52 Colorful Paint Logos to Inspire Your Brand’s Artistry

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It’s another day of figuring out what kind of logos works best for your brand. Perhaps the most difficult question to ask in your branding strategy. Good thing, there’s a good variety of logo designs to choose from. Some are muted and monotone. Others are colorful. The choice comes down to how you want to be perceived and what kind of organization you are. 

Paint logos are one of those choices. They can be effective, too, given that it’s the right audience, industry, and organization. If you think that a colorful logo will do your brand justice, then this article is for you.

We’ve collected a handful of painting logos with different styles, formats, and inspirations from different platforms. Find one or more images that resonate with your organization, and feel free to edit it further. You may choose to use BrandCrowd’s beginner-friendly tools to move the icon around, shift the font, or embellish some more details. 

Why choose paint logos

Although paint logos are not for everybody, there are specific unique characteristics of this design that you might find suitable. Here are some reasons why:

Paint logos are colorful

Paint logos are usually colorful and vibrant. If your brand’s target audiences are the young and the new generation, then a paint logo is perfect. For instance, if you’re a daycare center then a colorful icons and fonts styles can do the job very well. 

Also, it is exciting, amusing, and interesting so the kids and other related audience or customers will find your brand appealing and engaging. 

Paint logos are universal

While we want a logo that’s unique and a standout, we also want to communicate as clearly as possible. A universal logo serves this purpose really well. 

Paint logos are evident everywhere you go and therefore, people can associate its image nuances. If a logo communicates the identity of a brand quickly, the target audience can act fast too. They can engage or buy your product or service. 

Paint logos are versatile

Paint logos are not just for paint-related brands like brush manufacturers or art firms, it can also be applied to coffee shops, tech companies, universities, and libraries.

Because of its universal appeal, a lot of industries and niches can get away with using it as a main icon. 

Paint logos to get your hands on

When selecting a paint logo, the possibilities are nearly endless. To help narrow down your choices, here are some specific styles to consider:

Brush Logos

Brush logos often feature paintbrushes as part of the design or as the main focus. This style is particularly suited for businesses related to art supplies, painting services, creative studios. Interior design, architecture firms, marketing agencies, 

The brush strokes can be stylized to convey the type of artistry your brand represents, from fine art to more abstract forms. They symbolize the act of creation, making them a perfect emblem for brands that pride themselves on creativity and innovation.

Dreamcoat by Jordan Hackworth

Distressed Labs by mdshamimreza

J Paintbrush Logo Design by Joynal Abedin

My Paint ( MP) by Akdesain

Paint Brush Logo Design by ecorokerz

Serious, Brush Logo Design by Peroni

Bubbly Logo Design by Daisy Graphics

Modern, Painting Logo Design by Aaaron

Conservative, Bold Dance Logo Design by RM

Elegant, Brush House painting Logo Design by ecorokerz

Paint Brush Logo Design by jaime.sp

Orange Paint Brush by brandcrowd

Paint Brush Handyman Painter by brandcrowd

Painting Paint Brush by brandcrowd

Paint Brush Painting by brandcrowd

House Painting Paint Brush by brandcrowd

Painting Paint Brush by brandcrowd

Painting Paint Brush by brandcrowd

Rainbow Logos

Rainbow logos are all about color and diversity. These designs can range from literal rainbows to any logo that incorporates a spectrum of colors. 

They are an excellent choice for brands wanting to project inclusivity, joy, and positivity. Industries such as children’s toys, event planning, and any organization promoting diversity and inclusion can benefit from a rainbow logo’s vibrant appeal.

Rainbow LCD R Star Logo by Richard White

Infinite Rainbow ⁠🏳️‍🌈⁠ by Sander de Wekker

A + Rainbow by Colton Summers

Reading Rainbow Logo Redesign by Mike Ralph

Sweet Rainbow Children Logo Design by Anna Webering

Colorful, Tree Logo Design by H-H Arts

Personable, Bright education Logo Design by vta

Playful, Tropical Health Service Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Upmarket, Bright Clothing Brand Logo Design by exoddinary

Feminine, Retro hand blown glass paraphernalia for marijuana Logo Design by design.picnic

Colorful Logo Design by Mario 11

Bold, Rich Logo Design by Moumita_

Colorful Logo Design by Graphicsbox

Rainbow Pencil Child by brandcrowd

Rainbow Sky Egg by brandcrowd

Retro Rainbow Cloud by brandcrowd

Playful Rainbow Cloud by brandcrowd

Painting Brush Rainbow by brandcrowd

Art Logos

Art logos encompass a wide range of designs that include elements such as palettes, canvases, and abstract art forms. Art logos are ideal for galleries, art schools, and cultural institutions. 

They can also be a great fit for creative agencies looking to showcase their artistic flair and capability for innovative design solutions. Art logos can be adapted to fit a modern, minimalist aesthetic or a more detailed, classical approach, depending on the brand’s identity and target audience.

Art Gallery Logo by Maki Sketch Logo Design

Art Logo by Kira Rittgers

Art – Verbicon by Dragisa Trojancevic

Art School Logo by Maki Sketch Logo Design

Art Protect Logo Design by k4y182

Logo for Artidio by Sapt Web

Elegant, Artistic retail art Logo Design by geni

Serious, Unique Art Logo Design by LUTNG.

Professional, Paint Brush Fine Art Logo Design by creative.bugs

Bold, Detective Logo Design by sherman

Serious, Artistic Logo Design by JTdsign

Sunrise Stained Glass by brandcrowd

Mosaic Shield Art by brandcrowd

Sunrise Sailboat Boat Painting by brandcrowd

Modern Art Painting by brandcrowd

Painting Paint Bucket by brandcrowd

Design your own paint logos

Creating a paint logo that captures your brand’s essence doesn’t have to be complex. With the help of logo makers and AI logo maker tools, the process becomes accessible and enjoyable. These platforms offer a wide range of templates and customization options, allowing you to design a logo that stands out, whether for business cards, flyers, or digital use.

Remember, the key is to ensure your logo is versatile, easily adaptable across different mediums, and resonates with your brand’s identity. By leveraging these user-friendly tools, you can create a visually appealing and memorable paint logo that truly represents your brand in every way.