61 Black Logo Design Ideas

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Black have long been celebrated for their ability to convey sophistication, power, and a timeless sense of style. If you’re a business owner looking to stand out from the competition and turn curious shoppers into loyal customers, black logos might be your ticket to success!

Join us as we discover when to use black in your logo design and some black logo examples, including famous black logos.

Let’s get started!

When To Use Black in Your Logo Design

Black is a versatile and powerful color choice for logo design, but it’s essential to understand when it’s the right fit for your brand. 

Here are situations when you should consider using black:

1. Elegance and Luxury: Black exudes sophistication and luxury. If your brand aims to convey exclusivity and high-end products or services, black can help achieve that premium logo look.

2. Timelessness: Black is timeless and doesn’t go out of style. It’s an excellent choice for brands looking to establish a long-lasting brand identity that remains relevant for years.

3. Contrast: Black creates strong contrast when paired with other colors. This makes it suitable for logos where legibility and visibility are crucial, especially in digital and print media.

4. Minimalism: If your brand aligns with minimalism and simplicity, black can be a dominant color choice. It allows for clean, uncluttered designs that focus on essential elements.

5. Emotional Impact: Black can evoke power, elegance, and authority. Brands in industries like fashion, technology, and automotive often use black to create a commanding presence.

Black Logo Design Examples

In this section, we present a stunning array of logos that harness the elegance and versatility of black. Discover how this classic color choice can make a powerful statement and inspire your logo design journey.

Wordmark Black Logos

Uncover the artistry of wordmark black logos, where the beauty lies in the typography. Discover how these logos use fonts and letterforms to convey brand identity and make a bold, stylish statement.

Get started with your black wordmark logo here:

Nurt Branding by Maria Doncheva

Blac logo by Sarwar_shafi

El Patron Barbers Logo by Kevin Campita Creative Druid Founder

Vela blanca candles logo by Patrycja Surmela

movie review mobile app logo by RASOUL LOGOS

Lori Noga Logo by Raqibul Amin

FAshion Logo by Nisha

DriveShop by Vanessa Henderson

Bold, Simple Logo Design by DesignDUO

Modern, Black Clothing Logo Design by sushsharma99

Elegant, Black Logo Design by MOH Studio

Meat Logo Design by GBDESIGN

Black Logo Design by tavi

Modern, Black Tech Logo Design by FLoc! Studio

Playful, Cool It Company Logo Design by Tom_Watson

Bold, Black Entertainment Industry Logo Design by Roctive

Elegant, Black Fashion Logo Design by ninisdesign

Bold, Black Pet Logo Design by Buck Thylacine

Black Shape Logos

Dive into the world of black shape logos, where minimalism meets creativity. Explore how these logos use bold black shapes to convey messages, tell stories, and captivate audiences through simplicity and symbolism.

Check out our customizable templates for black shape logo below:

Black Story – logo with pattern by White Site

1939 / Logo concept by 🍀 Nazariy Dudnik

Minimal isotype simple logo design by rashed.branding

Minimalist logo by Shan Khany

M Shadow Logo by Amine Kaddari

EatUp by MAVI Magdalena Witczak

The Movie Group Logo Design by Logo Preneur

Serious, Unique Business Logo Design by J1238

Modern, Black Environment Logo Design by alpino

Hidden Movie Logo Design by Catalogo

Elegant, Black Logo Design by Mario

Elegant, Black Logo Design by zatsukiki

Elegant, Black Logo Design by Skwagor

Brown Brick Wall by royallogo

Eye Security Company by alozar

Hexagon Star Badge by DanikBrt

Digital Prism Shapes by JimjemR

Blue Abstract Shapes by ions

Financial Business Shape by royallogo

Modern Leaf Signal by royallogo

Abstract Violet Shapes by azus

Black & White Logos

Experience the power of simplicity in black-and-white logos. Explore the timeless elegance of monochrome design and how it can communicate brand values and aesthetics with clarity and sophistication.

Browse through the black-and-white logos below:

Raven King Logo by Shaheen Ahmed

Logo design for – Easy Door by Akash Ahmed

Real Estate Abstract Logo Design Concept by Kamrul Hasan

Tabak Boss by Taymoor Ilyas

V S International – Logo Design by Wings Tech

Bold, Black Automotive Logo Design by Bud Pencil

Personable, Food Fast Food Chain Logo Design by jassi_graphics

Modern, Black Restaurant Logo Design by LaVitaBella67

Elegant, Simple Logo Design by Knockout

Modern, Black Clothing Logo Design by MOH Studio

Serious, Black Real Estate Logo Design by Neil

Elegant, Eagle Logo Design by FAIBRA

Bold, Simple Logo Design by nivleik

Playful, Animal Logo Design by Anggerism

Geometric 3D Hexagon by Alexxx

Stained Glass Eye by Alexxx

Shapes Preschool Education by town

Abstract Business Firm Hexagon by Alexxx

Square Circle Shape by SimplePixelSL

Bird App Letter B by ions

Golden Greek Deity Medallion by town

Boxing Athlete Portrait by town

Design Your Black Logo Today!

As we’ve explored various styles and examples, it’s clear that black can elevate your brand’s identity, leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Whether you opt for famous black logos, minimalist shapes, wordmarks, or the elegance of black and white, the key lies in thoughtful execution and alignment with your brand’s values.

Seize the opportunity to design your black logo today. We’ve got you covered if you need other design templates to advertise your logo and brand – from templates for Instagram stories, Twitter headers, Email Signatures, and many more!

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