49 Structure Logos To Build Your Brand Identity

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Whether you’re an architect, property developer, real estate agent, or home renovator, you’ll need a strong brand identity to stand out from your competitors and make customers choose you over other businesses.

This article will give you the blueprint for building your brand identity — from crafting your logo design to choosing your business name. We also compiled examples of stunning structure logos that are perfect for any business in the construction industry for your inspiration. 

Ready? Roll up your sleeves, and let’s get building!  

How To Build A Solid Branding With Your Logo

Looking to build your brand identity? It all begins with your logo design. This is because it’s the first thing your customers see from you. It will make your customers trust you, and make you recognizable in their minds. 

To create a well-designed logo, consider the following:

1. Incorporate elements of the structure

A great logo is something that accurately conveys what your business does. This is why a structure-inspired logo is perfect for businesses in the construction or architecture industry. 

Think of buildings, bridges, roofs, pillars, towers, or other architectural elements. Use these elements to relay to potential customers what your business does. Structures also portray a feeling of stability, reliability, and strength — all positive things a construction business wants to represent. 

You should also choose a style that reflects your image and values. For example, a sleek skyscraper logo will work well for a city developer, while a rustic column logo will work better for an architect focusing on traditional buildings. 

2. Choose the right color palette

Color plays a vital role in logo design. This is because your color choice can affect your customer’s perception of you. 

For example, blue gives off a feeling of stability and security. Meanwhile, colors like brown, orange, or dark gold look warm and inviting, a great color choice for a home renovator. A black and white logo works better to look modern and minimalist. 

Consider the identity and image you want to portray, then choose your color palette accordingly. 

3. Pair it with your business name

Finally, pair your new logo with a catchy and memorable name to solidify your branding. But how do you choose the right name?

First, your name should accurately represent your niche. 

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you focus on construction, renovation, or design? Are you a firm, or do you operate as a single owner? Do you focus on residential or commercial buildings? From here, you can be guided into choosing a suitable name. 

Second, it should be unique. Construction businesses are a dime a dozen. Choose one that stands out from the pack. 

Third, make sure it’s something easy to pronounce and remember. You don’t want potential customers not to find your business because they misspelled or misremembered your name!

If you’re stuck on coming up with a name, try our business name generator. Describe your business briefly, and tailored suggestions will come up. 

Structure Logo Design Examples

We hope the tips above have helped you design your logo from scratch. But if you want to make your branding journey easier, we’ve compiled a list of stunning logo ideas and customizable templates below.

Let’s check them out!

Building logos

There’s no better way to represent structure and construction than a building logo. Whether you want an abstract, colorful, modern, minimalist, or traditional style, buildings are versatile elements to add to your logo.

Browse our samples below:

Real estate logo, Building, Property, Home Logo by Logo Glamour

TM Building Logo By M

builder – abstract letter b + building logo by Al Mamun | Logo & Branding Expert

Home Real Estate Logo, Letter H + Building Logo BY Md Humayun Kabir

Letter D + Castle Logo By Rahid Rehman 

Unique Building Logo by Niloofar Safari

Letter B : Real Estate and Construction Logo. by uxboss™ ⚡ Logo Design Specialist

Landkit Logo Design ( Letter ‘L’ + Building ) by Sanaullah Ujjal

Builder – Logo Design Concept BY Bertalan Gombos

Modern Building logo property and real estate by artdityax

Luxury High Rise Building by JimjemR

Modern Minimalist Building by jaysonqbob

Blue Home Building by eightyLOGOS

Real Estate Buildings Skyline by hailsatan

Executive Commercial Building by Joemar

Modern Geometry Building by Joemar

Silhouette Building Property by Joemar

Blue Architectural Building by town

Modern Real Estate Building by jaysonqbob

Gold Shop Building by town

Bridge logos

Want to focus on symmetry and lines? Try using bridges as your main focal point. Aside from looking visually appealing, bridge logos also portray a sense of balance and structure. 

M Bridge Logo BY Nick Budrewicz

Bridge Logo BY undaru

White Bridge Logo BY Dejan Jelaca

Bridge logo BY Md ujjol

Bridge Logo BY Iris Tsai

Bridge Logo by Ananta Das

Bridge Logo BY Milos Radmilac

Under bridge logo BY Sakibart 󱢏

Construction Bridge House logo BY Syed Fahim

City Brooklyn Bridge by Mypen

Premium Bridge Architecture by Jhe

Compass Bridge Structure  by harvector

Blue Bridge Structure by eightyLOGOS

Brooklyn Bridge Architecture by AleksandrO

Cable Bridge Infrastructure by yulianrhmn

Blue Harbour Bridge by LogoBrainstorm

Bridge Landmark Structure by eightyLOGOS

Golden Gate Bridge by yulianrhmn

Compass Arch Bridge by Amin007

Abstract logos

Another option is to go for an abstract look. These logos usually focus on geometric shapes such as rectangles, triangles, diamonds, or hexagons. You can also layer sharp lines over each other. Try playing around with negative space, your initials, or your business name. 

Abstract Gray Building by azus

Yellow Abstract Building by ions

Abstract House Building by podvoodoo13

Geometric Abstract Building by ions

Abstract Building Structure by lazeefish

Golden Abstract Coin by novita007

Abstract Pattern Maze  by ions

Abstract Diamond Mole by ions

Abstract Suspended Bridge Architecture by eightyLOGOS

Abstract Geometric Symbol by ions

Create Your Structure Logo Today!

The construction industry is a very competitive landscape. You need a distinctive and visually appealing logo to catch your customer’s eye. 

If you need more help designing your logo, browse our blog for more tips or check out our AI logo generator

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