When Logos Move North: What If Brazilian Soccer Teams Were American?

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Art styles vary from one culture to another. Brands carry their unique identities through their visual identity. But what would happen to their identities if they get reinvented with different influences? Would it change for the better or worse?

That was the point of departure for Brazilian illustrator Samir Taiar. The designer created a series about Brazilian football teams. Taiar’s project tackled what the sports team logos would look like if they were based in the US. 

Scroll down Taiar’s redesigns to find out. 

If Brazilian teams were American

It’s interesting to see see how these established football team symbols transform into new designs. By adding illustrations and a fresh take in typography, designers can breathe new life into old logos. 

The new logos brandish an intimidating air as opposed to the original version. However, the heraldic design themes remain. Crest logos are often associated with soccer, American football, and other sports. 

By adding fierce animals, the brand identities of the following teams also became more serious. It’s familiar with North American logos, and it gave these Brazilian logos a fresher look.


Now that you’ve seen fresh concepts that featured various brand marks, you can start designing one for your club. From animal logos to crest logos, there’s a logo design inspiration for different teams. 

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