Fantastic Logos Hidden Meaning

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We may see these logos every day, but we live such busy lives that their meanings and hidden messages may get brushed off by some people. 

The messages that we can derive from brand symbols let us know more about the company. A logo helps businesses connect with their audience, after all. Plus, unlocking messages from famous logos can provide entertainment to a lot of people. 

Here are some explanations about the different meanings of these famous logos.

Check them out.

This logo was made by a design agency from Covent Garden in London called Stylo Design. The entire logo is created using a single number. That number is eight. The redesign created the brand name by using this number creatively.

At first, all you see is sleek and modern typography. However, there is actually a hidden meaning of Sony’s VAIO logo. You’ll spot the analog signal being formed in the first two letters. 

This design has won over forty different awards worldwide. The logo features an arrow hidden between the letters E and X. It was designed by Lindon Leader 1994 as a Senior Design Director in Landor Associates. The team supposedly ran through 200 different designs before going with this logo.

The firm Eighty-20 is relatively small.  But the meaning in their logo is big. The squares are actually a binary code for the name. The top line reads 1010000 and on the bottom reads 0010100.

Toblerone is a chocolate company from Bern, Switzerland. The are is known for its high mountains and is often referred to as  called “The City Of Bears”. This explains the hidden silhouette of a bear in the mountain illustration.

There are 31 different flavors of ice-cream in the menu of Baskin-Robbins. If you look at the design, the number 31 is visible in the logo. You’ll see it in the letters B and R. 

The Northwest Airlines logo hides two secret meanings. First, it has the letters N and W in positive and negative spaces. There is also another less apparent idea in there. The red triangle points to the north-west within the circle as if it was a compass.

 The yellow arrow is not just a smiley. Besides friendliness, it also suggests that you can buy everything A to Z on Amazon.

The SUN Microsystems logo is a solid example of a design with symmetry and order. To see the message, try observing the letters U and N found in the diamond. The adjacent letters appear a lot like the letter S in a perpendicular direction.

The Tostitos logo also has a hidden message. Have you seen this before? The letters “TIT” are actually two people enjoying Mexican food at a table. The two appear to be sharing chips and salsa.

The Formula 1 logo has a hidden number 1. You can see it between the letter F and the speed lines.

Elefont’s message is hidden withing the negative space.  The lowercase letter E actually looks like a trunk. Cool, right?

NBC is a company with six different divisions. Those divisions are each represented by the feathers seen on the peacock illustration. The head is visible, which suggests that the peacock is looking toward the viewer.

The brand is one of the leading retailers in Europe. In French, the brand name means “Crossroads”. The lettermark logo symbolizes this word with the use of two opposite arrows. Additionally, the brand also added the first letter of the name. When you ook close enough, you will spot the letter C between the two arrows. 

The C and O letters at the beginning of the word take the form of a tire, which is the main product of the brand. Continental is the fourth largest manufacturer of the product.

Unilever produces thousands of different products. As a reference to this, the letter U is made up of different symbols that represent their products. You can learn more about different food business logos here.

Initially, this was a logo created for a puzzle game called Cluenatic. The game requires player to unravel different clues. The logo was designed with the letters C, L, U, and E arranged in the form of a maze. At a distance, the symbol may initially resemble a key. 

Families is a Readers Digest magazine. The letters “ILI” are transformed to show a simplified and stylized family of three.

Goodwill is a nonprofit organization. It helps less privileged people in North America. The design features a smiley face in the letter G. It communicates the happiness and relief that the organization aims to provide to the people.

This logo looks like Africa at first glance. But if you take a closer look, you will see two people facing each other.

This is a conceptual logo that shows a golfer taking a swing. But if you look at it in a different way, the logo turns into a silhouette of a warrior wearing a spartan helmet at the same time.

This Bronx Zoo logo shows the animals within a city with tall buildings. Smart play with positive and negative spaces.

Snooty Peacock is a jewelry store. Notice the hidden peacock in the face.

The Hartford Whalers logo shows three concepts at the same time. A whale’s tail, letter “W” in green, and the white space form an “H” for Hartford.

The designer of ED Logo – “Elettro Domestici -Home Appliances” in English, changed the concept of traditional logo designing through this logo. You will also learn a lot about using white space in a celver way just by looking at this design. The designer made use of the negative space to demonstrate the letter “E” and “D” making the logo look like an electric plug.

You can discover Australia’s shape in the negative space. It forms between the woman’s raised leg and back. This Yoga Australia logo certainly fits the brand.

Notice the palm of a hand? This MyFonts logo forms the shape with the use of the letters M and Y.

Lastly, we have this computer company. This is a logo designed in-house for an internal event at IBM. This symbol, designed by Paul Rand, took in a more playful design with visual comedy. Instead of using the actual letters of I and B, this logo used an illustration of an eye and a bee.


Did you learn anything new about the logos above? Hopefully, this list of clever logos with genius hidden meanings has made you into a logo decoding master of sorts.

Get creative and try designing your own logo. You can pepper in secret messaged that people will enjoy interpreting.

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