3 Tips To Create Your Company Logo

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A company logo is one of the most important design decisions to make. It’s better to get the design right the first time as it will be seen on the business website, digital or print documents and advertisements.
For a logo to best represents a company and supports its goals, think about:

The company values and its audience

Think about your activity, what differentiates you from competitors, what you think your customers/audience love about you and what you want them to think about you.

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Create a logo that stands for your company. Think about the personality of your brand.

The logo style your company wants

There are three main kinds of logo. (We can extend to 5 as seen in our previous article 5 Standard Types of Logos).

Icon/Symbol logos

Shell Apple

Some logos are simply a graphic icon, a simple yet accurate portrayal of the type of company and image. Many big brands use only a symbol logo because they’ve built up their brand in association with this icon.

Word/Letter Mark logos

Disney IBM

Other brands use a unique typographic representation of their business name. It may be the full name or just initials.

Combination logos

Starbucks Redbull

Brands often choose a combination of an icon/symbol and a word/letter mark when they want to use an icon but need to establish their brand name.

The colors for your logo

The psychology of color plays a huge part in how customers respond to your brand and messaging.

The choice of color for your logo can impact emotion in design and marketing, which can ultimately determine engagement, sales, profits, and overall performance.

Blue Logos

Blue Eagle Logo Design

Blue Pineapple Logo Design

Blue Lighthouse Logo Design

Blue Sapphire Logo Design

Blue indicates strength, security, dependability, cleanliness, and focus. It is often used in medicine, high- tech, law, dental and science.

Green Logos

Green Media Logo Design

Green Town Architecture Logo Design

Green Leaf Logo Design

Green Swan Logo Design

Green portrays wealth, relaxation, growth, and nature. It is used in organic products, ecology, human resources, tourism, and even education.

Red Logos

Red Obelisk Logo Design

Red Beetle Logo Design

Red Box Logo Design

Red Twisted B Logo Design

This color is full of energy, movement, and boldness. Studies have shown that red increases the heart rate and creates a sense of urgency, so is often used for big sale events. It also increases appetite, so many food brands and restaurants use red.

Orange Logos

Orange Bonfire Logo Design

Geometric Orange Logo Design

The Orange Bear Logo Design

Orange Splatter Logo Design

Orange represents energy through movement. It is used for food, drink, retail, and online services.

Yellow logos

Yellow Race Logo Design

Happy Fish Logo Design

Yellow Oriental Logo Design

Yellow Moon Logo Design

This is an optimistic colour, youthful and warm. It also indicates clarity, so is used in caution signs. Some studies indicate that, like red, the color yellow increases appetite, which is why many food brands use it.

Purple Logos

Purple Broom Chat Logo Design

Owl Wink Logo Design

Controller Shield Logo Design

Purple Chat Logo Design by MaxMi

Purple often portrays wealth, imagination, calmness, luxury, fantasy, spirituality. Many beauty products use this color.

Black logos

Black Lion Logo Design

Black Dahlia Logo Design

Black Acorn Logo Design

Black Cello Logo Design

Stands for luxury, sleekness, accuracy, precision, power, and credibility. Many companies within the mining, mineral, financial, and manufacturing industries use this color.

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Need a logo?

Looking for a company logo you’ll love? Simply enter your business name and customise any of the thousands of logos generated for you – It’s free to try! Get your own company logo