61 Sizzling Bistro Logo Ideas

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In the competitive world of bistro businesses, establishing a solid brand identity is essential to stand out from the crowd. 

If you’re a business owner looking to attract customers, use our logo maker to design an eye-catching logo for your brand!

You don’t need design experience or technical skills to create your bistro logo

Join us as we explore the bistro logos from our customizable templates below. Let’s start!

How To Design A Bistro Logo?

When designing a restaurant logo, remember that it’s one of the first few things your customers see about your business – and how you define it affects how customers interact with your product or brand. 

A good bistro logo should communicate your restaurant’s unique ambiance, culinary style, and overall experience to your target audience.

But how do you do that? We’ll let you in on some tips:

Choose your typography: Typography sets the tone and personality of your bistro logo. Choose fonts that align with your restaurant’s ambiance and cuisine. For an elegant vibe, consider sophisticated script fonts, while a rustic restaurant may benefit from bold and handcrafted typefaces. 

Use icons: Discover the art of iconography by incorporating relevant icons in your logo. You can add utensil icons, a chef’s hat logo, or other elements that add a touch of authenticity. 

Choose a color palette: When designing a restaurant logo, colors play a crucial role. Make sure to choose a color palette that complements the style of your restaurant. You can use earth shades like brown or green logos for a cozy and organic feel. However, you may also use vibrant logos and colors if you aim for a lively vibe in your restaurant.

Bistro Logo Ideas For Your Business

Now that you have a solid understanding of designing a captivating logo for your restaurant, it’s time to explore making your logo creation process a breeze.

Designing a cafe logo from scratch can be thrilling, but we understand that only some have the time or design skills to start from a blank canvas. We’ve collected bistro templates you can customize to give you an idea of your logo.

Check them out in four primary categories below:

Food Bistro Logos

There’s no better way to let your brand be known that using a food logo to attract customers. Indulge their senses with your food logo that instantly tantalizes their taste buds and ignites their cravings.

With mouthwatering icons and captivating font, your food bistro logos may be the secret ingredient to your cafe’s success. 

Check out the food logos below:

Lasagne Bistro by Headfonts

Korean Bistro Logo by Daniel Kim

Asaki by Linijos

Brand Design | Quartino by Roberto Savino ✌🏻

Burning Peppers Bar & Bistro by Mario Strlek

Shotz Bistro by jenrielzany

Bistro Baguette by Victor Galván

Toast bistro by Aleksandar Marinkovic

Elegant, Restaurant Logo Design by simple mind

Elegant, Restaurant Logo Design by MoonFeather

Elegant, Bistro Logo Design by Logo no 1

Traditional, Windmill Logo Design by BNdesigner

Serious, Food blog Logo Design by erenmalcok

Playful, Food Indian Restaurant Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Serious, Fish Logo Design by wonderland

Orange Coffee Cup Cafe by Asad khan

Gourmet Food Wine Bistro by yulianrhmn

Beer Deli Bistro Badge by MDS

Red Steak Bistro by novita007

Bistro Bar Emblem by AleksandrO

Rustic/Vintage Bistro Logos

Give your customers the feeling of a countryside escape with a rustic bistro logo! Using rustic logos effortlessly captures the charm of rustic elegance, which sets your restaurant up for an unforgettable dining experience. 

Whether you’re serving hearty comfort food or artisanal creations, these logos will help you create a brand that feels welcoming, authentic, and full of character.

Browse through rustic bistro logos here:

Taman Bistro by Aleksandar Savic

Giuseppi’s Bar & Bistro by Matthew Spiteri

Reju Bistro logo by Binh Le

Frank’s Logo by Jessie Maisonneuve

Bistro Lab by Veljko Vavrin

Restaurant logo badges by EDT.graphics

Traditional, Windmill Logo Design by GLDesigns

Classic Logo Design by Ashani Bhattacharya

Logotype Logo Design by Panki

Playful, Pizza Logo Design by ThiagoB

Elegant, Restaurant Restaurant Logo Design by Logo no 1

Elegant, Restaurant Restaurant Logo Design by NILDesigns

Upmarket, High End Food/Bev Logo Design by Madink Studios

Upmarket, Burger Restaurant Logo Design by nreimer

Cursive Bistro Diner by VinP

Bistro Bar Beer by shen02

Bistro Style Badge by VinP

Generic Classic Bistro by BryC

Oktoberfest Beer Glass by Mypen

Liquor Wine Barrel by Riri

Kitchen Tools Bistro Logos

Using a kitchen tools logo for your restaurant is also another excellent way to pull customers inside your restaurant. Imagine the impact of a logo featuring a chef’s knife, a whisk, or a rolling pin!

These iconic symbols instantly communicate your passion for culinary excellence, signaling that your bistro is a place where food is lovingly prepared and flavors are expertly crafted. 

Choose a kitchen tool logo from our customizable templates below:

Bistro logo design by Mersad Comaga

Prabudka Bistro ✽ by Patryk Bełc

Bistro G by Kenny Coil for Break Maiden

Octopus Seafood Bistro Logo Template by Alberto Bernabe

Z Bistro Logo by Denise Uytiepo

Logo for bistro by Alina Basova

Bistro Branding by Andrei Lasc

Bistro by Jovana Randjelovic

Food Logo Design by trufya

Logo Design by Widphic

Elegant, Bistro Logo Design by graphicevolution

Serious, Gas Food blog Logo Design by geni

Bold, Food Logo Design by JoseDesign

Playful, Beer Logo Design by JoseDesign

Modern, Text Restaurant Logo Design by JBalloon Design

Elegant, Restaurant Restaurant Logo Design by RAW

Wok Cooking Restaurant by Clee

Cuisine Restaurant Dining by BryanPaulFerrer

Steak House Bistro by VinP

Bistro Utensils Cook by RainDraft

Bistro Bar Restaurant by shen02

Design A Bistro Logo Today!

Designing a captivating bistro logo is an exciting journey that allows you to showcase the unique personality of your business. We hope our collection of logo ideas above helped kickstart your logo design process! Feel free to comment below on which logo idea we should tackle next.

Choose from the customizable templates above, or visit our website to start from scratch and unleash your creativity. You can also choose other design templates to advertise your brand, such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Headers, and Pinterest Board Covers!

Start your design today, and cheers to your restaurant’s success! 🧑‍🍳

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