49 Face Logos For An Expressive Branding

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Faces are commonly used in logo design to easily convey emotions and show the brand’s personality. It also creates a sense of personal connection, as your customers have a “face” to attach your brand with. 

Face logos can be used by a multitude of industries. This logo concept will suit you whether you are a beauty salon, daycare center, clothing store, or restaurant. 

Looking to create your logo? In this article, we’ll share some tips on what makes a great face logo and give various ideas and samples that will inspire you. 

How To Design A Great Face Logo

Whether it’s a friendly smile, a playful wink, or a fierce gaze, faces can express a wide range of emotions that you can use to convey your brand personality and identity. 

If you want to create a face logo, consider the following tips:

Consider your branding

The face you use should be tailored to your branding and to your target audience. 

For example, a cute animal face or a smiling baby will work well for a nursery school. An elegant lady or a woman wearing a spa mask is a perfect fit for a beauty salon. A dapper gentleman is suited for a men’s grooming business. And so on. 

The facial expression is also crucial. Should they look cute, sultry, determined, or cheerful? Make sure the emotion aligns with the vibe and message that you want to evoke. 

Choose the right colors

According to color psychology, each color can incite different emotions from people. Red is seen as bold and powerful. Yellow is associated with warmth and friendliness. While blue logos are seen as stable and secure. 

The color you use on your logo plays a huge role in how your audience will perceive your brand. Choose the one that is best suited for your business. 

Aside from the meaning, you should also consider if the colors you use complement each other. You can refer to our article about color theory to learn more. 

Pair with the perfect font

The right font can make or break your logo design.

A clean sans-serif font will work well if you’re going for a modern logo. Traditional fonts like Baskerville are suited for an elegant and classic logo. At the same time, a whimsical font like Wonderbar can be used if you have a playful logo design. 

Face Logo Design Examples

Let’s look at different ideas and samples you can use to inspire your logo. We divided them into three categories for you:

Minimalist Face Logos

Minimalist logos are usually composed of elegant line art. You can also see some simplified abstract designs or the use of negative space. Beauty salons, cosmetic stores, or spas usually favor these. 

Scroll down to see more: 

Minimalistic face BY Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Lion Minimal Lion Face Logo Andreas Zaugg BY Andreas Zaugg

Face logo design BY Mr Shams Jaman

Face BY Ahmed Ali

Face BY Antonius Setiadi K

mystarious face BY Michał Pieczyński

face BY Yuri Kartashev

beautiful face BY 3×0

Face logo for surgeon BY Jayanti Andika

Hiden Face Logo / Anonymous BY NRLMSTF

Geometric Lumberjack Face by town

Beauty Woman Face by Dessy

Woman Face Beauty by Riri

Beauty Salon Face by Riri

Cyclist Face Man by Alexxx

Handsome Man Face by BryAd

Geometric Lion Face by ions

Minimalist Tiger Lion Face by JimjemR

Blue Child Face by novita007

Generic Man Head by Mypen

Cute Face Logos

Cute logos usually feature friendly animal faces, smiling kids, or playful faces. These designs are commonly used by child-oriented businesses like toy stores or daycares. Businesses that want a more approachable and hospitable branding can also use this logo. 

Take a look at our samples below:

Girl Face Logo BY Aditya D.

Happy Chat BY Rodrigo Degani

Hello dribbble! This is my first shot BY jafar setiawan

Sleeping Baby Face Vector BY Obaydur Rahman

Pomalitas BY Zinegraph

TPZ The Public Zoo Panda BY Eric Tones

Face BY Adji Herdanto

Only Outreach Logo Concept BY csnrlab | Logo & Web Designer

Baby Bear BY Way Ardian

Cat logo BY Jessica Jones

Modern Face Logos

These usually come in vibrant colors, detailed facial expressions, intricate designs, or bold shapes. It ranges from an intricate medieval warrior face to a colorful 3D head. 

Conceptual logos like this can be used by various industries, whether restaurants, grunge clothing stores, or tech companies. Check out some examples here: 

Prince by Kakha Kakhadzen

Gorilla Face Logo by Lucian Radu

Face Logo by Jordan Kabalka

Bright BY Alex Seciu

Hippocrates by Nick Kumbari

People & Earth by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Self Portrait Illustration by Jeremy Vessey

Greek goddess logo by Veronika Žuvić

Viking Face Logo by Boban Gjerasimoski

Face III BY Sava Stoic

Angry Gorilla Face by JimjemR

Green Face Mask Lady by AMCstudio

Monkey Chimp Face by eyed

Angry Face Smoke by shen02

Face Scented Candle by marcololstudio

Gold Scale Face by chavalenzuela

Purple Face Mask Person by AMCstudio

Nature Woman Face by novita007

Greek God Face by VinP

Create Your Face Logo Today!

A compelling face logo is more than just creating an attractive visual — it’s about encapsulating the character and personality of your brand in one image. 

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