40 Logos of the Best Spas in the World

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(Updated August 13, 2020)

Are you planning on opening up a massage spa in your town? Or are you trying to rebrand yourself and become a fresher brand? 

You’ll gather fresh ideas on how you can strategically give your brand a harmonious brand identity. 

This article looks at some of the world’s well-known brands to illustrate what you should and shouldn’t do when designing your spa logo.

Smoothing out how you present yourself to the market allows you to get closer to your target audience. 

At the same time, you are also helping consumers to understand what services you offer as a spa brand.

A spa is a place for relaxation. Whether you’re on holiday or not, it is where you get to pamper your body and let the aroma of flowers and herbs soothe you. A spa is a popular destination for busy people and people staying at resorts or hotels who have opted for a quick getaway.

Similar to restaurants and other service providers, the quality of your service and the ambiance are crucial factors that will keep you in business. But like any other new business or old business, your marketing strategy will help get the attention of potential customers and keep the existing ones coming back for more.

Get people interested in what you have to offer. An eye-catching, engaging, and relaxing visual identity will help get people through your door.

How to Make A Spa Logo

Let’s take a quick crash course on what it takes to create a brand mark for a spa business. This way, you can increase your chances of building a memorable emblem and create a better first impression.

At a basic level, a brand logo comprises a color scheme, text, and illustrations. 

Wellness logos usually use cool and radiant colors, capturing the essence of spas being a peaceful and relaxing space—colors such as green, blue, and lilac work fantastic for these companies. When picking a color, you should be mindful of selecting a unique palette that looks far from the one used by your competitor. 

You want typography that is readable and communicative of who you are a brand. Depending on your values, you can use serif and sans serif fonts for your 

For illustrations, flowers, particularly lotuses and lilies, are commonly found in logo designs for beauty spas. It is a common practice to depict objects or scenes that look serene for a calming look. Some include (or place instead) a tree or an image of rippling water. Artists make it more creative by using abstract themes that provide visual intrigue. 

Take a better grip on spa branding by taking a look at the logos below.

Logos of Popular Spas In The World

Famous spas in the world also use lotuses and flowers in their business logos. Most of the designs use the color of gold, black, and green in their logo to create a luxurious mood. 

The designs are instilled with a meditating ambiance and a relaxing look than any other logo design like technology or construction. 

Let us take a look at some of their logos.

Inspiring Logos for You

For ideas on how to conceptualize your insignia, below are some great examples for you.

As you have seen, nature-inspired designs are often seen in spa branding. Floral design elements are particular favorites visuals. They are often accompanied by calm and radiant colors, giving the design a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. It gives audiences a sense that they are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Pro tip: Make a mood board.

A mood board is a compilation of ideas and goals that you want for your brand. This presentation may contain what inspires and influences your brand, whether in tone or visual identity. You can use this to stay on track of your goals by looking back at it when you get sidetracked during your branding process. From this list, you can gather up design styles that you like and apply it to your own design.

Flower Logo Design by Andchic

Lotus Logo Design by Andchic

Crown Logo Design by Andchic

Feather Logo Design by Andchic

Water Logo Design by Logobrainstorm

Bloom Logo Design by Logobrainstorm

Petals Logo Design by Andchic

Unity Logo Design by Andchic

Lock Logo Design by Ions

Salon Logo Design by Ions

Peacock Logo Design by Ions

Yoga Logo Design by Ions

Gold Logo Design by Monogramer

Leaf Logo Design by Danoen

Jewelry Logo Design by Smg

Round Logo Design by Ions

Florist Logo Design by Tavi

Key Logo Design by Ions

Bird Logo Design by Ions

Orange Logo Design by Ions

Red Logo Design by Ions

Sun Logo Design by Ions

Flame Logo Design by Ions

Lily Logo Design by Ions

Hair Logo Design by Andchic

Cross Logo Design by Smg

This collection of brand marks has undoubtedly given you ideas on how you can create your own emblem.

Do You Need Help Creating Your Spa Logo?

There are several ways to get a logo. You can give logo contests a try and work with DesignCrowd’s massive community of designers. But you can also get into a creative exercise and make your logo today. 

BrandCrowd’s spa logo maker is a great tool to use if you want to start creating your own. It is effortless to use and will give you thousands of logo design options.

Want to view more designs? Our wellness logo maker and retreat logo maker can give you other related designs to choose from.

You only have to take three easy steps to create your very own logo: generate, customize, and download! When you customize, you’ll be in control of adding text, changing the font, color, and layout. 

Take charge of your branding today. Like most marketing tools, a great logo can take your business to the next level.

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