40 Rainbow Logos to Show Your Pride

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It’s June, so you know what that means. It’s pride month! This month is when LGBTQ community members and allies celebrate to liberate individuals from oppression and prejudice. That’s why we gathered up some of the best rainbow logos to help you symbolize your pride and let your audience know that you stand with the community. 

A logo design is an effective tool to help you communicate with your target audience. This will help ignite connections as well as awareness about your goods or services. It is another way for you to spread the word about your advocacy.

Having a rainbow-inspired design lets you reference the pride flag created in 1978 by artist Gilbert Baker. It has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the community. 

The logos below feature multicolor logos and pride logos to provide you the inspiration you need. Here is an overview of the brand marks waiting for you below.

Circle logos

Round shapes represent unity. It’s an important figure that you can use to express togetherness and solidarity. That’s why it’s a popular design when looking for colorful logo designs. 

You can use this friendly-looking design to flock more people towards your brand. A multicolor circle logo is a perfect vessel for you to add illustrations of your product or mascot and give them visual emphasis. However, you need to ensure that any element you put into this design is simple and won’t stand as visual clutter. 

Browse more rounded logo ideas below.

All Good by Brendan Wray

Dojo Rainbow Logo Concept by haleigh hoff

Hawaiian Rainbow Ice by step forward 2

Lego Rainbow Puke Coaster by Zivile Zickute

Little Rainbows Day Nursery by pachilakili

OUTMemphis Rebrand by Katie Cooper

USA #LoveWins by Michael Spitz

Rainbowland Logo by Federico Mariani

Rainbow Mountain Adventure Logo Design by Baun Studios

Traditional, Winter Accommodation Logo Design by ThiagoB

Pro tip: Add space

Negative space is a crucial part of any design. Without it, your logo may be hard to read and oversaturated with clutter. Make sure to give ample space for every element to achieve a balanced brand mark. Space also helps you work on the visual hierarchy as well.

Creative logos

When developing an advocacy logo and rainbow logo for pride month, it is essential to make sure that you are relaying your message while being inventive at the same time. A creative design concept helps you do this. 

Come up with a one-of-a-kind colorful brand mark by trying different art styles. For example, you could try applying a watercolor concept or abstract logo design to make it unique. Art styles give you the power to express yourself in an exciting way. 

Get more brand inspiration in this section.

Bold, Electrical Logo Design by ergo™

Business Logo Design by MIM design

Colorful Neon Rainbow by JimjemR

Glossary Hair by Moumita_

Lucky Rainbow by SimplePixelSL

Paint Shield by Matt McDonald

Rainbow & Star by shad

Rainbow Bird by angsabiru

Rainbow Box Heart by eightyLOGOS

Rainbow Cake by shen02

Rainbow Flag Heart by JimjemR

Rainbow Ridge Ranch by BM Create

rainbow t dessert logo by Yanning

Reading Rainbow logo concept by Jonathan Levy

Rise & Shine Coffee – Warmup #8 by Henrique Athayde

Smalltown Smiles Icon by Brittany Swain

SuperUnicorn by maramgfx

Unicorn logo by Vadim Carazan

Pro tip: Keep it simple

Don’t get carried away with decorative elements. You want to add details to your logo sparingly to keep it from looking cluttered and incoherent. Aim for a straightforward design without too many intricate features that may take away its adaptability.

Typography logos

Text-based logos give companies a direct way to present themselves to the market with minimal frills and fuss. It helps lessen heavy details and distracting elements, making the audience focus more on your brand name.  

Brands can pick between making a wordmark or a lettermark logo. Wordmark designs feature the entirety of a company name, while the lettermark depicts only the initials. Designers recommend wordmarks for small businesses. However, you can make a combination mark, too. 

Check out more typographic logos here.

2020 retro dark by Rahal Nejraoui

BProud by Ryan Filipski

Happy Pride Month! by Filippo Chiumiento

OUTSAILINN. com by Gigih Rudya

Pride Crumbs by Ty Fortune

Rainbow Organics by Professor P

Rainbow Sign & Banner by AlisoyArt Studio

Ryuby by Liyana

Shaka Ice by Wahyu Punta Rajamanggala

Stay Proud by Patrick Henderson

Vivid Realty by Logocraft

🖤❤️L🧡O💛V💚E💙💜 by Neil Rook

Pro tip: Prepare a mood board

Make your design process more effective by making a mood board. It helps you organize your inspiration and visualize your brand identity further. You can fill this board with color schemes and ideas for your brand identity and use it to stay on track with your concept. 


Join the movement with a rainbow logo. Applying this to your brand identity is a great way for you to strike the first impression as it will show your advocacy and artistic side at the same time. 

This list has shown different paths that you can take to make a fabulous rainbow logo no matter what industry you are in. Use the designs above for inspiration as you develop a brand identity for your company. 

Learn how you can find the logo for your organization.

Start a logo design contest with DesignCrowd. The crowdsourcing platform connects you with a community of freelance graphic designers to join your contest. Prepare to receive up to 50 original design bids for your project and pick the winning design out of the selection. The website is also great for other graphic design needs like business cards and t-shirt designs

The BrandCrowd rainbow logo maker is an option for brands that are looking to DIY. The tool has one of the biggest design libraries found online that you can personalize. Browse different designs from flag logos to community logos. In minutes, you can change design elements like colors and font to create the perfect brand mark. Try it right here. 

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