114 Technology Logos for Optimized Branding

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Did you know that 35% of the world market consists of the tech industry (Zippa)? Whether it’s mobile units, console games, or even AI, that enhances the driving experience. Technology has become a massive part of our lives.

So, are you going to start a business in the tech industry?

No worries, we’ll help you make the best impression and stand out among the competition with our collation of technology logo designs. We have thousands upon thousands of designs in our online logo maker curated just for you.

Tech Industry Facts

Before getting to the logos, let’s get into some of the facts/statistics of the industry that’s why it’s so in demand. This shows in the prediction of CompTIA since by the end of 2022, the technology industry will be worth $5.3 billion.

And because the industry is highly valued, workforce growth has become one of the most important aspects since it gets doubled if not tripled each year. The forecast by 2030 is that there would be around 9 million jobs open.

It’s also now easier than ever to launch your own app. You can try releasing a minimum viable product (MVP) first to test the waters and see if you’ll get audience. You can then create one from your own coding knowledge or work with an MVP software development company to quickly build and launch your app.

If that doesn’t convince you to start your own business or pick a career in technology, we don’t know what will. But, to give you an idea, the five categories under the industry are:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Telecom
  • IT and Business Services
  • Emerging Tech.

Take your pick. And while you’re at it, check out the logo designs to pair with your business name.

Technology Logos for Optimized Branding

Now that we’ve discussed some of the new techs we’ve been using, let’s get into the logos that’ll surely give your technology brand a boost in marketing and create a strong first impression.

We divided them into five categories just for you.


Incite curiosity in the minds of your market, use an abstract logo. Show an aspect of your business in a unique way. It could be showing your values or maybe a creative way of looking at your product or service.

Either way, you’ll definitely make a strong impression on your market. Check out the designs below.

Blockmedia Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

Blue Circuit Technology by SimplePixelSL

Blue Network Technology by royallogo

Bold, Business Technology Equipment Logo Design by LogoToGoStudio

Colorful Cursor Technology by town

Colorful Pixel Technology by LogoBrainstorm

Connection / Unity / Letter C Logo 2D to 3D by Mihai Dolganiuc

Cyberspace Technology Eye by spayro

H monogram by Vadim Carazan

House Roof Technology Circuits by SimplePixelSL

Letter K / Plane / Send Logo Exploration by Mihai Dolganiuc

Letter R Logo Exploration by Milon Ahmed

Modern, Black Startup Logo Design by RajanVasani

Modern, Company Logo Design by azka 4

Modern, Computer Software Computer Software Logo Design by Sunny

Modern, Technology Logo Design by graphicevolution

Modern, University Logo Design by lnb…

Play Icon Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

Playful, School Information Technology Logo Design by trufya

Serious, Company Engineering Consulting Logo Design by TerryBogard

Wifi Technology Tree by marcololstudio

Zetixa tech logo by Amir Sayem


Get in with the creative logos of this century. A modern logo is a great choice for your tech company because it’s timeless and easy on the eyes of your market.

Get in with the creative logos of this century. A modern logo is a great choice for a software development agency, customer service chatbot, or other tech apps because it’s timeless and easy on the eyes of your market.

WOW them with the modern logos below.

Abstract Automotive Technology by FishDesigns61025

Apple icon / logo design symbol: digital meets organic by Alex Tass

Company Logo Design by Atvento Graphics

D modern Tech logo design by Rony Pa

Drone Robot Technology by SimplePixelSL

Elegant, Blue Education Logo Design by trufya

Eye Technology Spy by Tristan

It Company Information Technology Logo Design by Art Lancer

Lavvoro Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

m+arrow by vectamar

Modern, Company Information Technology Logo Design by happybrain design

Modern, It Company Logo Design by sez_inn

Modern, Taxi Logo Design by madeli

Modern, Unique It Company Logo Design by ultramarin

syexco Brand Logo Design, Abstract S, Modern S byTouhid

Polygon wave_S by Ninn Gelashvili

Professional, Building Logo Design by JohnM

Solar Energy Technology by juana

Solar Core Technology by Mypen

Technological Letter R by Mypen

Technology Building Blocks by lazeefish

Technology Software Letter X by AMCstudio

Upmarket Logo Design by gorant

ZedMed – Modern Logo Design by uxboss™ ⚡


Simplicity is key with the designs below. The minimalist design allows you to express who you are as a business in a trendy yet uncomplicated way that your market understands.

Find your minimalist logo below.

Beehive Business Technology Company by JimjemR

Blue Check Technology by vladfedotovv

Book Tracker Logomark. by Aditya

Circuit Loop Technology by podvoodoo13

Company Logo Design by Atiek

Digital Cube Technology by wasih

Elegant, Circle Information Technology Logo Design by Gisella Guzmán

Forniko Logo Design by Mamun

Hexagon Technology Circuit by royallogo

Modern, Creative Tech Logo Design by JohnM

Modern, It Company Logo Design by christianpoetoe

Playful, Young Logo Design by JTdsign

Professional, Simple Software Development Logo Design by UN

Professional, Scientific Logo Design by somani

Pulse Circuit Technology by MDS

Rader by Fozley Rabbi

S by Damian Kidd

Serious, Atlas Logo Design by Daffin

Technology Cube Startup Company by eightyLOGOS

Technology Letter U by MusiqueDesign

Technology Network Circuit by shen02

Telescope by Fozley Rabbi

Upmarket, Image Automotive Logo Design by TerryBogard

Virtual Reality Logo / VR logo by Aditya

Yellow Electrical Technology by town


Want to use an image as your primary visual? Use a pictorial logo. Images are processed 60,000 times faster than words.

Retain the attention of your market with these pictorial designs below.

Blue Horse Technology by SimplePixelSL

Blue Microchip Technology by shen02

Broom Cleaning Technology by SimplePixelSL

Coconut AI Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

Computer Network Chat by marcololstudio

Computer Technology App by JimjemR

Creative technology brain logo by Md Emon Sheik/Logo and branding design

Curious Innovations by Omega-Pixel

Elegant, Computer Computers and technology Logo Design by Asya Logo

Green AI Technology by AleksandrO

Information Technology Graduate by SimplePixelSL

Light Bulb Technology by marcololstudio

Logo Design by badawi

Logo Design by vanion282

Modern, Advanced Transportation  by JBalloon Design

Playful, Atlas Manufacturing Logo Design by Grapi

Playful, Company Logo Design by Logo no 1

Personable, Purple Legal Contracts Logo Design by ThiagoB

serverfrog logo design by Milon Ahmed

Setneet Logo Exploration, Wifi+S+Wifi Speed, Technology logo by Md Arif Hossain

Space Galactic Technology by ArvinP

United States USA Map Technology by JimjemR


Establish name recognition through a wordmark logo. Make your business name your primary design and use eye-catchy typography to WOW your market.

Find your wordmark design below.

Better Logo Design by untung bertubi-tubi

Bold, Business Business Logo Design by rafaeldsgn

Bold, Consulting Fintech Logo Design by Vndesign2018

Bold, Simple Internet Logo Design by Dreemlan Design

Bold, Simple Logo Design by Atec

Company Online Shopping Logo Design by sez_inn

Connet- Logo Design for Internet Service Company by Abu Talha

Eco Logo Design by Aaaron

Elegant, Computer Logo Design by Dharmo_Studio

Elegant, Information Technology Logo Design by Ng V Duc

Energy Logo Design by Indra Putra

Iotwave Logo Design Proposal 02 by Mihai Dolganiuc

ITONE Logo by Jahid Hasan

Logo Design by Zulsani 130

Mint Drones Logo & Brand Identity Design by Second Eight

Modern, Company It Company Logo Design by ali indoproD

Playful, Company Healthcare Logo Design by XinThink

Professional, Company Information Technology Logo Design by antoneofull

Tryit logo design / wordmark logo by Aditya

Serious, Industry Logo Design by step forward 2

Tank Information Technology Logo Design by Gisella Guzmán

Create your Tech Logo Today

And there you have it, our curated list of technology logo designs just for you. We hope you found the perfect design for your business.

If you need any other type of help with your technology business design like business cards, email signatures, etc. check out our AI logo generator and explore our website for more templates.

Good luck designing and managing your business!

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