Top 5 Beginner-Friendly Instagram Feed Curation Tools

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Instagram is the best image-based platform to market your personal brand. But to effectively reach your target audience, you need to curate your identity. You don’t just post any photos you capture unless it contributes to your overall brand. 

The same goes for businesses. If they want to convert visitors to paying customers, they need to present a well-curated feed. One that lures people’s attention and one without unnecessary and distracting content.

If you already understand the value of a well-curated IG feed, then good for you. You must have benefited from it, either through enlarging your customer base or getting the right income for your business. 

But for those who have a dizzying identity, it’s time you manage your personal feed and only include the best pictures and videos that contribute to your goal. 

It’s challenging to curate an Instagram feed without any help from tools. That’s why to ease this process, we give you the top 5 curation tools to manage your Instagram identity.

1. Later

Later is a web service and an app designed to help you manage your social media accounts. And it’s specifically useful for Instagram. It has complex and advanced features. For instance, you can manage your bio URL as well as schedule stories and posts. 

Its media library is home to many images and templates you can use to embellish your content. You can also pre-populate the media library with images you found interesting on the web for later use. But a concern is that once the image is in the library, you cannot modify it. 

Later is an efficient way to manage not just Instagram. It also lets you curate your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest feed. And because it’s easy to use between mobile and desktop apps, you can curate anywhere you go and on whatever device.  

Later offers a free version where you can post up to 30 content per month and only on one Instagram account. 

2. Preview

Preview is a free app to curate your Instagram. It works this way: once you download the app, you can link your Instagram account. By then, you can manage your IG using Preview. You can post images and videos without actually posting them on Instagram. This way, you can see if your image is in the right position or even if it’s the right image to use.

Because of Preview, you’ll have a better overview of your feed. And the best part is you can schedule your posts. You can select the days and time for one or many contents.

You can also plan for the caption by writing and revising your words right on the app. So you don’t have to worry about typos once they’re posted on Instagram. 

Preview’s paid version lets you post as much as you want. You also have access to analytics, reel planners, all filter packs, hashtag analytics, and more.

3. Planoly

Planoly is also a social media curation tool. Most people will love the integration of the calendar in its features. Using the calendar, you can schedule content based on the dates and frequency of the post. You can also mark and make notes on some dates using color codes. 

The image placeholder function is a feature that allows you to draft a post without an image yet. 

For those who are looking for inspiration, they can use the discover feature to find images they would like to post on IG or other platforms. 

The draft section helps you perfectly curate your feed with whatever mood and aesthetic you’re going for. Then once you’re OK with the final look of the feed, you can then schedule it to post on Instagram. 

Hashtag grouping is also a good reason to use this platform. You can group your hashtags based on themes and uses. Then you are able to copy and paste it automatically on the content. So no need to come up with new hashtags every now and then.

4. Plann

Plann is a beginner-friendly Instagram tool. With its drag and drop features, you can add content in seconds by uploading it from Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also access three major stock photo sites in case you want a free high-quality image for your post.

Another good thing with Plann is you can edit the photos in the draft section. You can crop, modify the colors, and enhance the quality.

And because they have Canva integration, you can now also add decoration to your photos or even design marketing templates right on the app. 

And like the Planoly app, you can also save hashtags on Plann which enables you to copy and paste well-performing hashtags based on themes. 

The “save to camera roll” feature also allows you to save the photos edited on the app to the phone. This way, you can use the photo somewhere else. 

One catch though, the mobile app only supports Instagram features but not yet including other social media sites. You can manage such sites on the web app instead. 

Also, the media library is non-existent. This means you have to download the edited picture if you’re not ready to post it yet.

5. Unum

Unum has some nice visual features. So you can really feel the look of your Instagram aesthetic before posting it on the app. 

Design your social stories and posts with usable photo and video editing tools. It’s your one-stop shop for designing the best content from scratch to the perfect final product. 

Its drag and drop features enable you to seamlessly move the tiles from one place to another while also contemplating whether it sits right on the page. 

Unum lets you generate hashtags based on keywords. Then you can just add more hashtags once you fill it up with its AI-powered search generation. 

The clone features can help you use the content on Instagram for other platforms without having to edit the photo all over again. Since it has a smooth cross-platform integration, you can easily repurpose and repost the same content from one site. 

We found two challenges though. One, you cannot download the in-app edited photo to your phone. And the speed of the app version can sometimes be buggy and slow. 

Final Thoughts 

An Instagram feed is a facet of your online identity. If you want to garner better leads from a billion users, that is through sales and a large following, you need to lure them with a perfectly curated Instagram feed.

Let’s say you’re a freelance designer and you wish to get higher-paying clients. If your Instagram feed showcases your best work, better clients will come in and ask for your service. 

Of course, an Instagram brand cannot be complete without logos. Small businesses should use their logo as their profile picture. 

If you struggle with coming up with a design, take a look at the hundreds of templates available from Brandrowd logo maker. Then, customize your top picks in minutes.