32 Visual Artist Business Cards For Awe-Inspiring Creatives

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While many visual artists today use social media platforms like Instagram to market their work, there’s still an undeniable relevance to some traditional paper-based tools. 

Let’s talk about business cards. In today’s digital age, such paper tools might come off as outdated, especially for artists whose work and clients are both done and reached online. 

But business cards have never lost their appeal nor their relevance. In fact, most visual artists attest to the importance of bringing a calling card in face-to-face interactions. It can easily relay complicated information such as phone numbers and websites. 

Plus, as a visual artist, business cards are an excellent way to demonstrate your creativity. In such a sleek paper, you can showcase your logo-making skills, typeface creative stint, your digital art, and your hand-painted works. 

Most of all, business cards are easy to make and mostly inexpensive. So there’s no excuse why you can’t go on with your daily interactions without bringing one. Who knows, your next high-paying client is around the corner. Maximize this opportunity by handing out a calling card. 

To give you some inspiration, we list down business cards for painters, digital artists, and comic artists. Take what resonates with you and design your own through the BrandCrowd Business Card tool— home to thousands of templates you can customize. 

Painter Business Card

Painters are traditional visual artists who work on physical canvas with brushes and paints. They use a multitude of paints such as acrylic, watercolor, oil-based, pastel, spray, etc. 

Painters are one of those artists who could benefit from business cards. The paper could showcase one of your paintings digitally printed. And more than that, it provides complete information such as your website portfolio where it houses more of your art footprints. 

Most painters would go to art exhibits or museums to get inspiration or to network with co-painters. And it’s a good place to hand out business cards so you could expand your network and widen your professional reach. 

Here are some design samples to consider when designing your own business card. Also, you could pick some business card templates from BrandCrowd and make them unique. Take a look: 

Artists Business Card Design by Riz’

Business card by Philthy Designs

Business Card Design by Ritesh Singh

Business card luxury Dublin Painting by Razoya

Creative Business card by Melvin Thambi

Graffiti Artist Business card by Omar Hegazy

Minimal Business Card by Md. Anwar Hossain

Painter logo and business card by Dolly D.H

Queen City Painting & Cleaning Logo & Business Card by Claire Frank

Texas Color Painting by nthamali85

V V Painting Services Pty Ltd by Prosenjit Saha

Digital Artist Business Card

Long before the internet and computers were invented, digital art was never an actual thing, not even a concept. But now that almost all people in the world have access to the internet through their phones and computers, digital art has become a ubiquitous form of art much like painting and sculpture.

Digital artists work with many different tools. Most used software such as Adobe to design vector graphics. Some use digital pens to input their artwork on the computer. Some use CGIs to create videos and graphics. And there’s a lot more. 

Compared with traditional painters, digital artists find it easier to market their products. Because they’re completely digital, artists can upload them on any platform online. 

Digital artists often don’t need to attend exhibits because their work is marketed and showcased online. But even if you’re a digital artist whose work is mostly done and promoted online, you should still use business cards. 

Again, you can imprint your digital pieces on your business card, along with your online portfolio and contact details. Plus it’s very cheap to design and print one. So there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t bring a calling card in your next in-face interactions. 

To give you some inspiration, take a look at the business cards we curated specially for digital artists. 

Artistic Business Card#3 by premadepixels.com

Business Card by Tanvir Ahmed Ashiq

Business Card Design – Passika Creations by Kanhaiya Sharma

Business Card Design Template by Md Hafizul Haque

Business Card for Illustration & Design by Dana Chan

Business Cards 2020 by Jonas Söder

Business Cards by Estelle Le Gall

Modern Business Card Design by Hardcore Design

Verand’Artist Business Card by François F

Visiting Card Mock Up by Psd Free Download

Cartoonist / Comic Artist Business Card

A comic artist is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons or comics. There are many types of comic artists nowadays. We have a Japanese manga creator, comic book illustrator, cartoonist for newspapers, and other publications, etc. 

The cartoonist is like a digital artist mostly. But there are comic artists who use traditional materials such as paper and pen such as in the case of manga books. 

A comic artist can benefit widely from the use of business cards. Comic-Con is a big event in most parts of the world. And such a place is a good opportunity to market your services to comic and cartoon fans in the worldwide known event. 

Don’t underestimate the power of business cards. It might be a small piece of paper but it holds your vital information. It can easily be handed out to people and it eliminates the awkward jotting down of easily miswritten details. 

So design your own business cards in minutes using BrandCrowd business card maker. And to help you instigate some form of inspiration, we’ve curated the best-looking business cards for comic artists. 

Artists Business Card Design by Riz’

Business Card Design by Hardcore Design

Business Card Design by HYPdesign

Business Card for a Superhero by Valeria Bagyinszki

Cartoon Maker Business Card by Aliiqbal

GRAFIKZERO ━ Business Cards by Saki Hajdari

Happy Daze by Samuel Terzis

IAmTimCorey.com  by handrayaan.creative

Teddy Kids BV by MDesign

Final Thoughts

Let’s accept it. Business cards are still relevant even in this day and age where most information is stored and processed online. In-face interactions are still an excellent way to widen your professional reach. And only business cards can help you ease your way through the crowd without having to verbally communicate your information every now and then. 

Painters, digital artists, comic artists, and many other types of visual artists can benefit from a well-designed business card. Your work won’t do the marketing itself so you have to go out there and market your service. Give them a professional calling card. 

If you’re starting out on this tool, take a look at the thousands of available templates on Brandcrowd. Once you see the design that speaks to your heart, make it unique by customizing the colors, fonts, and shapes. Then download it for free or for a very affordable price.

For a more professional product, why not crowdsource artists? DesignCrowd is home to hundreds of digital artists that could help you in your business-card-designing journey. You just have to provide the design brief and the budget. Then several designers will try to actualize your vision. And lastly, you could pick the best designs. 

Business cards are a wonderful tool that is often overlooked. If you want to land that next high-paying client or that high-profile connection, keep business cards wherever you go. 

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