60 White Logos to Stand Out

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In color psychology, white is the purest of colors. White logos gives your brand a clean look and is often used with other colors since it compliments them.

But colors are not the only ones that make white logos shine. It’s the mere fact that they can turn into negative space which plays tricks on the eyes of your old and new customers.

Either way, having a white-based logo is a pretty cool direction for your overall brand identity.

White Logos to Stand Out

We’re getting to the good part. Let’s look through our catalog of logos and see which one best fits your business. Depending on what you need, you can put this logo on business cards, social media posts, and more.

We divided them into three categories just for you.

  1. White Space Logos
  2. Wordmark Logos
  3. Pictorial Mark Logos

White Space Logos

Negative space or white space makes for a great logo because it both baffles and excites the mind of whoever looks at it.

Grab the attention of your audience with these stylish logos:

Angry Gorilla Logo for Sale by UNOM design

Ape by Gert van Duinen

ATLAS, DON’T SHRUG by nivleik

Badger Infosec by r-toha

Black & White Dog by SimplePixelSL

Bunny Logo by Sean Farrell

Burning Tree by Stevan Rodic

D+deer by logorilla

I Alone Entertainment by MemoCo

Starlight Forge by Brian White

Spark Hexagon Mark by Sebastian Schwan

Spartan Honor by Zeljko Ivanovic


White Dove by town

White Polar Bear by Mypen

Zeus by Nick Molokovich

Wordmark Logos

The effectiveness of wordmark logos lies in the design of your business name. The added flare of a doughnut as an O in your wordmark or maybe a tail for the last letter makes this logotype worth the try.

Find your new logo here:

aiera by George Bokhua

Blitz Logo by David Kovalev

Bright Young Sparks by Bernard Magri

Calligraphy Letter S by town

Compare Financial Services by yudaharv

Douo Logo by Abdullah Mubin

Footprints on the soul by Sergio Coelho

LBA Monogram by Andy Boice

Logo Design by 88astudio

Logo gsca by Piotr Gorczyca

Meat Logo Design by Christopher.Min

Quick Burgers ver. 3 by Standpoint

QUICK by Sandro laliashvili

Riesen Carpentry Gainesville, FL by StudioD™

Santini by Designoid

Sano Cafe by TRHZ

Sorry, no invites left … by Sebastian Schwan

Sport S Letter Logo by Gennady Savinov

Swing Minimalistic Logo by Adobe Rana

Swift Logo Concept by RY

White Book by egaak

White Letter S by marcololstudio

ZOЁ by MOH Studio

Zubko Studio Logo Reveal by Yaroslav Zubko

Pictorial Logos

Last of the three types, maybe you just want a symbol to represent your brand. A pictorial logo is perfect for you. They are easy to distinguish on any surface, like business cards and social media posts.

You can have icons or symbols representing what you sell or who you are as a business. Find inspiration from the design below:

Abstract by Tornike Uchava

Abstract symbol by Tornike Uchava

Arcadia Forge by Tim Wall

Black Hat Bagels by alpino

Chef Bill Presents by Kemi

Deer by Sava Stoic

EUSPA Logo Contest Proposal by Sebastian Schwan

Figure Logo Mark by Usama Awan

Knight of Swords. by Raphael Arar

House by Patrick Tuell – Brand Designer

Red crown by Aleksandar Savic

Rooster Animal Mascot by JimjemR

S Flying Sparks Mark by Sebastian Schwan

SCI Armament by ArtTank

Two fish logo for a seafood restaurant by Sergii Syzonenko

Whitebeard Brewing Co. by D_Mantra

White Marketing Design by shen02

White Monoline Night Camping by marcololstudio

Zeus by Nick Molokovich

Your White Logo Is Waiting

And there you have it! Our complete catalog of white logos we curated just for you. We hope you found inspiration for your business design here.

But no worries, if you don’t have the skills to edit your logo design, we’ve got the perfect tool for you. Here at BrandCrowd, we offer a wide array of logo templates that you can edit through our logo maker.

Just type your business name and or desired keywords, then choose a template and edit it the way you want. Voila! You now have your DIY logo made by you.

Have fun editing!

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