Raise Awareness for Autism with These 25 Logos

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No man will be left behind. As businesses and influencers, we need to show that we care for all our constituents. Let’s raise awareness for persons with autism together.

This 2022, the theme is Inclusive Quality Education for All—spurred on by the struggle that COVID-19 caused to the education system. We can do so much more to aid people with autism to have a better education.

But What Is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder is a combination of environmental and biological factors. They are broad symptoms that range from repetitive behavior to difficulty with social skills and verbal and non-verbal communication.

Thus, we need to raise awareness to ease their learning process and the lives of their caretakers. It’s not enough to just know about it. We need to take action to better their lives.

Raise Awareness for Autism Through Your Design

But as businesses and influencers, what can we do? Brand better. According to consumers, around 64% of them say that they’d either support or blacklist a business depending on their stand on social and or political issues.

Show your market you care through these logos. We have three categories just for you:

Helpful Hands and Warm Hearts

When giving help to others, we use our hands. We wouldn’t be pushed to help others if our hearts didn’t ache for them. It’s empathy that we feel when we put ourselves in their shoes and want to help them.

Show your support through these heartfelt logos:

All In For Autism Logo by Kristin Pruis

Autism logo by Nicholas Hood

Autism Logo Concept by ADNORML

Autism = Love by TJ Chinn

Autism Test by Mehmet Çam

Puzzle Hand by FishDesigns61025

Człowiek. Nie Kosmita. by Aleksandra

Supportive Puzzle Piece

The puzzle piece is a symbol to represent autism because it’s a complex spectrum. Let’s raise awareness for people with autism through these logos:

Acolhe Autismo Logo by Maria Fernanda

Autism Center logo concept No.2 by Colin Mumbach

Child Care Puzzle by marcololstudio

Georgia Autism Skills for Life by Elliott Strauss

Mind Games Puzzle by shen02

Multicolor Preschool Puzzle by J-lao

Nursery Toddler Puzzle by marcololstudio

Knowing Silhouette

Just because someone is experiencing something different from us, we should treat them differently. On the contrary, we should be patient and make them feel represented.

Create an atmosphere of acceptance and care with these silhouette designs:

Autism Campus Prep by ompratapsinha 2

Autism Recovery Club Logo by Durand Cosca

Autistic And Mental Health Logos by Rasel Ahmed

Children in genetics research program logo design symbol by Alex Tass

Facilitate – Thought Code by Zara Picken

Families with ASD by sbelogd

International Autism Conference – Logo by 🦄 Dragos

Lighthouse Autism Pediatric Services by creative.bugs

Puzzle + Coding + People by Musique Designs

Resilience Autism Care by dianagargaritza

Resilience Autism Care by Jay Design

Let’s Brand with Care Together

And there you have it, our collation of logos to show you are for people with autism. It’s always great to make others feel like they’re not alone in an ongoing struggle.

Thus, allow us to help you make an impact through your advocacy. You can create your designs with us. Just visit our website, we offer not only logos but business cards, social media post templates, and more.

Let’s work together and raise awareness for people with autism today.

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