Logo Design Tips For Non-Designers

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Well-designed visuals enhance the aesthetics of any content. With stunning branding elements like your logo, website, blog posts, and even social media posts, you’ll attract and keep visitors; busy and impatient Internet users who prefer visuals to text.

In this article, we’ll focuse on the logo design. In the past, hiring a graphic designer was a must. Today, you can make your own logo all on your own. Here are a few how-to tips that will get you through your logo design project.

Don’t be a CopyCat

Be creative! You can imitate but your brand image must be uniquely you. Your designs must be customized for the brand image you want to portray. Ask yourself what your logo must say and think about the images that communicate this. Look for logo design ideas used by others on DesignCrowd or among the BrandCrowd templates. Search for the icons on BrandCrowd that would visually communicate to your audience. Take the best ideas you find and customize your designs to make them unique.

A Great Color Palette

Choose colors that best depict the message you want to give. Take a look at the research on color psychology and create your palette on Adobe. Limit your color palette to a few contrasting colors like two. Brands that use too many colors can be mentally confusing to their audiences, and look indecisive.

Contrast can increase focus and grab attention. Have a bold contrast in color or typography and make sure your logo looks good in color and in black and white.

White Space

As you design your logo, be mindful of the need for white space. Create a fluid design. It allows brains to ‘rest’ between images and text. This makes the logo easier to read and attracts attention.
Using negative space highlights your creativity and makes your design more memorable.

Fonts and Typography

Clarity is essential. To choose the right font, think about your brand’s image and message. Typefaces with rounded edges look friendlier, serifs convey elegance and hard-edged geometric fonts look modern.

It can also be too unattractive and difficult to read if you use a lot of different fonts. Stick to two in the same font family.


Experiment with graphic design elements as you create your own logo with you own unique style. Come up with your ideas, craft them into a design, and get feedback from your friends, colleagues, followers and customers. There is nothing better than getting opinions from your target audience.

Try the logo creator to make your own logo or DesignCrowd to access a community of 650,000 talented professional graphic designers to get a custom logo design.

Create Your Logo Design For Free

BrandCrowd’s logo maker makes it easy for non-designers to create a great-looking logo! The tool gives you plenty of options to customise the logo just the way you want it. Mix and match the colours, fonts and shapes to our pre-made logo and you’ll have the perfect business logo in no time at all!

– Generate thousands of logo ideas by entering your business name and a few related keywords
– Browse the resulting logos that have been created and find one that you like – you can customise it in the next step.
– Customise the logo with different fonts, colors and layouts. Even add addition custom shapes

If you love the logo you’ve created, then you can download right away.

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