30 Famous Baseball Logos in the MLB

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Can’t seem to find the right idea for your baseball logo?  

This list of famous team logos in Major League Baseball or MLB is just what you need. 

Today, this sports league has 30 teams. They generate a total of $10.37 billion, averaging at $346 million a team. It’s a huge market and for a good reason. They excel at their game and know how to develop a brand that’ll stick to the audience.  

Take a look at their team logos and start coming up with baseball team logo ideas of your own. 

Prepare to see professional baseball logo fonts, crest logos, mascot logos, and more.

Famous baseball logos

Baltimore Orioles


The team is a member of the American League East division founded in 1894. Back then, the team was known as the Brewers. Its logo features a cartoon mascot wearing the team’s alternate cap. The colors used are black and orange, which gives it a vibrant appearance.

Boston Red Sox


The team has been around since 1901. For its home ballpark, the team has stayed at Fenway Park as its home ballpark since 1912. Its brand identity refers to the red hose worn by players, a hanging pair of socks. It is also typical to see the drawing paired with its initial logo in a serif font.

New York Yankees


The New York team is based in the Bronx. The logo of this team was designed by Tiffany & Co. They took inspiration from the medal created by the jewelry brand given as a reward to a New York cop. It is a monogram of the state’s initials in serif fonts for a classic look.

Tampa Bay Rays


Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, the team calls the Tropicana Field their home park. Its logo is a straightforward typography design with sun rays emanating out of the letter R. A diamond shape encases the logo and gives it a distinctive silhouette. 

Toronto Blue Jays


Toronto Blue Jays is a Canadian team owned by Rogers Communications. Its mascot is an anthropomorphic bird named B.J. Birdy, which you can see as the logo’s focal point. On the right side of the character is a red maple leaf that symbolizes the country.

Chicago White Sox


This baseball team hailing from Chicago has one of the most famous black and white logos. It features Medieval-inspired calligraphy placed in a diagonal position. Each letter is intertwined to create a coherent design.  

Cleveland Indians


Cleveland Indians began in 1894 as The Grand Rapids Rustlers and changed its name to its current title during 1897. The brand’s logo is a direct design featuring the team’s initials. Its red logo is created with a serif font with pointed edges that give the logo a stern look. 

Detroit Tigers


The team is a member of the American League Central division. For its logo, you’ll see a calligraphy design of the letter D. The design has different versions in the colors dark blue or white, which are colors that portray expertise and purity.

Kansas City Royals


Based in Missouri, the team is a known member of the American League Central division. For its logo, it has a pointy crest shape with a dark gold crown atop it. The center of the logo has the team’s initials written in a white serif font.

Minnesota Twins


Minnesota Twins was founded in Washington, D.C., before they decided to relocate. The logo is the Minnesota Twins depicts a baseball with the team name on it. It is emphasized by a red line to give the name more prominence. The illustration pops with a blue frame. For its color, it uses navy blue, scarlet red, white, and gold.

Houston Astros


The team has been a part of the American League West division since 2013. Its brand mark features a blue and orange design. It portrays an orange star with the letter H in the center. The round shape in shape psychology makes brands appear harmonious, which pairs well with the athletic team.

Los Angeles Angels


Based in Anaheim, the baseball group has a letter A logo. It is simple, but it stays creative using a striking color scheme made of red, blue, and grey. The letter also has a halo which is often seen in angels or angelic characters. 

Oakland Athletics


This is a team from the American League West division. It is often referred to as the As. The brand identity of this team features a circle logo in green with yellow borders. This gives the sporty logo design a look inspired by health and nature.  

Seattle Mariners


Belonging to the American League West division, the baseball team comes from Seattle. Its insignia is a drawing of an eight-point compass. It has a metallic finish that makes it pop while it has a baseball in its background.

Texas Rangers


The Texan group is from Arlington, Texas. To complete its brand identity, a design firm in New York created the team’s logo. Its cool logo features athletic and patriotic colors such as red, blue, and white. It has a serif letter logo against a baseball drawing. 

Atlanta Braves


The team is a member of the National League East division. You will often see its logo with an ax, whether as the letter A’s crossbar or underneath its wordmark. This weapon symbolizes the team’s persistence and strong performance.

Miami Marlins


Owned by Bruce Sherman, the team is based in Miami. It has a fish logo with a drawing that faces the right, completing the baseball drawing behind it. It has a coherent logo design with its typography beneath the illustration.

New York Mets


The NY-based team comes from Queens as a member of the eastern division founded by Joan Whitney Payson in 1962. The logo is a detailed illustration of a cityscape and the Whitestone bridge. You’ll find the cursive typography of the team name in the center. 

Philadelphia Phillies


The Philadelphia Phillies have been in the league since 1883. For its logo, you’ll see the silhouette of the liberty bell in its background. The bell is a historical landmark found in the state. Incorporating this symbol creates a patriotic design for the brand.

Washington Nationals


Originally founded as the Montreal Expos, the baseball team moved to D.C. in 2005. The team has a simple letter W logo that is slightly slanted. The design is in an eye-catching shade of red. It bears a resemblance to the Walgreens logo.

Chicago Cubs


The Chicago Cubs is one of the state’s two teams. It was formerly known as Chicago Orphans. Today, its brand identity is characterized by a flat logo design, making it modern and easy to use. The text-based design features a giant letter C while the rest of the letters are more petite. 

Cincinnati Reds


Cincinnati Reds is a part of the National League Central division based in Ohio. Its logo has undergone different redesigns since its establishment in 1869. Today, however, it has a redbone logo that stands as the letter C. Inside the bone drawing is the word “Reds.”

Milwaukee Brewers


The team is a member of the National League Central division with a mascot named Bernie Brewer. The team has a monogram logo with the letters M and B. For color, it uses a vibrant shade of yellow and navy blue for contrast. 

Pittsburgh Pirates


Founded in 1887, the group is a member of the National League Central division. The logo of this team is a serif font in a bright yellow color. It is simple and has minimal visual distractions. This helps create a memorable brand identity. 

St. Louis Cardinals


The team was established in 1882 based in St. Louis, Missouri. Its logo features a bird resting on a baseball bat. This illustration is at the top of the wordmark. This refers to its logo called birds on a bat which was used throughout the years 1922 to 1964.

Arizona Diamondbacks


Often referred to as the D-backs, the team is from Phoenix, Arizona. Its name refers to the largest venomous snake in North America. This collective’s letter logo pays homage to the animal through the pattern found in its glyph and the letter A’s crossbar that looks like a snake’s tongue.

Colorado Rockies


The Denver-based team has Coors Field as its home park. Its old logo featured a snow-capped mountain, but it was changed in 2017 to a monogram logo design. It has outlined letters with dark grey lines that give the grey letters a lift.

Los Angeles Dodgers


From the west division, the Los Angeles Dodgers was set up in 1883 as a Brooklyn-based team. Today, it plays for L.A. and has a logo illustration. The logo depicts a speeding baseball that is moving across the team name. 

San Diego Padres


The team owned by Peter Seidler was founded in 1969. The San Diego Padres has a monogram logo created by interlocking the letter S and D. The design is in black and white, making it adaptive and easily match other designs.

San Francisco Giants


Larry Baer is the CEO of this San Francisco-based collective. The team is known for its recognizable color scheme made of orange, black, and cream. It has a wordmark with a background of a giant baseball drawing. 


Any team will benefit from having a logo design that represents their brand and, at the same time, allows them to create a distinct brand image. You also want to have a logo that will look great on baseball caps, jerseys, and other brand materials. 

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