Best Logo Sizes for Any Platform

Best Logo Sizes for Any Platform

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Which platform are you using to announce your presence as a business? Whichever it is, you need to know how to know the aspect ratio and megapixels that each of the platforms allows.

Join us as we list down each of the logo sizes and which of them best suits your logo design for each platform.

Responsive Logo: A Need for Flexibility

“BrandCrowd, why do we need to know responsive logo design when talking about logo sizes?” Because it’s the characteristic of your logo to adapt to a platform or device.

And when your logo needs to adapt, you need an excellent design with certain megapixels and aspect ratios. After all, a computer’s space differs from a mobile’s portrait and landscape mode.

And so, your logo can have multiple forms, from a letter logo to a text logo or even a pictorial mark design for your business. But depending on the platform, you need to adjust your logo size.

Standard Logo Sizes

Moving forward, let’s look at the standard logo sizes for each platform and medium to help you with your brand identity better. We’ll show you suggestions for both desktop and mobile devices so you can maximize your design better.

Some pointers before proceeding to the logo sizes:

  • Use pixels as your standard measurement for logos.
  • Use the PNG format with a transparent background for flexibility. This format has a lossless compression that allows multiple resizing but retains its quality. Also, it enables you to put it on any aspect of your design with your brand’s color palette.
  • Ensure that your byte size (file size) is less than 200KB for faster loading.
  • Lastly, create a diverse design for your logo. Save it in different layouts and shapes like horizontal, vertical, and even square for easy and flexible uploading.

Now, let’s look at the platforms and mediums where you can upload your logo. We divided the list into five categories for your bite-sized information:


Ever wonder how businesses create icons for their respective applications and what size they use? Well, we have the dimensions right here.

Check out the app logo dimensions below and choose which one you need for your business

  • iPhone 6S and up: 180px by 180 px
  • iPad: 152px by 152px
  • Android: 192px by192px

Email Signature

Email signature design helps your business with brand consistency and promotion, especially when doing email outreach.

Give your email signature a design a clearer identity with your logo design. Make sure to save your logo with less than 10KB size and follow the dimensions below:

  • Desktop: 320px by 70 to 100px
  • Mobile: 320px by 500px


Next, we’ll move to your merchandise design game. It could be a t-shirt, mug, or even a bag. It’s great to have your logo on at least all of them, even subtly.

Ensure that your color combination, icon designs, and or images are within the type of printing you want on your merchandise. The printing of your idea uses the CMYK color scheme.

Communicating with your printing service provider allows you to seamlessly work together to create the merchandise you want and need. Check out the dimensions below; note that we’re giving the standard, but your printing service may have other sizes, so ask them.

  • Bag Logo Size: 15″ by 16″
  • Coaster Logo Size: 4” by 4”
  • Hat Logo Size: 3″ to 3 1/2″
  • 11 oz. Mug Logo Size: 8.5″ by 3″
  • T-Shirt Logo Size: 14’’ by 15’’


We’ve seen the logo sizes for merchandise, but now we’ll focus on the other printing aspects of your design, like business cards, billboards, envelopes, and more.

Find the right size below.

  • Billboards: 1000px (300dpi)
  • Business Cards: 0.75” by 0.75.”
  • Envelope: 4.125” by 9.5”
  • Letterheads: 300px by 120px
  • For footer: 200px by 70px

Social Media Platforms

Now we’re getting to the more in-demand side of deciding your logo size: social media platforms. From Instagram posts to YouTube banners, your logo design is essential to helping your brand stand out amongst the competition.

Find the right logo size for each of the platforms below.

  • Discord Logo Size: 128px by 128 px
  • Facebook Logo Size: 170px by 170px
  • Google My Business Logo Size: 970px by 530px
  • Instagram Logo Size: 110px by 110px
  • LinkedIn Logo Size: 160px by 60px
  • Pinterest Logo Size: 800px by 450px
  • Squarespace Logo Size: Max of 160 pixels 
  • SoundCloud Logo Size: 1000px by 1000px
  • TikTok Logo Size: 200px by 200 px
  • Twitch Logo Size: 160 px by 1600px
  • Twitter Logo Size: 400px by 400px
  • YouTube Logo Size: 800px by 800px


Lastly, we have your website’s design, specifically, logo sizes. Depending on which medium you use, it also changes. That’s why we also have what we call favicons.

A favicon is a small icon beside the website’s name on the tab. And it’s usually the abstract logo design or lettermark logo design of your business.

Find the right logo size for your website below.

  • Favicon:
    • 16px by 16px
    • 32px by 32px
    • 48px by 48px
  • Website: 250px by 100px
    • Horizontal: 400px by 100px
    • Vertical: 160px by 160px

Choose the Best Size for Your Logo Today

And there you have it, our complete list of the best logo sizes for any platform! Make sure to access which one you need and create a design around that.

If you need more help like business card design, letterheads, Twitch banners, or even email signatures. Either way, finalize the size of your logo and watch your design processes go smoothly.

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