50 Must-Have Fly Logos for Elevated Branding

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If you want to tell people how amazing you are as a brand, you might do it using your logo design. Although small and simple, your logos can communicate many words simultaneously. This is your main image; hence, your choice of icon, font, and color are significant factors in how people perceive you. 

There are so many design styles to choose from. One thing we do here in BrandCrowd is focus on one image and expand it for you. In this blog, it’s cute and exploratory for you to try fly logos. Flying, wings, and many other relevant icons can come into place. Couple your chosen design with your business name, and your brand will be unstoppable. 

Enjoy browsing our long list of fly logos – you might see the color combination you have been eyeing for a long time, your font style is in the corner, or we can present our best wing icons. Either way, your inspiration is up here, and you will have your fly logos or any form of logo design in no time.  

Benefits of Fly Logos

Flying logos are perfect for all sorts of brands — whatever industry or niche. Why? Flying is a globally recognized and universally known activity, which means that images associated with it are culturally accepted everywhere. 

Not to mention that their hidden meaning is top tier. Firstly, it evokes a sense of freedom and limitless possibilities, resonating with brands championing innovation and exploration. Secondly, fly logos are often associated with speed and agility, making them perfect for businesses that value efficiency and rapid service. Lastly, they can symbolize transformation and growth, appealing to dynamic and constantly evolving companies.

Fly Logos to Incorporate in Your Branding

Here are some of the best fly logos to use in your business. You can download them free or at a cheap price on BrandCrowd. You can also edit their features to make them more uniquely yours. The logo will no longer be available once you buy them off the site. 

Insect Logos

Insect logos are a hidden gem in the world of branding, brimming with deep symbolism. Take the butterfly logo, for example; it perfectly matches brands in the fashion or wellness industries. It’s all about transformation and beauty, like how MSN employs the butterfly metaphor to embody these qualities. Then there’s the bee logo, a symbol of hard work and community spirit, which resonates brilliantly with businesses that prioritize collaboration and service.

The choice of font and color in insect logos adds another layer of personality. Whimsical and organic fonts give these logos a friendly and approachable feel, enhancing their natural charm. And the colors? They’re not just random choices. Vibrant purples and oranges in butterfly logos capture the essence of transformation and vitality. With their warm yellows and browns, Bee logos echo the insect’s natural hues and connection to the earth. Insect logos, with their rich symbolism and thoughtful design elements, offer a unique way for brands to express their identity and values.

insectBY  mariam pirtskhelani

Insect Compass Logo Concept BY Lachlan Kiernan

Dragonfly BY spoonlancer

Butterfly Logo BY Frankie Soo

Crystal Butterfly Logo Template BY Heavtryq

Beetle Logo BY Didin Rudini

Insect Logo Design – Logo Experiment BY Hmza – UI/UX Designer

Insect logo BY Ariful haque

Insect Logo BY Tomasz Ostrowski

Bee BY Dusan Sevarika

Natural Butterfly Insect by SimplePixelSL

Firefly Wings Insect BY by chole

Ant Bee Insect by shad

Butterfly Insect Mosaic  by eyed

Wasp Pest Insect by SimplePixelSL

Flying Dragonfly Insect by SimplePixelSL

Butterfly Insect Key by Amin007

Insect Butterfly Garden by royallogo

Moth Insect Sketch by Enso2

Cicada Insect Bug by novita007

Bird Logos

Bird logos uniquely grab our attention and speak to our higher aspirations and desire for freedom. They vary widely, from an eagle’s power and majesty to a dove’s calm serenity. Consider the American Eagle Outfitters logo – it’s not just a representation of a bird but a symbol of rugged individualism and the spirit of freedom. It perfectly embodies their brand identity. A bird logo can be a potent emblem if your brand values include leadership, hope, or peace.

Choosing the right style and color for your bird logo is crucial. Pairing it with the corrections – like a robust sans-serif or a bold block type – can elevate its impact. As for colors, they set the emotional tone. 

Deep blues and whites can convey trust and reliability, while soft greens and earthy tones suggest tranquility and a connection with nature. Your bird logo is more than just a design choice; it reflects your brand’s core values and message. What does your bird logo say about your brand?

Pelican BY Stevan Rodic

Bird Logo BY  Yoga Perdana

Seagull BY Nick Kumbari for Leavingstone

Free Bird BY Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Owl BY Dalibor Pajic

Bird Logo BY Landon Cooper

Bird Logo BY leo

bird BY Michał Pieczyński

Colorful bird logo BY Elshan Valijanov

Bird Logo BY Jacob Burghart

Flying Hawk Bird by Tuts

Flying Blue Bird by shen02

Flying Bird Animal by JimjemR

Pelican Flying Bird by Inovalius

Flying Falcon Bird by Tuts

Sun Flying Bird by town

Fast Flying Bird by SimplePixelSL

Blue Bird Flying by eyed

Green Bird Flying by shad

Albatross Bird Flying by SimplePixelSL

Wing Logos

Wing logos, characterized by their elegant lines and dynamic shapes, are synonymous with speed, freedom, and aspiration. Companies like Mercedes-Benz have effectively used the wing logo to symbolize their commitment to excellence and forward-thinking design. These logos can range from angelic and protective to sleek and modern, appealing to many businesses. 

They pair well with futuristic or streamlined fonts, emphasizing speed and innovation. Color choices for wing logos often include metallics like silver or gold, conveying a sense of sophistication and prestige, or stark black and white for a more minimalist and modern vibe.

Blue Winged Diamond by novita007

Violet Wings Head by MDS

Minimalist Eagle Wings by shen02

Eagle Feather Wings by ions

Blue & Red Wing Circle by SimplePixelSL

Elegant Flight Wings by BryC

Winged Evil Eye by DanikBrt

Enterprise Ring Wing by Riri

Modern Organization Wings by shen02

Red Heart Wings by town


Whether it’s the inspiring bird, the transformative insect, or the dynamic wing, each fly logo carries its unique symbolism and style, perfectly aligning with different brand visions. Remember, your logo is more than just a symbol; it’s the heart of your brand’s identity, speaking volumes to your audience.

To bring these ideas to life, BrandCrowd is your ideal partner. With an extensive selection of fly logos and easy-to-use customization tools, including our flyer maker and business card creator, BrandCrowd empowers you to craft a cohesive and impactful brand image. Embrace the opportunity to create a logo that resonates with your brand’s ethos and captivates your audience.

Ready to take your branding to new heights? Explore BrandCrowd and find the perfect logo to let your brand soar.

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