40 Logos of the Best Spas in the World

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Are you planning on opening up a spa in your neighborhood? Or perhaps rebranding your existing business to get more clients? If yes, allow us to take you on a quick tour of the best spas in the world through their logos and some quick logo inspiration too!

A spa is a place for relaxation. It is where you get to pamper your body and let the aroma of flowers and herbs soothe you. A spa is quite popular for busy people and people staying at resorts or hotels who have opted for a quick getaway. If you are thinking of catering to this market, then you should have more than just great products to use.

Like restaurants and other service-offering business, the quality of your service and the ambiance are some of the crucial factors that will keep you on business. But like any other new business or old business, your marketing strategy will help get the attention of potential customers and keep the existing ones coming back for more.

To get people interested and curious about what you have to offer, an eye-catching, interesting, and relaxing spa logo will help get people through your door.

What Are The Common Characteristics Of A Spa Logo?

Flowers, particularly lotuses and lilies, are commonly found in logo designs for spas. Some would include (or place instead) a tree or an image of rippling water.

Artists make it more interesting when the flowers are drawn to create a semblance to another object such as a crown or a key or a lock, depending on the brand’s essence. Sometimes texts are also included in the design.

The typeface is often narrow and italicized, creating a simple yet elegant text. These logos usually use cool and radiant colors, capturing the essence of spas being a peaceful and relaxing space.

To get more ideas on how an effective spa logo will look, the following are some great examples for you.

Logos of Popular Spas In The World

Popular spas in the world also uses lotuses and flowers in their spa logos. Most of the designs use the color of gold, black and green in their logo. The design usually has a meditating ambiance and a relaxing look than any other logo design. Let us take a look at some of their logos.

Spa Logo Ideas That You Can Take Inspiration From

Floral designs are popular in spa logos. Lotuses and lilies are particular favorites in such logo designs. They are often accompanied by cool and radiant colors, giving the design a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

For ideas on how to conceptualize your spa logo, below are some great examples for you.

Flower Logo Design by Andchic

Lotus Logo Design by Andchic

Crown Logo Design by Andchic

Feather Logo Design by Andchic

Water Logo Design by Logobrainstorm

Bloom Logo Design by Logobrainstorm

Petals Logo Design by Andchic

Unity Logo Design by Andchic

Lock Logo Design by Ions

Salon Logo Design by Ions

Peacock Logo Design by Ions

Yoga Logo Design by Ions

Gold Logo Design by Monogramer

Leaf Logo Design by Danoen

Jewelry Logo Design by Smg

Round Logo Design by Ions

Florist Logo Design by Tavi

Key Logo Design by Ions

Bird Logo Design by Ions

Orange Logo Design by Ions

Red Logo Design by Ions

Sun Logo Design by Ions

Flame Logo Design by Ions

Lily Logo Design by Ions

Hair Logo Design by Andchic

Cross Logo Design by Smg

Hope this collection gave you an idea on how an effective spa logo should look like!

Do You Need Help Creating Your Spa Logo?

There are several ways to get a logo, but the most creative and satisfying one is to create it yourself.

BrandCrowd’s spa logo maker is a great tool to use if you want to start creating your own. It is very easy to use and will give you thousands of logo design options.

Not satisfied with the selection?

Our wellness logo maker, well-being logo maker, health logo maker, and retreat logo maker can give you other related designs to choose from!

You only have to take 3 easy steps to create your very own logo: generate, customize and download!

When you customize, you will be able to add text, change the font, change the color, re-arrange the layout and even change the color of the logo design.

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Work on your logo today! Like most marketing tools, a great logo can take your business to the next level!