Fourteen 20th Century Animated Logos

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We know logos as something stationary. People are accustomed to seeing one that is unmoving on a website, business card, and other platforms. But that’s changing today. 

One of the hottest logo design trends right now is animation. Pixar, Google, Giphy, and more have some of the most famous animated logos. 

In this article, we will take a look at a project that envisioned more famous logos with a playful twist. 

Korea-based designer Yun-Sik Hong put together a brilliant compilation consisting of fourteen logos of well-known brands. The video features both simple logo animations and impressive complex animations.

Watching the logos take the stage will surely give your creative mind a boost. This video is also helpful for aspiring designers who plan on venturing into animation as well. 

We’ve included the storyboard below to show the thinking behind the transitions. 


The animated logos added a unique touch of life to the designs we know and love. 

Now, you can give your brand the same dynamic feel. You can get more chances at creating a striking design for your audience. 

Planning on transitioning your business logo to an animated one as well? You can start doing that today. 

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