Top 56 Insurance Logo Examples

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Insurance companies are the epitome of trust. You should present your company as reliable – from the business name to your logo to attract more clients. 

With our logo maker, you can create your business logo in just a few minutes! As a business owner, you should have a creative design to capture people’s attention while depicting trust and confidence at first glance. 

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration? Join us as we look at some insurance logo templates you can customize below!

What Should Your Insurance Logo Communicate?

When setting up an insurance company, you must focus on attracting clients by establishing your brand identity. Your advertising methods and brand image gives your insurance company a unique identity in the market and stand out from the competition. 

However, creating an excellent branding tactic for your insurance firm can be challenging. You need to establish your company’s color schemes, fonts, and images for clients to identify your brand quickly. 

On top of all elements that your branding needs, your logo is essential, so let’s start with that one!

Your insurance logo design is the heart of your brand identity. It represents your brand and is posted on social media and other printing materials. 

Tip: After finalizing your design, download the correct logo size to ensure a high-quality design on all your social media channels. 

What should your insurance logo communicate to attract more clients?

You need to understand the importance and purpose of your insurance company and reflect it on your logo. Insurance logos aim to promote trust and reliability to engage customers, so if you’re planning on creating an insurance logo, here are two main things that your design should reflect:


One of the essential things your insurance logo should communicate is trust. It’s reasonable since people entrust their hard-earned money to your insurance business, so your first goal should be making people trust you – starting with your logo.

Blue logos are common when designing a logo to earn customers’ trust. You may also use emblem logos or play around with shapes and designs. 


If your business offers life insurance services, your logo must communicate stability. Let people know that their money is safe for years to come. A circle logo or rectangle logo can help your business depict strength and balance. 

Insurance Logos To Close Deals With Customers

Your insurance logo can reflect the qualities of your business. One of the best ways to pique a client’s interest in knowing a company better is through your amazing logo

Are you looking for ideas for your insurance logo? We’ve got you covered! We have compiled a list of customizable templates for your insurance business. Check them out in four primary categories below:

Real Estate Insurance Logos

A house is one of our most significant investments, so choosing the best real estate insurance is essential. Stand out from your competition with your reliable real estate logo insurance! 

Find the best home insurance logo here:

Enaia – Logo Design (unused) by Jeroen van Eerden

GB Insurance Brokerage, modern anagram by Alex Tass, logo designer

HomeClose real estate saas logo design by Alex Tass, logo designer

Palm. Asri – Real Estate Regency Logo Branding by Keitoto

GreenHome logo by Surjo Arts

Saving Valley by Marina Kasian

Home Financing Direct Logo Design by Cajvanean Alexandru

Modern, Insurance Insurance Logo Design by ArtTank

Colorful, Limited Insurance Agency Logo Design by Apple Dsigner

Bold, Creative Insurance Broker Logo Design by GEK (agentfortysix)

Insurance Logo Design by cjssan

Logo Design by shakil923

Modern, Insurance Insurance Logo Design by ZoneCreative

Elegant, Insurance Insurance Agency Logo Design by Mario

Shutter House Real Estate by BryanPaulFerrer

Real Estate House Letter R by GianC

Green Travel Insurance by novita007

Pillar Insurance Firm by yulianrhmn

Hexagon Real Estate by Enso2

Insurance Shield Building by novita007

Vehicle Insurance Logos

You can choose from many logos if you have a vehicle insurance business! Show your customers that you can provide more than just the coverage they need at a reasonable price with your car insurance logo!

Design the best vehicle logo insurance for your business from the templates below:

Modern Automotive Brand Logo by Design Burg

RPM Wordmark by Elif Kameşoğlu

Veekel – Logo Concept by Usman Qureshi

CarBee by Deividas Bielskis

Hotrod Appraisal Logo Design by Gregory Grigoriou

Creative Logo Design l automobile logo by Hassaan Khan

Bold, Car Insurance Logo Design by Pixi Dust

Insurance Logo Design by Logo no 1

Serious, Fly Aviation (airplanes) Logo Design by riyad123

Serious, Plane Aviation (airplanes) Logo Design by Pictorial

Professional, Insurance Insurance Logo Design by Mehmet Pala

Professional, Company Car Insurance Logo Design by Maintain

Professional, Company Car Insurance Logo Design by zobutiger

Logistics Truck Insurance by marcololstudio

Clean Modern Car Automotive by SimplePixelSL

Blue Car Insurance by realdreams

Shield Road Safety Insurance by MusiqueDesign

American Insurance Shield by SimplePixelSL

Blue Insurance Agency by eightyLOGOS

Let your customers know the importance of having pet insurance in their household with your pet logo. Protect your clients from unexpected vet bills if their furry friends are injured or sick. 

Check out the best pet insurance logo and customize one for your business:

Good Boy by Stevan Rodic

Pet Insurance Logo by Walt Viviers

Champion Pet Insurance by Brittany Swain

Cat negative space by Skull King

Cat And House by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Running dog mark by Vadim Korotkov Logo Design

Pets by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Masculine, Tiger Insurance Broker Logo Design by warkaddarshan 2

Bold, Dog Club Logo Design by emaxlk

Upmarket, Pet Pet Care Logo Design by Belove

Feminine, Colourful Pet Care Logo Design by step forward 2

Animal Pet Care Clinic by town

Pink Pet Care Shield by Alexxx

Pet Care Store by jaysonqbob

Animal Pet Care Heart by eyed

Lion Insurance Crest by ions

Bird Crest Insurance by ions

Design The Best Insurance Logo Now!

Paying for insurance is one of the best ways to add financial security to our life. It protects you from unwanted bills and expenses during unforeseen circumstances. Design the best insurance logo today and attract clients to engage your business.

Try our logo maker, choose a customizable template, and play around with the different design elements to suit your business! We also have other design templates, such as Youtube banners, Menus, Gift Certificates, and more!

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