New Firefox Logo

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The concept of what Firefox is has evolved quite a bit over the years. Not too long ago, it was a desktop browser, plain and simple. 

However, as the Web has grown and developed in new ways, so has Firefox. Since its humble beginning in 2002, the brand continues to put a hold in the browser market. 

It’s now a browser for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux as well as an apps marketplace and a brand new mobile operating system. The company has over 200 million monthly active users. On top of this, the company also provides encrypted services and other products as it grows.

That’s a lot of change in a short period! To embody all of that, Mozilla Firefox redesigned its logo into something more adaptive and representative of what they bring to the table. Knowing when to rebrand is a vital skill for businesses, regardless of your industry.

With all that in mind, Firefox decided that the time is right to reflect this ongoing evolution with a visual refresh of the Firefox logo and product icon. This was released in 2019, a year after the redesign was first announced.

Source: Mozilla

The brand said that the design alludes to the four pillars that embody its identity. Those values are as follows: radical, kind, open-minded, and opinionated. The redesign aims to relay a message of reliability in this modern age where privacy seems like an archaic concept. Mozilla begs to differ. 

Unlike previous versions, the updated logo was created specifically with mobile in mind. This is a great move especially when the “mobile-first approach” is showing no signs of stopping.

Although we think it looks great at any size, it’s been optimized to be crisper and cleaner on small screens and lower resolution devices. However, it also scales quite nicely for use in retina displays and can be accurately recreated in SVG so it’s more ‘of the Web’.

This effort was a collaboration of different talents. Renowned designers like Michael Johnson, Michael Chu, and Jon Hicks, who was the logo’s first designer, all came together to transform the Mozilla logo. 

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