How To Be Creative And Avoid Generic Logos For Your Startup

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Logo designs can be as creative as the designer can make them. But what if you, as an entrepreneur, mistakenly create a generic logo design for your brand when do it yourself?

Well, that is quite understandable and can happen to anyone too, especially for those who are doing it for the first time.

Generic logos are those that feature design elements that are quite common and have been used so many times. They are those that no longer feel like original creations because of how they have been used multiple times, in varying shades of colors and across multiple industries.

As a business owner, your logo is one of the factors that keeps your business apart from the competition. It makes people recognize your brand at a glance so having a generic logo is undesirable especially if yours is a start-up business.

Tips On Designing A Creative Logo

To avoid receiving or creating generic logo designs, below are some useful tips on how to be creative and avoid generic and overused logos.

1. Keep it simple.

Your logo doesn’t have to have complex shapes and symbols to make it unique. Simple is often more and this is particularly true for brands who have used simple logo designs.

You can make use of a simple image and even a plain background to make a statement. Not only is it clean, but the logo is also easily recognizable even from a distance.

2. Tell your story through the logo.

Creating a logo design is not just putting together common designs that are easily recognizable with your target market. It should also be about embracing your business’ mission to the design aesthetics to make it more identifiable.

You can always use common symbols and add your own personal twist to the design. It is unavoidable to use them in most cases, so it is best to add a more personal touch to the design that will symbolize how you want your brand to be remembered.

3. Make people curious.

Business owners need to own a logo that will make people look twice. It won’t help if your product blends in. It has to stand out and jump from across aisles, on the neighbourhood, and in the market.

If you can, create a logo that will inspire people to act. It’s not just creating an aesthetically pleasing logo, but a logo that will make people think twice.

4. Keep fonts to a minimum.

Fonts are often used to add a unique twist to a logo. And sometimes they make the design more aesthetically pleasing too.

Using too many, however, can make the design too crowded and will make people want to avoid looking at it. Too many fonts sometimes make the design too messy and confuse your audience.

Generic Logo Design Ideas

If you are dying to create a unique logo design and try to avoid getting that generic logo design, look no further!

Below are some examples of generic logos that can be turned into unique and creative ones. You can take inspiration from these designs and maybe add 1 or 2 touches to the logo when you customize it or have it custom-made.

Health Logos

For the health industry, logos mostly uses a cross or anything related to the industry. An example is the use of tooth for dental clinics.

Cross Logo Design by Tavi

Tooth Logo Design by Mrzerro

You can add a twist to your health logo by adding some other detail to the design: like a simple item at home or even a fruit. To make your health logo more creative, below are some unique examples:

Yoga Logo Design by Alindesign

Gym Logo Design by Square69

Capsule Logo Design by Pitbox

Lime Logo Design by Dalia

Dental Logo Design by Rideaz

Castle Logo Design by Tavi

Food Logos

Food logos usually consist of utensils at home or an appliance or two from the kitchen.

Aside from the usual food items on the logo, a unique food logo design can also incorporate other household items that are not entirely used in the kitchen. Designers can even turn completely unrelated objects and turn them into food – or close to it.

Sushi Logo Design by Justlife

Food Logo Design by Shad

Chicken Logo Design by Mypen

Wheat Logo Design by Giyan

Cake Logo Design by Ancitis

Fish Logo Design by Arishu

Fashion Logo

Fashion-related logos usually feature dresses, shoes, bags and other garments.

Shoes Logo Design by Moonley

Pink Logo Design by Moonley

To make the logo more creative, you can also add a variety of shapes to the image to make it more unique.

Triangle Logo Design by Daneon

Salon Logo Design by Ions

Flower Logo Design by Ions

Yellow Logo Design by Ions

Hat Logo Design by Town

Diamond Logo Design by Smg

Avoid getting that generic logo and stand out! We hope that we have given you enough inspiration to work on having a unique and creative logo.

Are You Ready To Acquire A Unique Logo?

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Simply generate, customize and download and you are good to go.

Our customizing features includes adding text, changing fonts, mix and match colors, add shapes and symbols. You can even change the size and the layout of the text and the logo to your liking.

If you want a more recognisable design, however, head over to our generic logo maker tool and make a not-so-generic design by adding a twist to your logo.

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Embrace your uniqueness and standout! Reflect your business’ unique value propositions through your brand logo. What are you waiting for? Get started today!