60 Coffee Logos for a Creative Pick-Me-Up

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Every day, approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed all over the world. According to Statista, Americans drink an average of two cups of coffee daily. This explains why the coffee industry continues to see consistent growth. 

A lot of brands are now joining this market. If you’re one of those aspiring brands, you shouldn’t miss the chance to get branding inspiration here. 

Having the perfect brand mark is one of the many ways you can invite consumers to try your products or services. It will serve as the face of your brand and beautify your product labels, shop signs, and all the other brand assets you can think of.  

We curated some of the best coffee logo designs that you can use for your brand identity. Take a quick overview of the designs you can expect to see in this roundup. 

Coffee bean logos

One of the most common indicators of coffee goods or services is the coffee bean. It is the seed of the Coffea plant that is ground up and brewed into your morning coffee cup. The oval shape of this seed makes for a great focal point. 

There are tons of ways that you can incorporate this illustration into your branding. Take a look at them below. 

Coffee and Beach by sflarifin

Coffee before beer by design new

Coffee Estate by CreativePixels

Coffee Heaven Logo 3 by Insigniada

coffee music by arishu

Higher Dimension Coffee by windu

Kupa Kahve by Sujit Banerjee 

Logo Black Coffee by  La Croustillerie

Organic Coffee Beans by dalia

Panda Hug by  sinau_nggambar

Pisgah Roasters by ivan

Premium Coffee Shop by MrZerro

Red Fir Coffee by Phillip 4

Coffee Shop Logo by Anthony Gribben 

Coffee Cat Logo Combination by Garagephic studio

This design by Garagephic studio gives the traditional coffee bean illustration a spin. It combines the bean silhouette with a cat drawing, symbolizing the brand Coffeecat. Like this logo, you can fuse two concepts together for your visual identity. 

Coffee cup logos

Whether it be paper or ceramic, coffee cups communicate warmth and mornings. Different brands use cup illustrations to stand as a signal to their audience. 

It’s a powerful signifier of what they offer, but it is also a design element that can be turned into something beautiful.

About Coffee Logo by Evgeny Lisin

American Coffee Lantern by dalia

Burning River Coffee by avelinaPROdesign 2

Business Cafe coffee shop by RedDeerStudio

CAFE DEGUSTE coffee shop by RedDeerStudio

Coffee Bandit by Grigoriou

coffee by kreatiflogo

COFFEE CONECT by pandalungan

Coffee – On The Way by SMG

Coffee pop-up logo by Sabina Korzunova

Coffee Talk by RedDeerStudio

Coffee Time by Bitpixe

Coffee time by brandshop

Dunwoody Coffee Co. by pixelgrapix

Extra Coffee Logo by Chaelin

Good Sense Coffee by Nekiy

Guess For Coffee by creative.bugs

In Time Coffee Logo by Cajvanean Alexandru

L’instant Coffee’ by Douglas

magic coffee bar & cafe by brandshop

Magician Coffee by chrisworks

Mercury’s Coffee & Tea Stop by Nithya

Recafe by Leo

Rush Street Coffee by asix works

The Coffee Shop by Digital Waltz

The Cozy Box by ankita

Zen Coffee by mar3d

Whistle Coffee by CreativePixels

Moon Coffee Logo Combination by Garagephic studio

There are plenty of ways for you to be creative with your coffee cup logo. However, it is best to be mindful of how much detail you are adding to the design. Heavy details may affect your design’s adaptability, making it look cluttered when applied to materials like posters or business cards. To avoid this, keep the logo simple.

Pro tip: Design for your audience

Knowing what design appeals best to your target audience will kick your brand up a notch. Using the styles that interest them will help put you on their radar. For example, if you plan to serve an older audience, you might want to create an elegant and classic design. If you’re targeting Gen Z, you can use trendier designs like minimalism. 

Text logos

Some of the most famous coffee brands today have a text logo, including Nescafe and UCC Coffee. Even without illustrations and flashy details, you can create a striking design with the use of typography. 

Sourcing appropriate fonts let you demonstrate different traits like modern, retro, and more. For example, hipster coffee brands can use fonts like Transistor, Brooklyn Coffee, and Kirvy for a retro look to draw their target crowd in. 

Whether you are a minimalist brand or a modern brand, there’s a font that you can use. There are font libraries on the internet like Google Fonts that you can browse for your ideal font. 

Arabica Coffee Roasters by bl_lue

Atlantic Coffee by Designermilk

BOROBUDUR COFFEE SHOP by rizki widiyanto

CAFE Late Coffee Shop by RedDeerStudio

Caffebello – Logo Design by Mattia Michini

Coffee Home by CreativePixels

Coffee Inc. Café by Cameron McLachlan

Coffee Maze by ancitis

coffee online by brandshop

Electric Owl Coffee Co. by alpino

Gentlemen’s Coffee Co. by GLDesigns

Grit Cafe by Polina Perova

Logo Design Project – Coffee Shop by debdesign

Natures Edge Coffee & Tea by Jose_luiz1978

The Grind Coffee Logo by GraphicsD

Bolt Coffee Bar by andchic

Bindle Coffee by Kevin Kroneberger

Pro tip: Be smart with color

Neutral tones like tan, brown, and beige are common in the coffee industry. It mimics the shade range of coffee and communicates warmth. You can use these colors to give your logo more meaning.

However, you can also use color psychology to your advantage. Consumers associate different human traits with colors such as passion, energy, and joy. Learn the meaning behind colors and incorporate them into your identity. 


Your brand can rise above competitors and reach your target consumers with the help of a telling logo. The perfect logo will help you express who you are and what makes you different as a coffee business. 

To get one, you can start a logo design contest. Crowdsourcing platforms like DesignCrowd allows you to connect with freelance graphic designers. They will battle it out by submitting design proposals to you. From there, you can choose from over 50 design options and go with the best one. Work with them today. 

But there’s also a quicker way for you to get a design. 

Use the BrandCrowd coffee logo maker. Simply browse the library of designs and personalize elements like fonts, colors, and spacing in a way that best represents your brand. You’ll get the ideal logo in minutes. 

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