How To Create A Logo With The Best Logo Maker

Reading Time: 3 minutes

A logo allows your company to be identified through images and/or text while encompassing the principle of your business. The aesthetic properties of a logo are vital as you are inviting people to distinguish your company through the design. You need to ensure the logo interacts well with your target audience.

To really enhance your logo make sure the image is unique, understandable and relatable. Also it needs to be responsive, and work across multiple formats, media and sizes. To achieve the best results, ask yourself: What does your company represent? What do you want to say? What is your story? Who is your target market? And what makes you unique?

Elements Of A Logo Design

Before you start, research your competitors and what they are doing, research trends, tastes and fashions in your industry. To create concepts, use mood boards, brainstorms and sketches. Generate ideas: start with one concept, evolve it, and create more on the back of it. Then evaluate / assess your concepts.


The type of font chosen portrays a lot about your company. You can use the initials of the brand name in a monogram format but both the monogram and the full name logo should consist of similar design aesthetics. Don’t use a large number of different fonts. Two fonts should be maximum. You can also try using the same font family with different weights.

Symbolism And Imagery

Is there a particular icon that is important to you or your company that could be included in the logo?
It is not necessary to include a symbol into your design; typography and placement of the company name itself could be great on its own. It all depends on your company and what you would like for its representation.
Think about who your audience is and what would most appeal to them.
It’s also worth noting that having your company name in the beginning will make it easier for people to recognise, and only once it becomes memorable will removing the type ensure the icon remains successful.
Ensure your logo can be distinguished without overdoing it. Simple but gets to the point.


The placement of words to text is an element that really defines the audience’s outlook on your brand.


Try to create a design that still looks good if it were converted into black and white. A versatility allows for a good logo: if you need to print it on a banner or flyer in another colour it will adapt.

Create Your Logo Design In 3 Steps

The advantages of using a logo maker like BrandCrowd:

– You get a design created within minutes and download that day

– See before you buy

– You are the designer

– Cheaper than an agency

Today, BrandCrowd’s logo maker is counted amongst the best logo makers for a reason, its unique and understands the process that goes behind creating a perfect logo.”

BrandCrowd’s key point of difference is the quality and uniqueness of the logos available in its library. Unlike other logo makers, BrandCrowd’s logos are sourced from a community of top designers from around the world. As a result, the library is full of more unique and creative logos. If you really like the logo you make on BrandCrowd, you can own it and buy the copyright outright (or you can pay less and license it).

Step 1: Generate hundreds of logo designs by putting in your business name and a few related keywords. Make sure that the ‘Logo Maker’ is selected on the drop-down box beside it.

Step 2: Choose among the designs and start customising by changing fonts and colors, and adding symbols and shapes.

Step 3: Download your design or just click on “Save Progress” and get back to it later. Once you have decided to download, you have two options: “Buy the Standard Licence” or “Buy the Exclusive Licence”. The Standard Licence means that the design will remain as a property of BrandCrowd and will still be available for use by other clients. The Exclusive Licence gives the full rights to you (the buyer) and the design will no longer be available for other clients. Check out the BrandCrowd’s Client Contract for more details.

If you don’t think the DIY logo maker path is for you and you would prefer to use a designer, check out DesignCrowd for a custom-made logo design!