Creative Construction Logos for Building Brands

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The construction industry is in-demand. But the workforce is relatively small. Around 73% of firms listed shortage of workers as the top concern.

Starting a business under construction will surely get you hired by contractors waiting on really good workers. Get started with your business by creating a unique business name and pairing that with your logo design.

Check out the designs below for inspiration and visit our online logo maker as well. We have thousands upon thousands of templates to help you make your construction logo for business.

Construction Industry Facts

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you see is the ceiling above your head. You’re in your comfortable apartment or home. That’s the work of construction workers.

They implement the plan of architects and engineers to better our everyday lives whether for personal or corporate purposes. Sadly though, only 15% of firms have more than 1000 employees and it’s hard to keep up with the demand sometimes.

But did you know that it’s not only the men that are part of the industry but the women too? Around 10.9 percent of the workforce are female, but they’re mostly office-based. This fact doesn’t change the situation that the workforce is lacking.

Another factor may be that the younger generation doesn’t care about the industry. The average age of workers here is 42 years old.

Thus, it’s high time for you to start your construction business today. Or even shift in career since the construction industry is pretty stable taking up 10% of the usage of money worldwide.

Let’s look at the construction designs below to help you start your construction business today.

Construction Logo Designs for Building Brands

Now that you know some facts about the industry, let’s get into the logo ideas you can use to rebrand or design your first logo.

We selected five major designs just for you.


Create a logo that’s uniquely geometric in nature, use an abstract logo. It’s a great way to grab the attention of your market and express your ideas and feelings as a firm.

Grab your abstract design below.

Architecture Firm Logo Mark by Steve Wolf

Blue House Construction by ions

Brown Logo Design by MASH studio

City Building Construction by RasaBranding

City Construction Building by SimplePixelSL

Colorful, Company Construction Company Logo Design by shakuna

Condominium Construction Building by Amin007

Construction Building Company by Dessy

Engel Build Logo by Jahid Hasan

Gray Logo Design by jollydesigner123

Home Maker Logo Design – H + M Monogram by Dalius Stuoka 

House Construction Property by SimplePixelSL

House Grid by Patrick Tuell

Line Art House Logo by Lucian Radu

Masculine, Construction Construction Logo Design by christianpoetoe

Modern, Company Construction Company Logo Design by UniqueDreamer

Real Estate Logo Design by Touhid

Residential City Construction by town

Serious, Company Recruitment Logo Design by logo_s

SPB by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Upmarket, Simple Real Estate Development Logo Design by TerryBogard

Urban City Construction by podvoodoo13


Pay homage to your origins as a company with an emblem logo. The sophisticated and nostalgic look allows you to look like the authority in the industry as well.

Find the perfect emblem design for you below.

Bold, Company Construction Company Logo Design by Ana Gocheva

Bold, Company Construction Company Logo Design by GLDesigns

Bold, Couple Logo Design by I designs

Building Construction Gear by novita007

Bold, Simple Construction Logo Design by dharlan

Builder logo by Akdesain

City Developer Construction by SimplePixelSL

Construction Builder Emblem by MDS

Construction Firm Pyramid by yulianrhmn

Construction Hat Tools by CreativePixels

Construction Machine Operator by marcololstudio

Construction Screw Bolt Badge by marcololstudio

DCCo by Jacob Rhoades

Flat development company brand design by Jacob Waites

GA Monogram Identity Design by Hellsjells

Masculine, Company Construction Logo Design by Design Solving

Tiny Little Contractor Brand Identity by Ben Howes

Southport Carpentry by Jeffrey Buchanan

Negative Space

Grab the attention of your audience with this optical illusion style, negative space design. It makes use of the blank areas surrounding it to create the image you want as your logo.

Check out the white space designs below.

Blue Building Construction by LogoBrainstorm

Blue Construction Building by marcololstudio

Bold, Blue Residential Construction Logo Design by graphicevolution

Bold, Construction Construction Logo Design by surabayawarnawarni

Bold, Simple Construction Logo Design by aquabomb26

Builder Construction Crane by marcololstudio

Building Construction Contractor by ions

Building Construction Hexagon by royallogo

City Construction Crane by marcololstudio

Construction Logo Design by Andrés Sebastián

Elegant, Company Logo Design by Andrés Sebastián

House by Omnium

House Construction Tools by Dessy

Ladder by Omnium

Letter B : Real Estate and Construction Logo. by uxboss™ ⚡

Masculine, Company Construction Logo Design by Ahmaru

Modern, Company Construction Company Logo Design by Asya Logo

Masculine, Company Residential Construction Logo Design by GLDesigns

Modern, Company Residential Construction Logo Design by sushsharma99

Property logo by Surjo Arts

Roof Only LLC – Lettermark R Logo Design Concept by Faikar | Logo Designer

Serious, Construction Construction Logo Design by Designpool


Communicate with your market better through a pictorial logo. It creates a visual story that everyone can relate to and understand. That makes your construction brand seem more personable and relatable.

Get ideas from the pictorial designs below.

Bold, Company Residential Construction Logo Design by Kiran

Building Skyline Construction by lazeefish

Citadel Logo by Lucian Radu

City Construction Crane by SimplePixelSL

Company Logo Design by ecorokerz

Company Logo Design by jonosar

Condominium Building Construction by shen02

Construction 1 by Ruhul Amin Rubel

Construction Brick Building by town

Construction House Excavation by yulianrhmn

Construction Urban House by GianC

Dewtown real estate logo by Md Humayun Kabir

Elegant, Best Logo Design by creativiti

Elegant, Green Construction Company Logo Design by ecorokerz

Home Builder Construction by CreativePixels

House Carpentry Builder Construction by brandcrowd

House Construction Crane by CreativePixels

Minimalist Home Construction by GianC

Modern, Company Environmental Consultant Logo Design by JWTL

Modern construction, real estate, architect logo design by Md Abdul Hakim

Modern Construction, Real Estate Company Logo Design by Md Abdul Hakim


White Building Construction by rossini11


Lastly, we have wordmark logos. Tell the world that your construction business exists to serve your market. You can use certain font styles to better your design here.

Create your wordmark design with the ideas below.

Bold, Construction Construction Logo Design by aglaronde23

Bold, Company Construction Company Logo Design by exoddinary

Bold, Company Logo Design by Joenet Jayawarna

Company Logo Design by Mario

Company Logo Design by zatsukiki

Construction Logo Design by IMilenovic

Elegant, Creative Construction Logo Design by iNess

Flat Earth Concrete by Jay Master

Letter B + Key icon + building icon Construction Logo by Md Humayun Kabir

Modern, Gradient Logo Design by ecorokerz

Roofing Logo Design by jaime.sp

Serious, Construction Construction Logo Design by Angelina

Traditional, Business Logo Design by XYPER_Illustrator

Unused Construction Logo Concept by The Creative Canopy

Virtus Building Corporation by Ruben Daems (.com)

Start Your Construction Business With Your Logo Today

And there you have it! Our complete catalog for construction logos to aid in your construction startup. You’re not only ensuring quality but helping the industry grow its workforce to better help clients in need of infrastructure needs.

Your logo will do exactly that with just one look. Aside from that, you can even put it on other elements of your business like business cards, email signatures, and more to help your business gain more brand consistency and recognition.

If you need any more help with your graphics design needs, we’re here to help you with our thousands upon thousands of templates.

Have fun designing and may your business prosper!

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