48 Classic Logos For A Classic Branding

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What makes a classic logo classic? Do its features resemble those of other famous designs? It could be traditional shapes like triangles or circles. Or it’s a well-established color combination. Turns out, it’s a yes to all of them. This is one of the reasons why even AI logo generators love giving classic designs as their samples. 

Classic logos are called classic because they are similar to famous logo designs of the past decade. Think of IBM, the Olympics, and Twitter. Their icons, color, and shapes have solidified their presence and set a trend for other enterprises. 

Of course, classic logos are not just these three. Other giants like Google, Microsoft, Channel, and Mercedes are classic designs, too. You’ve probably already figured out what makes a classic logo design so sought after. 

The singular icon and its unique interpretation, added with a simple font or color combination, make it stand out. 

Why Choose Classic Logos?

In branding, classic logos are best for inspiration. Because they’re legacies of successful companies, it’s an excellent image to copy or improve from. 

This is especially true for smaller companies or if you have difficulty developing concepts. Of course, plagiarism is still not the answer. But here’s why you can use classic logos as a guide to your style:

1. Timelessness

Classic logos echo the tales of brands that have left an indelible mark. For instance, Coca-Cola’s script logo, unchanged since the late 19th century, is a testament to the power of consistency. 

A study by the marketing firm Lucidpress indicated that consistent branding, like using a timeless logo, can increase revenue by up to 23%. These logos defy the ever-changing tides of design trends, offering a consistent and familiar face that resonates with young and old audiences.

2. Distinct Yet Simple

The magic of classic logos lies in their ability to be both unique and straightforward. Apple’s bitten fruit logo or Nike’s swoosh embody this principle. 

Their designs are simple yet unmistakable representations of their respective brands. According to a study by Siegel+Gale, simplicity in branding leads to greater brand loyalty and higher purchase intent. 

These brands ensure they’re instantly recognizable and memorable by merging their iconic symbols with just the right font or color combination.

3. Versatility

Classic logos are simple logos because they ensure they shine across various platforms. McDonald’s golden arches, for instance, are equally impactful on a massive highway billboard as they are on a mobile app icon. 

A report from Interbrand, a leading brand consultancy, highlights the importance of adaptability in branding, emphasizing that the best brands can seamlessly integrate across touchpoints. 

Classic logos, with their versatile designs, fit this bill perfectly. Whether gracing a sprawling billboard, an animated digital ad, or subtly sitting atop a letterhead, they remain impactful and iconic.

Classic Logos to Try

The intricate landscape of classic logos offers businesses a rich palette of design choices. Each category, unique attributes, and classic undertones, beckons brands to craft timeless tales that resonate across generations.

1. Monogram Logos

Monogram logos are the epitome of classic design due to their time-honored approach of using initials to craft a brand’s identity. 

They exude a sense of sophistication and exclusivity, often seen in legacy brands like Louis Vuitton, with its iconic “LV” or Gucci’s “GG.” The reason they’re classic lies in their ability to offer immediate recognition while evoking feelings of luxury, trust, and stability. 

Their frequent use of traditional shapes like ovals or circles and muted color tones like gold, black, or white reinforces their ageless appeal. Compact and versatile, they’ve graced everything from royal seals to modern luxury merchandise, making them an enduring choice in branding.

PD Monogram Logo galihmrD

SD Monogram Logo galihmrD

Monogram Logo by Fahad Hosen 1

Monogram Logo by Fahad Hosen 2

THC Monogram Logo by Scott Wilson

S – Letter Logo – modern, minimalist, creative, logo, branding by Aditya Chhatrala

ER Monogram Logomark by Sara da Silva

N mark by Bojan Oreskovic

Modern Letter VB Monogram by ions

Round Letter BR Monogram by realdreams

Elegant Letter TF Monogram by chavalenzuela

Law Monogram Letter OI by Alexxx

Automotive Letter FP Monogram by realdreams

Professional Monogram Letter AD by Kero

Generic Monogram Letter HD by podvoodoo13

Technology Letter CD Monogram by azus

Abstract Monogram TX by Alexxx

Gray Monogram Letter DQ by FishDesigns61025

2. Icon Logos

Icon logos are classics because they distill a brand’s essence into a potent symbol. The universality and simplicity of designs like Apple’s bitten apple or Nike’s swoosh make them instantly recognizable, ensuring they remain relevant across time. 

These logos stir deep-rooted emotions and are often associated with brands that have set industry standards. Their frequent use of foundational geometric shapes and bold or monochromatic colors ensures they remain fresh and impactful over decades. 

Their adaptability to various sizes without losing essence makes them a staple in the annals of classic branding.

Brinkman Real Estate by Zeljko Ivanovic

Oxena E-bike Brand logo by Lisa Jacobs

Planet Fruit Cartoon Mascot Logo Design by Victory

Snawi Logo by Farjana Islam Jerin

S Letter Logo Design For Branding by S Letter Logo Design For Branding

Minimal Shoe logo by Aar Raeidul Ahsan

Onigora by Omega-Pixel

Burger zone logo design, Burger + Letter Z by Md Humayun Kabir

financial, real estate logo byTouhid | Logo Designer

Agriculture brand logo by  Jowel Ahmed

Heart Dating App Icon by ions

Rainbow Video Play Icon by town

Beer Glass Icon by CreativePixels

Mail App Icon by marcololstudio

Viking Helmet Horn Burger Buns by LogoBrainstorm

Modern Retro Boy by yhinna

Rocket Launch Search by SimplePixelSL

Avocado Nutrition App by CreativePixels

Seaside Lighthouse Beacon by neostudio

Blue Abstract Wing by azus

Man Hairstyle Barbershop by ernestjdx

3. Emblem Logos

Emblem logos echo the classic tales of heraldry and tradition. Their intricate blend of text and symbols, often encased in crests or shields, anchors them in a sense of history and legacy. 

Brands like Starbucks, with its iconic mermaid emblem or Harley-Davidson, have leveraged this style to convey depth and authenticity. The classic nature of emblem logos stems from their ability to encapsulate a brand’s story in a comprehensive design. 

The rich colors often associated with them, like deep blues or regal golds, further enhance their timeless nature. While they may be detailed, their ability to convey a brand’s legacy in one cohesive design makes them a classic choice for businesses that cherish their heritage.

Stillwell Collective by Coric Design

Sinclair Trails by Gert van Duinen

S mark by JOSE

Emblem Logo Yeasser Arafat

NTC by Levi Lowell

Agro Logo by SKULL KING

Lark Tattoo by Daniel / Kreatank

Final Version by Szende Brassai

Sheikh Zayed Logo by Shyam B

Design Your Logo

Classic logos have proven their worth over time. They’re simple, memorable, and versatile. Whether it’s the elegance of monogram logos, the straightforward symbol of icon logos, or the rich storytelling of emblem logos, each style offers a unique way to present your brand.

When you choose a classic logo, you choose a design that will last. It’s about picking a style that people recognize and trust. It’s not just about looks; it’s about creating an identity that will stick in people’s minds.

BrandCrowd is a great place to start if you’re considering designing your classic logo. Beyond logos, it’s also a handy tool for creating flyers, LinkedIn banners, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, YouTube banners, and letterheads.

Try it and see how a classic logo can elevate your brand.

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