The Color Lavender | Meaning & Psychology

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Often mistaken for purple and pink, lavender is an elegant color that doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves.  

Although it resembles light shades of purple and dark pink, lavender is unique. Lavender logos are effortlessly stunning and capture the attention of passersby with their vibrant energy and sophistication.

Join us as we learn about lavender and how to design it using our logo maker effectively!

Lavender as a Color

Fragrant, graceful, and sophisticated – lavender is caring, emotional, and naturally nurturing color. Some believe it is the perfect color for femininity and tranquility because it is cheerful and optimistic. 

Lavender is a pale purple shade created with a blue, red, and white mixture. Did you know where it got its name from? There’s a lavender flower which has the same color!

With its refined edge, many consider lavender the mature version of baby pink. Over the years, lavender has earned a role in the Christian faith – it’s featured in Easter traditions and has become the symbol of Christian celebration. 

Here are other associations of lavender:

Springtime Splendor

Lavender has a solid connection to springtime in this season. Lavender is one with nature, and this time of the year is steeped in colors like lavender. 

Delicate and Feminine

Due to its grace and femininity, lavender has earned a rosy reputation. With its feminine qualities, lavender is a warm hue; there’s so much to love about this striking shade. 

Relaxation and Creativity

Lavender is gaining more attention because of the growing popularity of aromatherapy. The color contains numerous medicinal properties, making it a staple in natural remedies. Lavender’s color can calm the psych bodies for purity and healing, creating a soothing environment with herb notes and spring fragrance. 

Lavender started to develop significant variations below:

Lavender Pink

With the introduction of the Munsell color system, in which purple is described as equivalent to red-violet, some people began to think of lavender as somewhat more pinkish. This color is referred to as lavender pink or pale pinkish-purple.


Also known as psychedelic lavender, this color was popular and is often used in the hippie psychedelic poster art for the 1960s ballroom and auditorium in San Francisco.


Amethyst is a moderate, transparent violet derived from the birthstone of those born in February. Although the color of natural amethyst varies from purple to yellow, the amethyst color is a moderate purple color associated with the stone. 

Some other choices for your lavender variations are:

  • Lavender blush
  • Lavender mist
  • Languid lavender
  • Lavender gray
  • Soap
  • Pale lavender
  • Lavender blue
  • Light lavender
  • Pink Lavender
  • Purple
  • English lavender
  • Twilight lavender
  • Old lavender

When to Use Lavender in Design?

When it comes to design, many brands and designers use lavender and its different shades because of its warm and relaxing vibe. 

Lavender creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, which makes it an ideal choice for your spa logos, beauty designs, and wellness logo designs. You can also use it in floral and nature-inspired arrangements.

If you’re looking for the perfect color to attract young girls and women for your girl logo, lavender can be a great choice. 

Take advantage of lavender’s soothing and relaxing vibe and emphasize it on your logo, Youtube banners, website design, and more!

If your business requires a floral logo or any natural designs, using lavender is a surefire way to attract customers to your business.

  • Evening Lavender #4d4469
  • Deep Lavender #565a7d
  • Lavender Violet #767ba5
  • Royal Lavender #781a9
  • True LAvender #7e89c8
  • Neon Lavender #85569c
  • Dark Lavender #856798
  • Soft Blue Lavender #888cba
  • Neon Lavender Blue #8b88f8
  • Lavender Purple #8d5eb7
  • Fresh Lavender #8e90b4
  • Lavender Crystal #936a98
  • Lavender Indigo #9457eb
  • Lavender #6 #967bb6
  • Stark Lavender #9994c0
  • Lavender Ash #9998a7
  • Greek Lavender #9b8fb0
  • English LAvender #9d7bb0
  • Rich Lavender #a76bcf
  • Dull Lavender #a899e6
  • Dark Lavender Grey #aab0d4
  • Dusty Lavender #ac86a8
  • Lavender Magenta #ee82ed
  • Lavender Rose #fba0e3

Lavender Logo Ideas

Let’s check out our collection of lavender logos to give you an idea of what your design could look like! Here are three categories we’ve collected just for you.

  • Famous Purple Logos
  • Royal Lavender Logos
  • Deep Lavender Logos

Famous Purple Logos

What better way to look for inspiration and ideas than from famous brands? The companies have used different shades of lavender and purple in their logos. 

Check them out below:














Royal Lavender Logos

A stunning shade of purple that depicts luxury, elegance, and sophistication, royal lavender is an ideal choice for high-end brands and products. You can pair this color with other pastel shades for a softer and more feminine look. 

Browse through the royal lavender logos below:

Deep Lavender Logos

Deep lavender logos are excellent choices for companies that want to convey sophistication, femininity, and tranquility. Using this color can add a sense of calmness and elegance to your luxury logo

Add a sense of grace and style with deep lavender. Find the perfect design below:

Design a Lavender-Themed Logo Today!

There we have it! Lavender is a vibrant color that’s perfect for all your design needs. We hope you learned something from this article. Feel free to comment on which color we should discuss next.

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