Shopping Bag by brandcrowd

Grocery Online Shopping by brandcrowd

Organic Supermarket Grocery by brandcrowd

Grocery Supermarket Bag by brandcrowd

Golden Online Grocery by brandcrowd

Produce Logos

You can also use the type of food you sell as your logo’s main visual focus. If you primarily sell fruits, why not use a fruit logo? Or if you sell farm-fresh vegetables, why not make those your logo’s main element? Or you can go subtle and just add leaves to your wordmark logo (similar to the popular US grocery store Whole Foods logo). The possibilities are endless!

Scroll to see some fresh ideas below: 

Grocery Logo by Jahid Hasan

Hudson Farmer’s Market Logo by Monira Akter

Asian Grocery E-Commerce Business Logo by Mozammal Hossain

Green box logo by Snekha

Central Market Super Citrus by Cristina Moore

Anavrin by Dany Sued

Full Logo Design by MICHAEL S.B

Traditional, Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Design by Gree™

Traditional, Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Design by FRESTI

Full Logo Design by Sesecu

Playful, Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Design by Soula Vetter

Modern, Fruit Logo Design by Ng V Duc

Grocery Store Logo Design by Abhishek Mukherjee

Elegant, Sustainability Sustainability Logo Design by logomaniac

Vegetables Fruit Grocery by brandcrowd

Bread Fruit Grocery by brandcrowd

Fresh Grocery Fruit by brandcrowd

Fruit Grocery Cart by brandcrowd

Food Milk Groceries by brandcrowd

Design Your Grocery Logo Today!

From conveying your brand identity to influencing consumer behavior, grocery logos serve as a powerful tool. We hope the article above has helped you in your design process. 

Of course, branding your grocery store won’t end with just your logo. A stunning poster, an informative Facebook Post, or a mouthwatering Instagram Ad might just be what you need to promote your store and start a buzz around your grocery. All of these and other marketing templates are available on the BrandCrowd site. Check it out today! 

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