49 Falcon Logos That Are Soaring With Style

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Falcons are birds of prey that are revered for their hunting prowess. Their stealth, speed, and intense focus are great symbols for sports, gaming, logistics, security, and tech businesses. 

Need a Falcon logo for your brand? We got you. In this article, we’ve compiled a variety of majestic and creative falcon logo designs that you could use for your business. We’ve also shared some tips on easily creating your own falcon-inspired logo if you want to design it yourself.

Interested? Let’s check it out! 

Tips For Creating Falcon Logos

A great logo design should convey your brand identity and values to your audience with a single look. If you want to portray speed, agility, determination, and victory, look no further than a Falcon logo. 

Here are some tips on how to design one:

Decide on an art style

The art style you’ll choose will dictate the overall vibe of your logo. For example, a simple, clean style will give your brand a minimalist and elegant feel. Making a crest logo with a detailed and ornate falcon will give you that traditional and royal vibe. While drawing a graphic and colorful falcon is great if you have a sports or gaming team.  

You can even see the difference in art style between the bold logo of the Atlanta Falcons and the classy gold falcon in the Gulf Air logo.

Choose the right color

Color psychology plays a massive role in your logo design. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the idea that the color you use will affect how your audience perceives your brand. For example, blue is seen as stable and calm, red logos are seen as powerful and bold, while pink is seen as feminine and cute. 

Choose the color that best represents your brand. 

Keep it balanced and clean

Whether you are creating a falcon mascot, an elegant falcon emblem, or a modern 3D logo, it’s essential to follow basic design principles. This means keeping your logo clean and uncluttered, establishing a proper visual hierarchy, avoiding clashing colors, giving enough white space, and avoiding illegible fonts. 

Falcon Logo Design Examples

Now, let’s look at our compilation of falcon logo ideas that will inspire you. These ideas can help you design a perfect logo that fits your business. 

But if you don’t want to start from scratch, some examples below are editable templates that can be easily customized through our logo maker tool. 

We have divided them into three categories for you:

Blue Falcons

First on the list are blue falcons. Blue logos are seen as stable, professional, and strong. Whether you use a dark cobalt blue or a light aqua, these logos are beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.

Tech companies, security agencies, or aviation companies usually use these. 

Blue Falcon BY Michael Powers

Falcon BY Mochammad Adil Farraszaky

Blue Falcon logo BY Agus Suharyadi

Horus Concept Logo BY Martina Cavalieri

Falcon Eagle Logo BY EndR_ID

Falcon Logo BY Phil Goodwin ◒


Falcon Air BY Mahamed Agami

Falcon! BY Nour


Blue Falcon Shield by VinP

Origami Blue Bird by fortuna99

Blue Robotic Mechanical Eagle by MDS

Blue Eagle Bird Arrow by kukuhart

Blue Letter G Falcon by Dessy

Flying Falcon Aviary by MDS

Aviation Blue Falcon by RistaDesign

Angry Bird Falcon by town

Blue Falcon Bird by rbalica

Blue Falcon Aviary by MDS

Black Falcons

Black is another popular color for Falcon logos. This color is versatile, as it looks good whether you use it in the background or on the falcon itself. Black is also flexible as you can look minimalist, elegant, or powerful depending on your art style.

Raptor WIP BY Baron Von Gunter

Falcon Mark BY Harouth Arthur Mekhjian

Falcon Mark v2 BY Harouth Arthur Mekhjian

Flapping Falcon BY Jamal | Atomos Creative

Falcon Group BY Mahmoud Hassan Abul-dahab

Falcon Logo ! BY Mizan

Falcon BY garis pena

Falcon BY Shahmiran Ahmed

Falcon BY Pavel Evseev

Golden Falcon Bird by eyed

Eagle Hawk Falcon by revotype

Falcon Bird Crest by town

Falcon Bird Wings by SimplePixelSL

Orange Lightning Falcon by MDS

Military Falcon Wings by SimplePixelSL

Military Falcon Aviation by Dessy

Falcon Bird Flying by Mypen

Wild Mountain Falcon by royallogo

Yellow Falcons

Yellow, or its neighboring colors like orange and gold, is another great option. This is a great color to use to look more vibrant or dynamic. 

Check out our samples below:

Falcon Eye by Stevan Rodic

Fast Falcon by Gentleman

falcon logo by Arnadi

Falcon Logo Vector Ai, Eps Download by GraphicsLetters

Flame Falcon logo by James Strange

Eagle Yellow BY Marko Ivanovic

Falcon by Kareem Magdi

Yellow Bird by Reghardt Grobbelaar

Yellow bird logo by  Alexander Ladygin

Eagle by Matija Blagojevic

Design Your Falcon Logo Today!

There you have it! Did you find a design that you like? If you want to browse for more examples, look at our other articles, such as the 15 Famous Bird Logos and Their History.

Your branding doesn’t end with just your logo, either. Ensure you have a catchy and memorable brand name to accompany your design. If you don’t have one, use our business name generator tool to find your new name. 

You can also add your new logo with marketing materials such as business cards or flyers. We also have customizable templates for these; feel free to check them out!

 We hope you enjoyed the article. Till next time! 

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