63 Unbeatable DJ Logo Concepts

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Calling all party animals and music enthusiasts! Ever wondered what makes a DJ memorable? Aside from their sick beats and catchy tunes, their branding sets them apart.

In this article, let’s dive into the creative process of crafting awesome DJ logos and various stylish logo design templates that will keep you grooving to the beat.

Let’s get this party started! 

How to Create DJ Logos

DJs are essential in creating unforgettable and mesmerizing experiences on the dance floor. While their tunes catch their audience’s eyes (and ears!), their branding will make people remember them. And what better way to build their brand identity than a unique DJ logo? 

A logo visually represents their musical style, connects them with their audience, and makes them stand out from all other aspiring DJs. Looking to design your own? Follow our tips and tricks: 

  1. Make sure it reflects your musical style 

Whether you prefer House, EDM, Trance, Urban, or R&B, you must ensure your logo reflects your musical style or genre. Your audience remembers your music, so your logo should be able to reflect that so that they can easily associate it with you. 

Let’s say you specialize in EDM tracks. Your logo can use glitchy or pulse design effects or a lightning bolt as an icon. If you are more of a retro DJ, try incorporating old-school elements like cassettes or use neon lights in your design. 

  1. Choose the right typography 

Another way to make your logo design reflect your musical personality is through your typography. Choose the appropriate font style that can express your style. 

For example, a graffiti logo style will work best if you specialize in urban music, while a clean and minimalist font is great if you play lo-fi ambient music. 

Typography is especially important if you use your DJ name in your logo. Have you got a DJ name yet? If not, try our business name generator to get your creative juices flowing and develop a catchy name. 

  1. Keep it simple 

Dancefloors and parties are usually hectic and crowded. Yes, you want a logo design that is distinct and memorable, but it should still be simple enough that people will quickly understand the meaning that you want to convey. If you use a wordmark logo, make sure the lettering is legible and clear. 

DJ Logo Design Examples

Now, let’s take a look at some sample DJ logo templates. These come in various styles and concepts. We divided it into three categories below:

Modern logos

Modern DJ logos are usually characterized by simpler and cleaner designs, such as a minimalist headphone icon or edgy graphic elements like skulls or fireballs. These designs tend to look more mature and hip.

Here are some sample logos for inspiration:

DJ LowKey by Ryan Putnam

Jon Dose Sticker by Isaac LeFever

Robotiks by Szende Brassai  

Headphone Music Logo by Zeljko Ivanovic 

Upchurch Entertainment by Brent McCormick

Musical logo design by Sergii Syzonenko

headphone music brandmark by MA Rakib Khan

Modern music studios logo by Sketch Salman

Musical M logo by Jowel Ahmed 

Musing Logo by Abrar Jahin

Bison Logo by dizamax

DeadBeat by Timur Aldemir

Fresh Sea bass by Simon Oxley

DJ logos Concepts by Alex Aperios


DJ Logo Design by Shazrana Hassan 

Meta House Logo Design by Razvan Claudiu

THEDJGUY by Hridoy Kumar Dhar

Modern, Upmarket, entertainment Logo Design by Estúdio Publik 

Professional, Modern, Wedding DJ Logo Design by ecorokerz 

Graphic logos

These logos feature many colors of “cartoony” elements, such as a cartoon monkey or a vibrant sneaker icon. These give off a playful and younger vibe, perfect for DJs that cater to a younger audience. 

Tekhouse Covid-19 Mascot by Daren Guillory

Funk That! by Jay Master 

DJ Wolf by Yuri Kartashev 

Dj Burger by Yuri Kartashev 

Media lion by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Modern music studios logo by Sketch Salman

Mystery Vinyl A by Mark Moore

Modern, Professional Logo Design by ChakkyDesigns 

DJ Solomon Alonzo by Creative Bros

Elegant, Playful Logo Design by B8 

Serious, Personable, Entertainment Industry Logo by D-experts360

Conservative, Modern, Artists Logo Design by Artswolf 

Playful, Modern Logo Design by parvez 3 

PalmBeachParty by GLDesigns

Modern, Elegant, It Company Logo Design by creative.bugs 

Bold, Modern, School Logo Design by Soniatp 

Playful, Modern, Entertainment Industry Logo Design by RoundYellow

Bold, Modern, Club Logo Design by Royce 

Bold, Modern, Electronic Logo Design by Fifoconsult

Check12 by Vishak vasu

DjAmit by ThiagoB 

Bold, Playful, Music, DJ, music production Logo by T_jenny 

Effy Heartbreak by step forward 2

DJ BennyD by ecorokerz 

Name logos

If you have a catchy DJ name, why not use that as the primary design element in your logo? Indeed, many famous DJ logos worldwide use this type of design. 

Wordmark logos are great, especially to build recognition and familiarity with your audience. Check out our samples here:

DJ LowKey by Ryan Putnam

Jon Dose Sticker by Isaac LeFever

Bold, Modern, Electronic Logo Design by Fifoconsult

Upmarket, Modern, Entertainment Logo Design by Jakub Czubak

Masculine, Bold, Events Logo Design by Martin Bubb 

Playful, Masculine, House Logo Design by D&A

Modern, Bold Logo Design by sD 

Serious, Modern, Entertainment Logo Design by Stillmaker 

Electronic Logo Design by GLCTCSPCPRT

Lukas Wimmler by Blockart 

Serious, Conservative, Progressive Logo by Dennis Jackson 

Masculine, Conservative, It Professional Logo by rb 

Modern, Upmarket Logo Design by Harald Vasil 

Elegant, Playful, Media Logo Design by OliverJHoward

Playful, Modern, Club Logo Design by Buck Thylacine 

Conservative, Personable, Electronic Logo Design by sikamcoy222

Bold, Masculine Logo Design by Han Designs 

Modern, Professional Logo Design by nicholash

Bold, Masculine, Entertainment Industry Logo Design by Roctive 

Create Your DJ Logo Today!

And there you have it. We hope the tips above have helped you develop a great logo. If you’re ready to start designing, use our logo maker tools, such as our AI logo generator, or perhaps hire a designer at DesignCrowd. 

But your work doesn’t stop there. To build a following as a DJ, you must also work on marketing yourself. This means being active on social media or promoting yourself through posters and flyers. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Browse through our Facebook cover maker, TikTok video maker, Instagram Reel maker, and other marketing templates. 

We wish you the best of luck in your musical endeavors! 

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