49 Ancient Logo Designs For A Timeless Look

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What comes to mind when you hear the word “ancient”? Some would say famous symbols like the Sphinx, while others may think of iconic landmarks like the Pantheon or the Great Wall of China. Famous classic elements like knights, swords, Chinese Lanterns, and Ionic columns might also appear. 

These icons carry a profound cultural and historical significance while giving a sense of prestige and timelessness. An ancient-inspired logo is an excellent option for brands that aim to portray that same sense of timelessness and history.

Want to draw inspiration from history and create your ancient logo? We’ve got you covered. Join us as we dig deep into the creative process behind it, and give you tips on building a classic brand identity – all with the help of our logo maker tool and business name generator.

Let’s get started!

Tips For Creating Ancient Logos

Ancient logos are best suited for businesses that deal with history, art, architecture, culture, travel, or education. These include museums, cultural study centers, antique shops, historical tours, and more. 

Do you fall under these businesses? If so, here are our tips on how to craft your ancient logos:

Incorporate relevant symbols and imagery

As mentioned above, symbols and icons that are popular throughout history are one of the best ways to make your logo. Use one that can be a representation of your business. 

For example, do you have a museum that focuses on Egyptian art? Then popular Egyptian icons such as the Sphinx or the ankh can be used. Do you have a traditional Chinese restaurant? Then, try incorporating Chinese symbols like red lanterns, Xiangyun patterns, or the red dragon. 

Choose the right art style

Matching the art style of your logo with your business or brand’s “vibe” is also important. The right style can help convey the nature of your business and attract the right audience.

For instance, an educational history workshop will prefer a simpler and more professional look. An antique restoration shop will be more suited to an intricate and detailed antique logo to showcase their craftsmanship and artistic skills. Meanwhile, a traditional clothing store might want a chic and fashionable logo design. 

Pair with a great name

Your logo design is not the only important thing; your name is too!

Choose a name that is descriptive to quickly convey what your business does. At the same time, try to put a bit of creative spin to it so it’s not too bland. For example, instead of just calling it “New York Museum”, you can name it “Heritage Gallery”. 

Need more ideas? Try out our business name generator tool. Just enter a short description and we’ll give you tons of name ideas to choose from.

Ancient Logo Design Examples

Now let’s feast our eyes on some stunning logo design concepts. We scoured them from all over the web and grouped them into three major categories below: 

Ancient Symbols Logos

Nothing conveys ancient more than using ancient symbols or items as your main visual point. You can go for an illustration of a Pharaoh, the Sphinx, the Eye of Horus, or the Lion of St. Mark. You can also use a knight, a Viking, a Greek statue, a sword, a shield, a scepter, a dragon, tribal masks – the possibilities are endless! 

Check out our samples here:

Celestial Logo Concept by Coric Design

Celestial Logo Design by Michael Rayback🇺🇦

Zeus The Thunderer Logo by Dmitriy Dzendo

Ego by Jessica Benhar

Ancient Logo by marvadesign_

Logo Design for Elysium by Coric Design

God of Gods – Logo Design by Hofmann

Ancient Warrior Logo by Heavtryq

Renaissance Ornament Custom Logo by Arte Miguel


Aztec Bird Symbol

Mayan Pyramid Symbol

Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Ancient Aztec Face

Ancient Mayan Stone

Ancient Tribe Symbol

Mystical Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Mayan Mask

Ancient Mayan King Head

Mayan Ancient Sculpture

Ornamental Patterns Logos

Another way for your logos to capture that ancient vibe is by using ornamental designs and prints for a pattern logo. We recommend using the Meander pattern, which is a design that is highly popular even today. You can also use Aztec, Mosaic, Mandala, Damask, or even hieroglyph-inspired prints.

Choose your favorite from our collection below: 

Intricate Mandala Textile by eyed

Intricate Meditation Art by eyed

Intricate Hexagon Decor by CreativePixels

Golden Curvy Pattern by MDS

Herbal Leaf Pattern by town

Intricate Nature Ornament by MDS

Intricate Star Company by CreativePixels

Luxury Intricate Pattern by CreativePixels

Orange Intricate Hexagon Pattern by royallogo

Golden Flower Pattern by royallogo

Abstract Logo – Décor by Dhruw CK

Ornamental X Logo by Iwan Yulianto

Flower Logo by Zahid Studio

Ornamental Flower Custom Logo by Arte Miguel

Circle Logo Pattern emblem by Sergii Syzonenko

Diamond Bouquet – flower mark by Helvetiphant™

LOGOS : 01 by Milan Pleva

Logo, Branding, Mark, Symbol, Modern, lettermark, Logos by Anano Martsvaladze

Platinum Ornamental Lion Logo by Sandi Hardianto

AH Monogram Logo by Sabuj Ali

Classic Architecture Logos

You can also use classic and antique architecture as inspiration. Take for instance the Greek Columns, the Pyramids, the Stonehenge, the Pantheon, the Chinese Pagoda, antique castles, defense towers, temples, and so on. 

View our logo ideas here:

Gothic Cathedral Architecture

Greek Temple Architecture

Blue Pillar Temple

Tower Construction Architecture

Classic Star Premium

Building Architecture Real Estate

Building Real Estate Architecture Developer

Luxury Classic Column Letter H

Real Estate Building Architecture

Design Your Ancient Logo Today!

Businesses can bridge the gap between history and the current era with the use of ancient logos. These logos are not only artistic and visually striking but also carry a cultural and historical significance. In our fast-paced and heavily digital world, these logos offer a way for people to slow down and take in our rich history instead. 

Want to take your business to the next level? Take your logo design and place it on some marketing materials to further promote your business. These can be a classic business card, an informative flyer, or an engaging TikTok video

All of these and more can be found in BrandCrowd’s suite of marketing tools. Check them out today!

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