Famous Initial Logo Designs

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Logos come in many shapes, colors and sizes. You as the owner get to choose the theme of your business or organization logo. One cool yet simple design that you can consider is an initial logo.

Initial logos are those that use letters in their design. These letters can be arranged in a unique way that captures attention and becomes memorable. Most of these designs are minimalistic, although designers can make use of shapes and symbols to make them more creative.

Initial logos work well with personal brands, especially those that are named after their founders or brand owners. They can also be used for businesses with long names and who are aiming to make their brand more memorable. Although it can be noticed that there is no specific industry that applies to this type of logo design.

How To Use An Initial Logo For Your Business

Many brand logos are simply initials of the brand name, spanning across many industries, whether it’s in the fashion industry, in automobiles, or technology brands. This way, the brand is a lot easier to remember.

These designs though are minimalistic and are in danger of being boring and forgettable. Hence, the stylistic arrangement or shape of the letters and the choice of colors are important.

Stylistically, they could be bold (i.e Hewlett-Packard) or in italics (i.e General Electric), or ambiguously shaped (i.e Lexus), or superimposed (i.e Louis Vuitton) or spaced apart (i.e Dolce & Gabbana).

In the fashion and transportation industry, it is common to find logos that use one or two colors, most of which are either muted or vibrant. In the tech industry, however, one will find a handful of brands that are colorful and bright.

If you are open to using an initial logo for your business, we have some cool collection of initial logos that you can take inspiration from.

Initial Logos For The Fashion Industry

In the fashion industry, designers’ initials as logo designs are quite iconic and yet common. These designs rely on the beauty of the font and how the letters are arranged – creatively combined or spaced. They are often minimalistic yet very classy, with colors that are dark or muted instead of vibrant ones. Below are some of the famous initial logos in the fashion industry that has become a brand icon.

If you are hoping to create a fashion business, or maybe your line of clothing and apparel, you can certainly have your very own initial logo. The following examples use artistically designed logos with sophisticated colors of gold, white and red hues. Let us take a look at some of these logo design inspiration.

Fire Logo Design by Ions

Orange Logo Design by Ions

Typography Logo Design by Dantedesign

Lines Logo Design by Smg

White Logo Design by Monogramer

Gold Logo Design by Monogramer

Initial Logo Designs For The Transportation Industry

Similar to the ones in the fashion industry, logo designs for the transportation industry are also minimalistic. Rather than an old-fashioned and classic aesthetic, transportation logo designs have a more modern look with geometric shapes and forms. The below famous logo uses sleek and clean designs to emphasize its brand name.

For entrepreneurs who are considering an initial logo for their automobile brand or maybe establishing their transportation and logistics business, below are some logo examples for you. As you can notice, some of the designs use dark and muted colors while others have more vibrant colors. Let us take a look at this design inspiration.

Fast Logo Design by Danoen

Low Poly Logo Design by Danoen

Fly Logo Design by Brandtime

Wing Logo Design by Radu

Initial Logo Designs For The Tech Industry

Logos for tech companies and brands are usually modern and geometric in design. Some may have metallic colors, others are bright and colorful. For popular brands and tech giants, the most common design them that we can notice is the sleek and minimalist design that they use to represent their brand.

If you have a brilliant technology business idea but need a logo to jumpstart your marketing strategy, below are some examples of a cool and sleek initial logo for you.

Web Logo Design by Andchic

Green Logo Design by Town

Crypto Logo Design by Smg

Pixel Logo Design by Smg

Ball Logo Design by Dalia

Purple Logo Design by Smg

We hope we have given you enough ideas on where to start with your initial logo through this collection!

Need A Hand In Creating Your Initial Logo?

Look no further because we have an easy guide for you!

BrandCrowd’s initial logo maker is the perfect tool for you. With over a thousand logo designs, you will have plenty of cool options to choose from.

Simply click the logo of your choice and then you are ready to customize it! The tool has several cool features that you can use. You can change color, add text, change the font, add symbols and shapes. You can even re-arrange the layout until you are satisfied with the output. There are simply no limitations to what you can do with the designs!

Still haven’t found your logo design? Worry not! You can also check out our letter logo maker and monogram logo maker for more design options.

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Get in touch with your creative side and start working on your logo today!