62 Craft Logos Perfect for Artisanal Brands

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There is never a wrong time to take pride in your craft projects and creativity. You can start your own portfolio or even sell them online.

To help you build a bulletproof brand, we created a list of craft logos for you.

Join the crafting industry by starting your own store for artisanal soap, knitting, handmade jewelry, woodwork, papercraft, and more. However, you can increase your odds of succeeding with the help of a compelling brand identity. 

Make sure you start developing your business by putting a strong focus on your logo. This will help you get more attention and build meaningful connections with your patrons. 

This design roundup will feature the following designs to help you create an awe-inspiring face for your venture:

Text logos

Contrary to popular belief, logos don’t always have to be full of illustrations and shapes. Text logos make for straightforward tools for branding as they put your company name as the focal point of your design.

Selecting the fitting font is a powerful avenue for self-expression and creating an effective design. 

For example, serif fonts are glyphs with the tail element at the end of a stroke. This creates symmetrical lettering that is great for print. Generally, it makes a brand appear more old-fashioned and elegant. 

San serif fonts, on the other hand, are fonts that do not have the tailed element. It’s great for modern brands and recommended for digital use. 

Artisan by imagecooker

Boundary Craft Logo Concept 1 by Rerdsystems

Canada Logo Design by L.G

Carbon Craft by FireFoxDesign

Craft House interiors by  GLDesigns

Craft & Kitchen Logo Lockup Ideas by Jim Viola

Craft Nurseries Canada by wonderland

Grain Craft by Cinha

Handmade With Love by square69

HomeCraft by BrandSeeder

House Of Craft Logo by Nevena Katalina

Laser Crafts by parshdelhi

Logo for an Artisan by Sonali

Louise Sandy by Designermilk

Minna Makes by cheezO

Rise Artisan Bakery by Yoopa

Tasmanian Craft Cellars by Buck Thylacine

The Artisan Florist by wonderland

The Craftsman by MartijnvdBroeck

Pro tip: Try lowercase letters

If you want to create a more modern logo, avoid proper capitalization by using only lowercase letters. Big brands like Amazon and Airbnb are some of the most iconic companies that do this. This trick is a simple yet effective way for you to get a modern logo. 

Illustration logos

The craft industry has multitudes of niches. That’s why illustrations come in handy for those who want visual communication tools that are as direct as drawings. 

Adding an illustration of goods or services you’re offering immediately informs bystanders. You can use this to draw clients or customers in fast. For example, if you’re a candle maker, depicting your product to your candle brand logo keeps audiences informed of what you have to offer. 

However, you want to source craft drawings that aren’t packed with intricate details. An overly complicated image may take your design’s adaptability, making it hard to apply to brand collaterals such as brochures and social media graphics.

Artisan by SimplePixelSL

Artisan Ox by creative.bugs

Artisan Steelworks by Jeah Razo

Cape Crafted Spirits by SEOanalyst

Copley Vintage Cheesemakers by rblace87

Craft Crate by Robby SC

Craftizen by SHYLESH

craft king by artca

Craft Tile by abcBOOSTER

Craft to Craft – Logo Illustration by Can Dağlı

Crafty Dessert by dalia

Design Craft by FireFoxDesign

Golden Popcorn Logo by ArtFactory2

Handmade Logo by Lia Cucuianu

Handmade logo by Mary Zabaikina

Koligami Paper Shop by RedDeerStudio

Lincoln St. – Artisan Crisps by DigitalOne

Logo for a craft supplies e-commerce by Yavor Lazarov

Moosehead Knox Portland by Maestral

Note Craft by KimBarsegyan

Origami Elephant by dalia

The Art of Craft by emptyboxgraphics

TM Craft Beers by Logo no 1

Vedic Craft | Logo Design by Arjun Mahajan

woolcraft by amir66

Pro tip: Start your design in black and white

It’s essential to see what your logo looks like in monochrome. This gives you an idea of how it’ll look like on single-colored print materials like shop window signs or invoices. Beginning your process with black and white lets you develop a design that doesn’t depend on color to make an impact. 

Shape logos

There’s a reason why there are a lot of big companies with a shape logo. These logos provide both form and function to any brand identity.

Depending on the figure you use, shapes affect the way your brand is perceived by consumers. It adds a layer of meaning to your logo, giving your audience a better idea of who you are as a brand. Circles signify harmony, squares communicate stability, stars represent fame, and more. 

Apart from shape psychology, this type of logo frames your design and makes it pop. The main advantage of doing this is that you can worry less about your brand mark being overshadowed when put on posters and other assets.

You can also use this to provide visual depth and create a creative brand mark. 

420 Craft by Ankit Bhattarai

Artisan Agency by ChicGraphicx

Artisan by WhiteHat101

Artisan Cabinetworks by Nina Bain

Artisan Fresh Produce Ltd by Kejo87

Artisans Provedore by Bittersweet

Canadian Artisan Tasting Fair 2012 by BF


CraftAndLab by Nebojsa Kondzulovic

Craft House interiors by GLDesigns

Craft Moto – Artisan Motorcycles by GEK (agentfortysix)

Craft Pizza by GLDesigns

Ethnic Crafts by Bulbfish

Grump Weed, Craft Cannabis by alexander.sanchenko

Old Arabica by GLDesigns

Newbury and Watson by Cloverleaf 

The Artisan Partnership by Creative Fox 3.1.0

Thompson Moore Craft Beers by GREATER DAN

Pro tip: Don’t forget about space

Design rookies tend to add too many elements and cause visual clutter. You want to keep in mind the negative space surrounding your logo as this gives it emphasis and more importance. Plus, leaving enough room for your logo to breathe makes it easier to understand. 


This industry has been seeing consistent growth, and it’s estimated to hit $402 billion in value by 2024. This impressive 11% CAGR is driven by artisans in North America alone. 

Having a great logo will help your business step it up and build credibility. Even though your business is small and you do not have access to millions dedicated to branding, there are a couple of ways that you can get something that’s just as good. 

Get a custom craft logo through design crowdsourcing. Platforms like DesignCrowd allow you to work with a massive community of designers. Launching your very own logo design contest can give you access to over 50 design submissions. Try it here.

But you can also take the DIY route and use the BrandCrowd craft logo maker. This is another way for you to take control of your identity and express yourself through font and color. Apart from customizing, you can also browse designs for art logos, Etsy logos, and more. Don’t miss out!

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