50 Landscape Logos That Will Wow Your Clients

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Turning a yard into an eye-catching focal point in your home requires a lot of work and a strong vision. This is why it is a billion-dollar industry. 

It may seem challenging to root your brand as a reputable one in the market. But you can make your brand’s brand identity stand out in this competitive market with a professional landscape logo. 

A good logo allows you to attract your target audience and make your business a recognizable name in your industry. This plays a significant role in shaping the way the consumers see your brand.

That’s why we created a collection of outdoor logo designs that will inspire you to create an identity for your lawn care and landscaping company. Find fresh inspiration from the diverse designs below.

Modern landscape logos

An updated brand identity serves as a signal to your audience that you stay updated with the changes in the industry. Plus, it shows them that your company isn’t stuck with the past. Think of it as an instant way for you to let people know that you can keep up with the changing times.

Modern logos also make you appear like you put in an extra effort to present yourself in a relevant way. 

You can achieve this look by incorporating contemporary design trends. For color, you can use muted color palettes that have low saturation and are easier on the viewers’ eyes. Bold fonts are also making a comeback as it provides easy to read typography to any brand mark.

Find more inspiration below.

Acacia Landscaping by ecorokerz

A to Z Gardens by aj

Campkins Landscaping Logo options by Mujtaba Jaffari

Flower Landscape by DanikBrt

Green Botanical Garden by ions

Green Minimalist Landscape by SimplePixelSL

Landscape sunrise by K Belayadi

Planted Url Badge by Jay Master

Hurley Services LLC by Navd

T.H. Builders by nano@creative

The Cheshire Gardening Company Ltd by Designpool

The Landscape Store by Sushma

Solid Ground Landscaping by Brendan Broadhead

Sunrise Landscape Shield by novita007

Pro tip: Aim for a timeless design

Logo design trends allow you to identify which designs are considered updated. However, you don’t want to create a logo loaded with trends because these design movements come and go, and you want to create a design that will stay timeless for a long time.

Unique landscape logos

Run-of-the-mill designs rarely catch the attention of clients. That’s why it helps to have a logo design with a unique concept.

For landscape companies, you can opt to have a mascot logo that allows you to personify your brand and use it as the focal point of your design. You could try using characters of a tree or a gardener as the spokesperson of your brand. However, you can try other art styles such as geometric and pop art designs for a distinct image.

One of the most important steps you can take when creating a one-of-a-kind design is to research your competitors. This helps you ensure that your design does not look similar to other brands. Doing this lets you avoid confusing your audience in the future.

Blooming Garden Flowers by FishDesigns61025

Converting Lawns by Andrew Wiseman

Creative Edge Lawn & Landscape by designertech

Flower Garden Emblem by Mypen

GrassChopper Landscaping by Adnil000

Holmes Lawn Care logo by Eric Hinkley

Innovative New Landscaping Company Logo Design by bigi

Land Rescue Landscape by Rawrandrawr

Landscape Logo Design – Landscaping by Md Saide Hasan

Landscape Mark by Ryan Williams

Landscaping Professionals by ecorokerz

Lawn Care logo – lawn and landscape logo by Designer Farsi

Minimalist Landscape Tree by novita007

Modern, Landscaping Landscaping Logo Design by Irina Makedonska

Nature Garden Farm by ions

NuVision Landscape Management by CreativeSuiteCS5

PARADISE by RhythmGraphics

Riverside Landscape Services by Nomad Designs

Serious, Business Landscape Logo Design by tejo

Sunshine Harvest Farm by brandcrowd

Tree Nature Landscape by eyed

Pro tip: Pick the right font

Fonts say a lot about your brand. You want to make sure you source the right one that will best represent your identity. Serif fonts are best for brands with a serious personality, while sans serif fonts are best suited for laidback brands. 

However, you may also choose to combine the two for a high contrast design.

Cool landscape logos

When you think of cool logos, you probably think of Apple with its flat logo design featuring a bitten fruit. You can create a distinctive identity for your brand as well. Achieve this by introducing creative concepts to your logo allows it to become appealing to the consumers. 

Colors like green and yellow are nature-inspired elements that will allow you to turn different concepts into a design for your lawn logo.

It also helps to make sure that your logo is functional. As important as it is to add striking ornaments, you want to make sure the design is balanced and versatile enough to be applied on brand collaterals such as business cards and letterhead design.

Find more cool logo ideas in this section.

Andre Landscape Logo by Arthur Avakyan for tubik

Crew Lawn & Landscaping by Nate Perry

Delcavo Landscaping Company by alok bhopatkar

DON Landscaping by Lola Oliveira

Finest Lawn Care by Brandon Harrison

Creative Edge Lawn & Landscape by sonym

Grass Monkey Landscaping by ThiagoB

Navarro Landscaping by Damian Orellana

Out of this World Landscaping Logo by Lisa Cartrette

The Lawn Man by Liyana

Top Cut Turf by Kris Atha

Topline Hedges by Seo07man

Turnkey Property Solutions LLC by Classgraphics11

vision landscaping by troll

Pro tip: Ask for feedback

Spot the weaknesses of your design by asking people what they think of your design. This helps you see what aspects of your design can be improved further and revise them before introducing your company to the public.


The range of professional landscape brand marks you’ve seen above demonstrates how a brand’s visual identity can take on creative forms that are memorable. You should never settle for less than impressive when it comes to your business.

Start a logo design contest on DesignCrowd to get a show-stopping design for your landscape company. The crowdsourcing website gives you the chance to get up to 50 design submissions and choose the best one as your brand mark. You can also start contests for web design and flyer design, among others.

The BrandCrowd logo maker is an alternative that allows users to generate a landscape logo in minutes. It has a library of designs for gardening logos that you can customize. Make the design yours by applying your brand colors, fonts, and more. Try it today.

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