48 Avatar Logos For Your Digital Identity

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An avatar is defined as a character or creature that you use to represent yourself online. While they are mainly popular in games, they are also used in chat rooms, social media platforms, online apps, or even as a logo for influencers and content creators.

Need one for yourself? We got you. Today we have compiled a list of creative avatar logo ideas that you can use whether you have a gaming team, live stream content, and more. 

We are also here to share some tips on how to design one and how to use your new logo to build your brand identity – all made easy with the help of our logo maker tool and business name generator

Let’s get started!

Tips For Creating Avatar Logos

Your avatar is a digital representation of you. 2D, 3D, simple line drawing, detailed mascot – you can go for whatever style you want. 

To design one, keep in mind the following:

Consider your brand identity

The avatar that you’ll use should be something that is in line with your brand identity or image.

For example, an influencer who creates daily vlogs about her life can use a realistic illustration of herself. This is because her audience will prefer seeing the influencer in a more “natural” manner and won’t appreciate an overly cartoonized depiction. Meanwhile, a YouTuber who creates videos about anime and comics can create an anime girl logo style for her. 

A game streamer can go for a powerful warrior or a mysterious mage as an avatar. This fits with the fantasy elements of an eSport game. 

Don’t be afraid to go out of the box

While an avatar is a depiction of you, you don’t have to be 100% realistic all the time. You can also use an animal, object, or fantasy creature. Aside from looking cool, it can help you stand out from the crowd. It might also fit the image that you are going for more.

A fierce dragon logo might work better in symbolizing strength and power compared to just illustrating a person. Same goes for an opera mask, skull, robot, and more.  

Pair with a suitable name

Your cool new logo should go with a fitting brand name or channel name. Imagine that you have an awesome knight logo for your gaming channel, and your name is just “Joe’s Channel”. It just doesn’t work, right?

Head on to our business name generator tool now to get some ideas for your name. Describe your brand in just a few words (for example, “streamer that focuses on Minecraft games”), and we’ll give you options to choose from. You can even vary the name length and name style to fit your preferences.

We also have an article about gaming business names and why they matter if you need further information. 

Choose your color scheme and typography wisely

In addition to the points above, your color scheme and font choices should also be cohesive with your brand identity.

Using a smiling animal in a cartoon style as an avatar? Then bright colors like yellow and orange, combined with a rounded bold font will work for you.

What if you’re using a strong and fierce gladiator? Dark colors like navy, black, and dark brown will work better. Pair it with silver accents to really nail that medieval look. 

Avatar Logo Design Examples

Now is the time to look at our curated logo ideas. We’ve grouped them into three categories below: 

Human Logos

These are logos that show a human face. You can go for a realistic rendition of yourself, or go for a more fantastical or idealized version. Content creators can use this for their Twitch or YouTube channels.

See them here:

Avatar Illustration(Indian Version) by Jatin.uiux

Chibi avatar by Aldddo Cervantes

Profile Avatar by Carl Bondoc

Avatar- Indian Woman2 by Geetha Priya

Minimal Portrait Avatar by NVECTS STUDIO

2021 Avatar by Buli

Avatar by Ali Assajjad

Avatar-Indian Woman1 by Geetha Priya

Avatar by ArnoldV

New Year. New Avatar! by Mario Jacome

Happy Human Man By Brandcrowd

Human Cyborg Robot By Brandcrowd

Arab Head Avatar By Brandcrowd

Happy Gamer Avatar By Brandcrowd

Samurai Gaming Avatar By Brandcrowd

Scary Skull Avatar By Brandcrowd

Scythe Skull Avatar By Brandcrowd

Masked Hood Human By Brandcrowd

Goblin Gaming Avatar By Brandcrowd

Medieval Knight Avatar By Brandcrowd

Animal logos

From sharp falcons and cool horses, to cheerful monkeys and adorable cats, you’ll surely find an animal avatar that you’ll like below:

Monkey Smoking Avatar By Brandcrowd

Bull Gaming Avatar By Brandcrowd

Eagle Bird Avatar By Brandcrowd

Avatar Grizzly Bear By Brandcrowd

Owl Bird Avatar By Brandcrowd

Rhino Gaming Avatar By Brandcrowd

Monkey Gaming Avatar By Brandcrowd

Goat Avatar Ram By Brandcrowd

Raccoon Avatar Animal By Brandcrowd

Elephant Tusk Avatar By Brandcrowd

Animal Logo by chenyu mai

Ape2 by Gert van Duinen

Logo, Logo Design, Creative logo, Animal logo by Vect Plus

Cat Logo by Lucian Radu

Wise Chimpanzee Logo by Dmitriy Dzendo

Animal Logo Mark by Blagojche Kuzevski

Animal Logo | Owl 🦉 by Natalie Mkrtumian

Animal Logo | Lion 🦁by Natalie Mkrtumian

Wild Boar Mascot by Yokai

Fantasy logos

Go for a supernatural vibe and go for fantasy creatures such as the Grim Reaper, a fire spirit, a talking book, a feisty skull, a scary ghost, a sentient robot, and so on. 

Ninja Gaming Avatar By Brandcrowd

Angry Lynx Avatar By Brandcrowd

Wild Wolf Avatar By Brandcrowd

Mythology God Avatar By Brandcrowd

Horn Dragon Avatar By Brandcrowd

Evil Fox Avatar By Brandcrowd

Tiger Head Avatar  By Brandcrowd

Medusa Snake Avatar By Brandcrowd

Demon Gaming Avatar By Brandcrowd

Design Your Avatar Logo Today!

And there you have it! We hope you found a suitable logo design for your business. 

Now that you have your logo and name, it’s time to start boosting your brand. Check out our site for customizable templates to create a fun Twitch Banner, a creative TikTok video, or an informative Facebook Ad to spread the word about your brand.

Need more help? Feel free to browse our site for more articles or leave us a comment below. Till next time! 

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