51 Cool Store Logo Ideas

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Grocery store, book store, hardware store – whatever product you’re selling, you’ll need an eye-catching store logo for your business. 

Why? It’s because your logo is the face of your business — it provides you with an identity and serves as your main visual element to catch your customer’s eye. 

Sounds tough? Don’t worry! We’ll teach you tips on creating a great logo design and show you some templates you can customize through our logo maker tool.

Let’s get started!

How to Create Store Logos

A logo is essential for any store, regardless of size, industry, or niche. This is especially true for new stores and small businesses, as your logo will signal your professionalism. It will make your business look more legitimate, credible, and trustworthy. 

To design a logo that can attract more customers and boost your sales, follow these guidelines below:

  1. Define your store’s identity or niche

Having a set identity will make it easier to design your logo since you have a specific look you are building towards.

Let’s say that you have a grocery store. Your logo should have a food or shopping cart icon to tell your customers that you are quickly selling groceries. 

However, you can take it further and make it even more specific. For example, are you mainly selling Asian food items? Or healthy foods? Or maybe you are aiming to be a zero-waste grocery? 

From this, you can include design elements more suited to your niche. This way, your logo design suits your business and brand identity

  1. Choose the right logo type

There are 8 logo types available. Depending on your business or the personality you want to convey, you can use a logo that appropriately communicates this. 

For example, a pictorial logo type means your logo uses an icon as its critical visual point. Let’s say that you have a shoe store. If you are to design a pictorial logo, you are using a sneaker icon or a high-heel icon in your design.

A mascot logotype works well if you have a business aimed at kids. This is because having a cute mascot that kids can connect with is excellent for building a loyal customer base. 

On the other hand, an elegant and classy emblem logo design is perfect if you design boutique logos. 

The correct logo type can make or break your business, so choose wisely!

  1. Choose the correct icon or typography

Follow the art of iconography and typography, and choose the correct elements to adequately communicate your brand’s identity to your customers.

For example, do you want to look more friendly and approachable? Using rounded icons will work best since circular shapes come off as friendly and unthreatening, according to shape psychology. You can then cap it off with an informal handwritten font style. 

On the other hand, if you want to look more professional and authoritative, you can use square icons. This is because they symbolize stability and security. Then pair it with a clean serif font, with a logo design suitable for gadget stores or educational bookstores. 

Store Logo Design Examples

Ready to start designing? Why don’t you look at some beautiful store logo design examples for inspiration first? We divided it into three categories below: 

Grocery logos

Need a logo for your grocery store? A pictorial logo can work well for that. Use an icon that best represents the type of grocery store you have, whether it’s a fruit store, vegetable store, Asian mart, healthy mart, and many more. 

Aldi Logo Redesign by Dennis Pasyuk

Home Supply Co. Logo by Green Ink Studio

Fresh Delivery by Sean Farrell

Modern, Professional, Golf Course Logo Design by Savana

Letsave by Nikita Lebedev

Geometric bull by Jano Kobalia

Online Grocery Delivery Logo Design by Jowel Ahmed 

Masculine, Bold, Store Logo Design by had

Building Logo Design for Grassroots Local Market by Ana Paula 

OPIE by Maxim Temchenko

Fresh online grocery shopping by MisterShot

Merry Grocery Logo for Dribbble Weekly Warm up by Elvin Hasanli

Z + Shopping Basket by Kakha Kakhadzen

Grocery Logo Design by Jowel Ahmed 

Home Delivery Icons by Alex Anderson

Aldi Redesign by Danielle Podeszek

Beer & Wine by Hayden Walker 


Traditional, Elegant Logo Design by sairex07312012 

Playful, Upmarket Logo Design by moisesf 

Grocery Delivery Logo Box by BrandCrowd

Elegant, Colorful, Nutrition Logo Design by stranger

foodstay logo design by Jowel Ahmed 

Bookstore logos

Looking for bookstore logo ideas? Depending on your style, you can portray different vibes to your audience — whether you want your bookstore to look modern, minimalist, rustic, hip, academic, etc.

Browse our samples here:

Playful, Modern, wholesaler Logo Design by AmosDesigns 

Playful, Colorful Logo Design by ecorokerz 

Upmarket, Traditional, yoga Logo Design by Ak4li™ 

Logo Design for Monochrome Books by Valene 

Elegant, Modern Logo Design by Kornelius 2 

Playful, Modern, retail Logo Design by Aljune Castro

Hardware logos

Pictorial logos also work well for hardware stores — use icons such as hammer, nails, drill, wrench, screwdriver, and other tools. Pair it with colors like brown, orange, yellow, or blue, and you’re all set!

View some beautiful hardware logos here:

Upmarket, Serious, Construction, Property development by circledsg

Maintenance Hardware Screw Logo by BrandCrowd

Orange Hardware Logo by BrandCrowd

Blue Hardware Store Shield Logo by BrandCrowd

Hipster Hardware Hammer Logo by BrandCrowd

Hardware Plunger Wrench Tools Logo by BrandCrowd

Plumbing Plunger Hardware Logo by BrandCrowd

Hardware Repair Tools Logo by BrandCrowd

Saw Renovation Hardware Logo by BrandCrowd

Carprenty Hardware Tools Logo by BrandCrowd

Hardware Tools House Logo by BrandCrowd

Mechanic Tools Hardware Logo by BrandCrowd

Wrench Hardware Repair Logo by BrandCrowd

Hexagon Hardware Hammer Logo by BrandCrowd

Maintenance Hardware Tools Logo by BrandCrowd

House Hardware Tools Logo by BrandCrowd

Logo Design for Extreme Outdoor Sports by pa2pat

Logo Design for MiddleWare Solutions by JohnnyCactus

Bold, Feminine, Telecommunications Logo Design by Atec

Upmarket, Serious, It Company Logo Design by alexis alemán

Serious, Traditional, Home Improvement Logo Design by Magnolia S 

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